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  1. [Interesting] Using Bioloid to control bioloid
  2. [News/Announcement] New Robot Gallery
  3. [Project] Bruiser the rover
  4. Viseme RoboChimp Redux
  5. [Project] Handmade 5DOF Manipulator with tactile feedback
  6. robotic egg inscriber
  7. [Contest Entry] Archer- Zenta's first biped
  8. [Project] Raja: Yet Another Line Follower
  9. [Project] Hexapod Tori
  10. Cheap Simulacra
  11. [Project] Tracked "rover"
  12. [Project] Draco 08 - Quad Mech
  13. Mini Humanoid
  14. [Project] CHARLI humanoid
  15. [Interesting] Hungry Hungry Robos
  16. [Project] I.C.R. The Internet Controlled Robot
  17. RX-64 Robotic Paintball Gun Sentry
  18. [Project] HUMANOID 600mm (Yet to be named)
  19. [Project] Android controlled RC Lamborghini
  20. [Project] SecurityBot
  21. Free stuff free stuff free stuff :p
  22. [Contest Entry] Summer of Projects: Project #1, Vacuum Former
  23. [Contest Entry] Summer of Projects: Project #2, RFID Door Lock
  24. [Contest Entry] Summer of Projects: Project #3, DIY CNC
  25. [Interesting] Wow! - raising the bar for what our robots can do
  26. Armadillo 2WD
  27. Trossen Robotics DIY Project Contest - Fall 2010
  28. [Contest Entry] Mammalian Inspired Quad IRON WOLF
  29. [Contest Entry] The Predator Project
  30. [Contest Entry] MARC: Military Armed Reconaissance Combat Robot
  31. [Contest Entry] ID3h-r (Indirect-Drive-3DOF-Hexapod-round)
  32. [Contest Entry] A.X.I.S All-terrain, X-axis, Implimented Shift.
  33. [Contest Entry] T-1000
  34. [Contest Entry] my personal hexapod SPIDEE-1
  35. [Project] My Inverse kinematic software for controlling robot arms.
  36. [Contest Entry] Moving Auto Throttle in my B737 Cockpit
  37. [Contest Entry] HottieBot
  38. [Project] Quad 4DOF Mech - Immortal
  39. [Project] Mech Warfare Turret
  40. [Just For Fun] CAD Designs
  41. [Contest Entry] New lego wall-e
  42. [Project] Biped Legs only
  43. Meet Hi No Hikari
  44. [Project] Introducing "Scintilla Maxima"
  45. Simple arduino routerbot
  46. [Project] Internet controlled plane
  47. [Contest Entry] Fusion
  48. [Contest Entry] Quark
  49. [Project] Customized Bioloid
  50. Knight Templar II is born
  51. [Just For Fun] T.I.M.
  52. [Just For Fun] EZ-B'd Cookie Monster
  53. [Contest Entry] MorpHex, a sphere formed morphing hexapod
  54. [Just For Fun] Attacking Spider
  55. [Just For Fun] Vision Color Tracking Robot
  56. [Just For Fun] Voice Controlled Cookie Monster
  57. [Project] Hexapod with HP 214 Ipaq brain
  58. [Contest Entry] Snakinator
  59. [Project] Announcing Armo Gettin
  60. Pet Laser Dazer
  61. [Contest Entry] Whiteboard Erasing Robot
  62. [Project] Anansi - a PhantomX hexapod
  63. [Project] Innerbreed's Animatronic Hawk Project
  64. [Contest Entry] robandix NXT Hero
  65. [Contest Entry] Small tracked robot with super strong arm (for its size)
  66. [Contest Entry] Garage Door Monitor via SMS
  67. [Contest Entry] W.A.S.P.
  68. [Contest Entry] Vex Iron Man
  69. [Just For Fun] Tamiya Bulldozer... Servo'd & Bluetooth'd Yo
  70. [Contest Entry] A PLM mech for MW
  71. [Contest Entry] The Pi Robot Project
  72. [Project] AtomBot
  73. WiFi Robot
  74. [Contest Entry] PID Velocity DC Motor Controller
  75. [Contest Entry] Mech: Odin
  76. [Project] Robot Controller
  77. [Just For Fun] Master Blaster!
  78. [Project] Hugh, the micro tankbot
  79. Geek Over
  80. [News/Announcement] January '11 WINNERS!
