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  1. Programming Required. Small fee offered.
  2. Need help with Phidgets for Racing Sim
  3. VB Program for multiple LED64 controllers
  4. Force sensor project with fee
  5. C# Developer For Phidgets
  6. [Project] FSR to Attenuate MP3 Volume Output
  7. Need builder for Robovie-X (KT-X)
  8. electro mechanical toy prototype builders?
  9. Custom CNC Parts
  10. [Project] Prototype build with linkages, controller and motor
  11. [Question(s)] Rover Money $$$$ ?
  12. Want to make some money ?? [Lunar Payload Deployment System Design Project]
  13. New to forum looking for best place to buy...
  14. produce gearbox,toy tyre,motor driver
  15. [Project] Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Shutter
  16. [Project] Large LED speed display & beam speed-traps
  17. [Project] USB control of Real Gauges (for racing sims)
  18. [Project] Software to record& edit force sensor data
  19. [Project] Delta Robot for Light Manufacturing
  20. Looking for custom servo design (Paid)
  21. [Project] Gnome to be made
  22. [Project] Paid Contract Work- Replace I2C Remote with PC Interface
  23. [Project] paid for laser range finder schematics and all steps
  24. [Project] Simple programming of arduino and servos
  25. [News/Announcement] NCSU Lab used Robot Arm
  26. [Project] Adler Planetarium Chicago needs SRV1 Programmer
  27. [Project] Line Drawing Robot
  28. [Project] Linear Actuator Control
  29. [Project] WANTED : Laser Harp Plans and Part List (Arduino)
  30. [Project] Interactive design help (paid)
  31. [Project] automatic dog food dispenser - programming help
  32. [Question(s)] Needing a android bvuilt from hand draw blueprints?
  33. [News/Announcement] 6061-T6 Aluminum Robot heads for sale!
  34. sold
  35. [Question(s)] Does anybody need pneumatic muscules?
  36. PhantomX Hexapod Kit
  37. 19x AX-12A
  38. [Project] Object recognition w. Microsoft Kinect
  39. [Project] Custom motion control project
  40. [Project] I need help with something that is most likely child's play for you folks!!
  41. I need help for something that will see like child's play to you folks!!
  42. Anybody working on Haptic gloves?
  43. [Project] Looking for collaborators
  44. Wanted ---- dynamixel xl 320
  45. [Project] Robot Arm That Writes. MX-64t & MX-28t servos wanted
  46. [Project] Robattlebots
  47. [Project] Linear Actuator Project ($500 Contract Work)
  48. [Project] Paid Project - remote turret for laser tag arena
  49. KURT< HELP!!!!!!!!! Phantom X Phoenix code to run on my hexapod.
  50. Project X Hexapod kit for sale assembled
  51. I'm selling Onyx X
  52. [Question(s)] Problem phoenix code for my hexapod
  53. Huge lot of parts and phantom x for sale