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  1. Scorpion Mini question(s)
  2. Problems with my servo
  3. Servo Stats Confusing
  4. 4-Motore Servo Kit and Hitec's HSR-5995TG
  5. BaneBots motors-25mms
  6. Victor 884 Speed Controller
  7. HS5645 Rotational Range
  8. Fast Spinning DC Motor + Controller
  9. Servo Cable Lengths
  10. Servo Wire Length
  11. Gearing Up Servos
  12. PhidgetServo + Banebot 28mm RS-385 -> no torque?
  13. H bridge Design
  14. air muscles
  15. Phidget 1 servo controller & 12 v?
  16. Autothrottle Wiring
  17. Easy Programing of servos and play back
  18. Need Help With 4 Servo Controller
  19. Still Confused With 4 Servo Controller
  20. Cheap DC motor control setup?
  21. Whoa, want some linear accuracy?
  22. Solenoid Valves
  23. 1-Motor Phidget servo problem
  24. [Question(s)] Newbie question: Digital vs Analog Servos
  25. Galvanometer instead of Servo?
  26. servo phidget
  27. Big A' Servo?
  28. Knee Joint Actuator Design
  29. Small A Servo...
  30. HITEC Servos: Can the OEM RN-1 Servos handle 7.4V?
  31. [Question(s)] AX-12
  32. Looking for solenoids
  33. [Project] Lin-act postion control
  34. [Question(s)] bioloid wierd servo problem
  35. SR581 Digital Standard Robot Servo
  36. Firgelli L12 versus Hitec 5990TG
  37. 90 degree output, good speed and torque?
  38. [Question(s)] Motor Controller
  39. 5990TG and HMI
  40. [Question(s)] Controller for SPAL Linear Actuator
  41. [Question(s)] PID Questions
  42. [Question(s)] Servo - Adjustable movement speed
  43. [Discussion] AX12 servos
  44. Stupid cheap servos
  45. Programming a linear actuator with a USB-1024HLS DAQ
  46. Guitar Bot [was: Need to Control a Ridiculous Amount of Servos?]
  47. Futaba RS601CR Servo Lookings good
  48. Banebots motors
  49. SSC-32 Controllable linear actuators?
  50. [Question(s)] need help with steering for a 3 wheel robot
  51. Hitec 5995 vs 5990.
  52. Servo for camera follow focus system
  53. [Question(s)] Ax-12 vs HSR-8498
  54. [Question(s)] Dynamixel RX series output shaft question
  55. HS-55 Servo problematic movement.
  56. smallest servos available???
  57. BIG actuators
  58. Hot Servos
  59. linear actuator projects?
  60. [Question(s)] Dynamixel
  61. RX-64: Just one more weapon in Skynet�s arsenal
  62. Robotis plus RoboBluilder?
  63. [Question(s)] Will this controller work?
  64. [Question(s)] what servos
  65. [Question(s)] Servo Control Circut
  66. Recommends on DC gear-motor, that can output > 10ft/lbs
  67. [Question(s)] Servos or Steppers?
  68. [Question(s)] Motor control
  69. Best way to control a spal actuator?
  70. Servo Quesion
  71. Dream Servo
  72. [Question(s)] In Wheel Motor for 1/5 Car
  73. Need help identifying 5990tg wires
  74. Bipolar Stepper Motor: 2 Axle Qs
  75. NON-Biped Adult-Sized Humanoid
  76. Using wheelchair motors: Is there a solenoid???
  77. Anyone used the EX-106 in a project yet
  78. [Question(s)] Indexing a wheel to a detent location.
  79. suggestion for small, quiet, slow motor?
  80. Videos of Firgelli L12 Actuators needed
  81. [Question(s)] Worm gear in Servo?
  82. [Question(s)] Looking for long shaft DC motor source
  83. [Question(s)] Hi all and some dynamixel info
  84. Dynamixel lighting?
  85. [Question(s)] Automatic Door Opener
  86. Cordless Drill Motor Hack
  87. Dynamixel Compliance Parameter
  88. Hack your Servo V1.00: Make a linear actuator using a hobby servo
  89. [Question(s)] Motor Sources
  90. Timeout problem with Forest Moon Dynamixel library
  91. Digital servo replacement
  92. Servo hinge ?
  93. [Question(s)] Dynamixel AX-12 Issues
  94. TowerPro servos?
  95. Servo gear lash
  96. Hs-322hd
  97. Dynamixel AX12 with phidgets
  98. Closed loop control of Dynamixel AX-12+ ?
  99. Firgelli L12 back drive
  100. Is AX-12+ fast enough to do balancing experiment?
  101. Will RX-64 servo work below 12V
  102. Need matlab code for negative rotation of Dynamixel AX-12+
  103. Obtaining direction of present speed of Dynamixel AX-12+ actuators
  104. How to performance test servos?
  105. hobbypartz servos
  106. power for
  107. HSR-5990TG moving too slow?
  108. [Question(s)] As Slow As Possible. Seriously.