  81. [Project] Woodstock - Mech Warfare entry
  82. [Project] My Mech for Robogames 2011
  83. [Project] Prospero: Robotic Farmer
  84. [Just For Fun] Teddy Ruxpin Robot V1 - Blast from the past
  85. [Just For Fun] Hacked Tomy Omnibot V1
  86. [Project] Transformer Decepticon Robot Eyes
  87. [Project] My internet, voice controlled, line following robot platform
  88. [Just For Fun] Some pics of my robots
  89. [Just For Fun] Bluetooth'd, Camera Motion/Color, Voice Recognition iRobot Roomba
  90. [Project] AX12 Hexapod Robot
  91. [Project] Quad Robot - ArdDog
  92. [Just For Fun] Scarab Robot
  93. [Project] Little guy
  94. [Project] meh
  95. Hexapod V1-TR
  96. [Just For Fun] Cyborg Snowman
  97. [Project] Nerf turret that shoots nerf darts with needles on it.
  98. [Project] MechWarrior Dashi
  99. [Just For Fun] Robot Dog Chases Ball
  100. [Project] My Lego Project
  101. [Project] New humanoid
  102. [Project] Upgrayd's AX-12 Darwin
  103. [Project] Turret
  104. [Project] RCMP
  105. [Just For Fun] Daleks are invading the earth! Call the Doctor!
  106. [Project] POLYRO (oPen sOurce friendLY RObot)
  107. Chimera (RX-64 Quad)
  108. [Just For Fun] My Quad
  109. Cire's Simple Biped
  110. [Project] The TROBOT
  111. Grumpy: a robot with some personality
  112. [Just For Fun] Voice controlled roooooooooooooomba
  113. [Just For Fun] The Real Wall-E
  114. Nuntius: The Garden Avenger Robot
  115. [News/Announcement] MantaroBot TelePresence Robot
  116. [Just For Fun] 3D Logo Animation
  117. [Project] Home Automated Vaccumm (XV-11)
  118. [Question(s)] Sensor for localization
  119. [Contest Entry] BallBot1 Teaching Robot
  120. [Contest Entry] SAIR/DAIR Project ...
  121. [Question(s)] Dumb question, not "robot" related but robotics component related.
  122. Drew's Quad Walker
  123. [Project] [Maximus] A robot for Eurobot 2011 Contest.
  124. [Project] Sparky!
  125. [Project] Security Bot
  126. Snow blower tracks
  127. [Project] Nagaina The Snake Robot
  128. [Contest Entry] AluHex: 4DOF Hexapod on a Budget
  129. [Project] Robotic Arm
  130. [Project] Several projects at once
  131. [Project] small quad
  132. [Question(s)] RC car connecting to micro controller...
  133. [Project] A Reconfigurable Virtual Manipulator Physical Interface (VIMPHIN)
  134. [Project] Remote Trigger System for Machine Gun
  135. RC Tri-Track Battle Mech
  136. [Contest Entry] Yubin Kun: Powerbook-based robot.
  137. Starship Groove project
  138. six axis robot arm
  139. [News/Announcement] Looks like MakerBot is coming out with a new product!
  140. A DIY DLP Resin 3-D printer
  141. [Question(s)] Beginner Looking for some help with simple Tracking Robot
  142. LifeAI robot demonstration
  143. [Project] Wahoo iPhone Robot
  144. [Project] Robot Commander Pro
  145. [Project] Arduino powered humanoid robot
  146. my airsoft turret
  147. [News/Announcement] Wahoo - Smartphone Control Biped Robot (Crowdfunding Media Pitch)
  148. [Just For Fun] ToBo (Home-made Toy Robot.. Mini Enthiran... DIY... )
  149. [Project] Tekbotic 1
  150. Simple Robotic Arm my first
  151. O-K: MX-28 Darwin-OP Inspired Biped
  152. Robot controled by a Kinect
  153. [Project] Arduino Rocket Launcher
  154. [Project] DARSha (or the thread formerly known as "Nexus 4WD omni-wheel platform")
  155. [Project] Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  156. Wanted: Robotics Field Engineer for new TV show
  157. [Project] Crawler/Rover/Humanoid
  158. [Project] Automatic flying inventory droid
  159. [Project] Meet Frankenbot!
  160. motion platform 3 DOF
  161. [Project] Pair of TurtleBot Arms Playing Tic-Tac-Toe
  162. [Project] Red Bull Can
  163. please lead me to work with rfid
  164. French Robots in Korea
  165. [Project] Robot with 6 behaviours
  166. [Project] Squid
  167. A New Hero ??
  168. how to read from serial port
  169. [Interesting] OctaWorm A new Deformable Octahedron Burrowin Robot
  170. [Project] Twitch - My 3 Servo Hexapod
  171. A4WD / EZ-B Project
  172. [Just For Fun] My Human Scale Home Robot Project
  173. [News/Announcement] Officially Announcing Trossen Robotics DIY Project Contest #9
  174. [Interesting] Creativeroboticsysatems.com new product line
  175. OKQ1: 4DOF MX Quad Mech
  176. Reprapped Hexapod Robot
  177. Recognizing traffic cones
  178. [Project] Now, for something completely different..."ScuffN: Augmented Musical Reality"
  179. Gobotics Rover Line Follower
  180. [Just For Fun] Another three-servo walker
  181. [Project] Edge avoider robot without microcontroller
  182. Spectre - 3D printed android Hexapod
  183. Meet Plooby
  184. [Interesting] New Bot
  185. [Just For Fun] Obstacle Avoidance - Lego NXT 2.0
  186. [Project] Introducing the iThing1 - A New Project on Kickstarter
  187. TRC Contest #9 Winners
  188. [Project] Team 2980's Open Source FIRST Robot
  189. [Question(s)] Paintball robot Camera
  190. RTP [Robotic Test Platform]
  191. How I made my DARwIn-OP clone is now a Instructable!
  192. [Question(s)] What is the perfect equipments to make small plane with camera for tracking?
  193. Pneuman robot
  194. [Question(s)] Servo ID
  195. [Project] Nagaina 2: 3d printed snake-bot
  196. My first attempt to use Worbla Thermoplastic.
  197. Irowe 4550, my new clever little bot.
  198. [Project] Mantis - Two Tonne Turbo Diesel Hexapod Walking Machine
  199. [Project] Grinder skating hexapod robot
  200. PR-Mini
  201. [Project] 3D Printed Robotic Arm with 6 DOF Plus a Gripper
  202. Crazyflie Aerial combat
  203. [Project] JARVIS 2000 , a tomy omnibot 2000, vacuum, pc inside and lots of custom parts
  204. Dancing hexapods?
  205. 18 Servo High Speed Snake Robot Powered by Arduino Mega
  206. Aquarius: The Greenhouse Watering Robot
  207. MINDS-i Robotics
  208. Mini Contest - Win a Box of Robot Refuse!
  209. Hack Arena - programming and controlling virtual robots
  210. [Just For Fun] ax-12a_tester
  211. [Project] uArmⅠ:An open source robot arm Project
  212. [Project] Please, vote ( votar ) my project to create a low cost printed quadruped/hexapod
  213. Micro Crawler
  214. [Project] Programmable robotic cooking machine
  215. [Project] PiAnt
  216. Modular system for assisting people with cerebral palsy
  217. [Project] Open source, time-of-flight, laser range sensor
  218. Bigfoot: Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  219. [Question(s)] yaml file with 2 parallel servos
  220. [Project] ROS Hexapod project Golem: MX-64 4dof
  221. Aringer - stylized life-size animatronic saber-tooth tiger
  222. 3DOF palettizing robot running on Arduino
  223. My Mech robot
  224. [Just For Fun] Glitch - a mini Twitch-like... thing
  225. [News/Announcement] Cool Robot HUD
  226. [Project] A Unique "Tin Man" college battle bot submission. A small step in history at SPC Spring 2014 competition
  227. Results of speed it up
  228. Worst use of VR and robotics ever? Or best?
  229. [Project] Mirobot - a WiFi robotics kit for kids
  230. Meet HelloSpoon, a cute little robot I'm working on that could help children and elderly :-)!
  231. [Project] Roboceratops - Robot Dinosaur
  232. [Project] Simple Dynamixel AXZX 12w movement
  233. Experiment with linear actuators
  234. [Project] Mecha Monsters: The World's First Gaming Robots
  235. [Project] My next hexapod project, codename BMX
  236. [Project] My Humble Hexapod
  237. pyPincher
  238. [Project] mech warfare tripod
  239. [News/Announcement] Show off your project to win CNC machining!
  240. Project Robie Rover
  241. Project Rhoeby - a ROS Navigation-capable hexapod robot
  242. [Project] ROS enabled PhantomX Hexapod
  243. [Project] Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas
  244. [Project] It's ALIVE!
  245. [Just For Fun] LIDAR-lite 360 Mirror Scanner
  246. hellllllp
  247. [Project] Dynamixel - my motor driver replacement
  248. DynamixShield kickstarter launch! Combines Dynamixel servos with Grove/RobotGeek sensors
  249. [Project] Wall E
  250. Meet Timmy, the ROS powered humanoid