  109. How to use a wck1111 servo (or any serial servo)
  110. [Question(s)] KL23H286-20-8B For A Robot Application
  111. Dynamixel position accuracy, calibration
  112. [Question(s)] OF-64HXL question
  113. [Question(s)] How to control 3 linear actuators by computer?
  114. [Question(s)] Servos causing Ardweeny Resets/Hangs
  115. Dynamixel connector wire
  116. RX-24F voltage
  117. [Question(s)] AX12+ how to turn off overload detection
  118. aluminum ax-12 gripper
  119. Detecting motion in an AX-12+ servo
  120. Trouble with AX-12+ cables & connectors
  121. External forces pushing servo off holding position
  122. [Question(s)] Transfer Function for Tamiya 72101 Motors
  123. [Question(s)] Low profile stepper motor
  124. RX-28 or RX-64 to support panning of SICK S300?
  125. How many WCK servos in one chain?
  126. [Question(s)] need low-resistance servos for manual manipulation
  127. [Question(s)] Servo mirroring
  128. Dynamixel Limitations?
  129. [Interesting] RX-28M with TTL interface & 12V
  130. [Question(s)] ex-106+ defaut baud.
  131. [Interesting] Closed loop control of AX-12 at 840 HZ
  132. Stress testing and debugging AX-12+ servos
  133. AX-12 Electrial Efficiency testing
  134. Push/Pull rods
  135. [Question(s)] AX-12s and those $#*@ing nuts
  136. [Question(s)] AX-12 connection problem
  137. AX-12 Cables
  138. Has anybody used Turnigy HV-300, HV-380 or HV-767 in their design?
  139. Driving a Solenoid Using the Arbotix
  140. [Question(s)] Firgelli L12 actuators...installing the threaded end?
  141. AX-12+ (12Kgf.cm)
  142. [Question(s)] Mini Style 4" Stroke 8lbs Force Linear Actuators 12v
  143. Safe temperature limit on AX-12/RX-24?
  144. EX-106 position control over 360 degrees
  145. Linear motor
  146. [Interesting] Need some high quality servos for big and stron project?
  147. [Question(s)] On Bioloid: How to adjust the center position of the servo?
  148. Torque controlled motor or servo
  149. ~1RPM high torque motor or servo
  150. [Question(s)] Firgelli Mini Actuator Position Alignment Problem
  151. [Question(s)] Servo Accuracy issues
  152. [Question(s)] Wheels for Dynamixel Servos
  153. [Question(s)] HerkuleX Servo's?
  154. [Question(s)] HS5995TG Mystery
  155. Dynamixel MX28
  156. [Question(s)] Dynamixel SDK (Robotis)
  157. I am so lost! Need help!
  158. [Question(s)] I'm look'n for a heavy duty servo to control a go cart steering system.
  159. [Question(s)] question from a novice
  160. [Interesting] The Ultimate Dynamixel Actuator Thread
  161. remote control servo
  162. Micro-size Dynamixels ?
  163. AX-12 and USB2Dynamixel problem
  164. Dynamixel vs. Hi-Tec
  165. [Question(s)] Reading Dynamixel's position in Wheel Mode
  166. How to hardwire a servo to drive another servo.
  167. Uptech Robotics clone of Dynamixel
  168. [News/Announcement] Dynamixel MX-64 and MX-106
  169. [Question(s)] Turtlebot arm servos not being recognized
  170. Bioloid AX-12 servo give up its torque
  171. AX-12 Servos with Arduino
  172. [Question(s)] new ax 12+ actuators
  173. Dynamixel backlash
  174. Running two servos in tandem
  175. dynamixel servors AX-12
  176. ax-12 motors voltage?
  177. How to decide run current and hold current in stepper motor
  178. [Project] Hi all some suggestions on my servos
  179. Series Elastic Actuators
  180. [Question(s)] Generating a sine wave angular velocity motion with AX-12+
  181. [Question(s)] Crustcrawler Smart Arm AX-12A + CM-700+ Logitech C525HD + Roborealm AVM
  182. [Question(s)] Anyone made a servo heat sink?
  183. [Question(s)] What to use to make an assembly rotate and stop in 3 pre-set positions
  184. Linear actuator injector
  185. [Question(s)] Smooth motion using EX106, RX64
  186. [Question(s)] Controlling linear actuator
  187. AX-12A and HS645MG
  188. AX-12 motor failures
  189. [Question(s)] ax-18 abrupt stop makes grinding noise
  190. Why is MX-28 more expensive than RX-28?
  191. [Question(s)] Getting RX-24F to work using RX Bridge on ArbotiX board
  192. [Question(s)] Dynanixel PID / feedback algorithm questions
  193. Problems with EX106+ servo
  194. Safety advice with EX106+ servo (present load)
  195. Tired of those tiny EX-106?
  196. [Question(s)] Did I just brick my MX-28?
  197. Hobby Servos: Disappointment strikes
  198. [Question(s)] RX-24F, Pro & Cons?have you use it?
  199. [Discussion] Nitinol, Glycerol, Peltier, Heatsink, biomimicry
  200. Continuous Rotation Servos
  201. [Discussion] Making your own Linear Actuators
  202. Servo Database
  203. [Question(s)] Help with controlling an Dynamixel MX-28T with an Arduino Uno
  204. [Question(s)] Selecting servos for Camera-Gimbals
  205. Dongbu Herkulex library for Arduino
  206. Dynamixel MX drops off the bus for 130 microseconds?
  207. AX-12+ Led blinks
  208. MX-64T half-dead H bridge?
  209. MX28 Setup with AX12 on the same USB2Dynamixel
  210. [Question(s)] Dynamixel MX-64T current feedback
  211. [Question(s)] controlling 6 ax-12a's with an arduino Mega
  212. Advantage of Dynamixel actuators?
  213. [Question(s)] ScorpionX MX-64T Robot Turret
  214. Dynamixel Cheap Chinese Knock Offs!
  215. Dynamixel AX-12a lights up and searches, but can't be found
  216. Dynamixel MX-106 reset
  217. [Question(s)] Dynamixel AX-12A not responding
  218. [Question(s)] Dynamixel Linux SDK
  219. Servo reading position and lock position CW
  220. link two ax12 servos
  221. [Question(s)] Questions about AX Servos
  222. More MX-64T woes: One doesn't keep position; the other doesn't listen
  223. [Question(s)] dynamixel set to wheel_mode in ros
  224. [Question(s)] How to ShutDown Overload trigger of Ax12+
  225. [Question(s)] AX-12 - Status polling and Overload Errors
  226. [Question(s)] Firgelli L-12/L-16 Continuous Operating Loads
  227. [Question(s)] Would the AX-12W be better then AX-18A for the PhanomX Hexapod MarkII
  228. [Question(s)] Dynamixel MX-28T: installed Maxon RE-max motor?
  229. [Question(s)] 3-phase motor, how to control?
  230. [Question(s)] AX-12A Control Problem(function dxl_write_word problem)
  231. [Question(s)] MX-64 Conflict
  232. Mx28 : Need help to control the goal position.
  233. AX-12A Clicking Sounds
  234. MX-64. Dead. Again.
  235. Arduino Mega 2560 and AX12A servos
  236. Serial Comunication and AX12A
  237. Dynamixel Pro: price?
  238. [Question(s)] USB2AX SYNC_READ example code?
  239. Dynamixel AX-12 - Resetting Baud Rate?
  240. Another observation on MX-64
  241. AX12A Baud Rate
  242. AX12A sync write
  243. closed loop speed control on AX 12A
  244. [Question(s)] Noob question: Using AX-12A for Follow Focus
  245. AX-12A Compatible Timing Belt Pulley?
  246. [Question(s)] MX-64 Unresponsive After ~10 seconds
  247. [Question(s)] Alternative to wheelchair motor for payload of 50kg/110lbs
  248. [Question(s)] RX-28 Holding Torque
  249. MX 28 Servo Questions
  250. [Question(s)] Servo not moving as desired. HELP! 180° servo seems stuck at 120°