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  1. Daleks V Robot!
  2. Jack's Humanoid Blog!!!!
  3. [Bioloid] Premium Prices in Korea
  4. biped arm design
  5. Parallax Propeller--> Ax-12 circuit help
  6. Knee Servos (MANOIAT01)
  7. [Question(s)] Phoenix 2.0
  8. [Question(s)] Bioloid Premium Availability
  9. [Bioloid] something wrong with bioloid
  10. Owners of Bioloid Premium Kit = Robots
  11. MSR-H01 hexapod running xans v2.0 code
  12. Communications with CM510
  13. Bioloid Premium Kit Users
  14. [Bioloid] Understanding the Premium Gyro Sensor Module
  15. Programming Bioloid CM-510 for Maze
  16. IRON VULTURE Biped Scout
  17. I-sobot + Arduino interfacing made easy
  18. [Question(s)] micro servos for a micro hexapod
  19. Junimotion
  20. Ap7000 ax-12+
  21. How to scale up to a larger biped
  22. How much load can a Bioloid hexapod carry?
  23. Not enough power
  24. Quadruped Design Discussion
  25. Bioloid CM-5 not charging
  26. Awesome Hex
  27. [Project] iHexi - The iPhone controlled Hexapod
  28. [Bioloid] Bioloid or Robophilo?
  29. [Project] Mammalian Inspired Quadruped
  30. [Kondo 2HV] Startup Motion Program
  31. [Just For Fun] Humanoid climb stairs
  32. [News/Announcement] Bioloid Premium Upgrade Kits Available - Limited Quantity
  33. [News/Announcement] Bioloid Brackets – Now Available in Different Colors!
  34. [Project] No Name Yet
  35. [Discussion] Biped ankles
  36. [Bioloid] New Bioloid Premium Problems
  37. [Project] Chassis
  38. [Bioloid] Premium gripper
  39. [Bioloid] early stages of biped mech
  40. Couple Questions on Trossen's stock
  41. [Project] Low Cost Hexapod
  42. [Project] Upgrayd's Gold Rush – Quad Mech
  43. Biped. What Controller, Gyro, Pressure sensors to use?
  44. [Bioloid] Premium Kit with embedded C
  45. [Discussion] Parallel Leg Mechanism Design
  46. [Question(s)] Phoenix Assembly
  47. AX-18F = AX-12+ with a double torque. Crazy idea?
  48. M2 nuts for Bioloid
  49. ID3h-r (Indirect-Drive-3DOF-Hexapod-round)
  50. Bioloid Grand Prix, coming soon...
  51. DARwIn-LC new robot with AX-18Fs
  52. Gyroscopes
  53. [Question(s)] Using AX-12's present-load feedback
  54. [Project] Creating teams for building advanced robots
  55. Robot goals. What are you trying to achieve with your robot?
  56. 4dof Quadruped robot (T-Hex type)
  57. [Interesting] RX-64 based humanoid robot Acroban
  58. [Bioloid] My new 17 DOF kung fu fighter, "Musa"
  59. [Project] Scuttle - 4DOF Hexapod
  60. [Question(s)] Advice for first humanoid
  61. [Bioloid] Premium Kit Decorations
  62. Micro Hex
  63. [News/Announcement] Humanoid Robots outer cover design contest!
  64. Sneak Peak: InterbotiX PhantomX Hexapod
  65. First humanoid
  66. Power to Weight Analysis
  67. [Question(s)] Bioloid Cable = Robonova Cable?
  68. [Project] Xachikoma, a 4 DOF quad
  69. [Discussion] Autonomous robots
  70. [Just For Fun] Basket pull challenge.
  71. [Project] RX-28 PLM Humanoid
  72. Best way to build a "Gorilla" fighter?
  73. Future of Robotics: Personal Humanoid Robots Helping Humans Everywhere
  74. RX24 Robot Project
  75. My blog
  76. Sphere Morphing Hexapod
  77. [Discussion] Hexapod Idea
  78. Hong Kong Typhoon
  79. [Discussion] Quad wrestling competition?
  80. Lightweight RX-24F bot
  81. IRC Sprint Race
  82. N00b Question About WiFi Controlled Humanoids
  83. [Bioloid] Delete memory of the cm510
  84. Is there any good information out there on how to generate gaits?
  85. PhantomX Hexapod Kits Now Available!
  86. The History of Darwin
  87. Hummanoid Torso Z Acceleration Max
  88. The Ultimate PhantomX Hexapods and Quadropods thread
  89. My new biped
  90. Do robots need strong ankle servos ?
  91. [Bioloid] Having Trouble Making Bioloid Humanoid Walk?
  92. [Bioloid] RoboPlus Motion Editor
  93. PhantomX mixing AX-12 & AX-18 and Upcoming Accessories
  94. SOLVED: Arbotix + Arduino IDE + Ubuntu + Invalid Device Sig
  95. Need a suggestion for a quadruped project
  96. [Bioloid] robandix Bioloid Hero
  97. Discussion : Making phoenix's motion fluid
  98. [Bioloid] Problem connecting to Bioloid controller
  99. [Question(s)] Hexapod Fast Gait legs slap
  100. Funny Video Response with a robot
  101. [Question(s)] Phantom X 18 ArbotiX original code
  102. [Question(s)] Help Arbotix Robocontroler Hobby Servo ports
  103. Knight Templar II New Arm
  104. [Question(s)] Hexapod leg design
  105. Knight Templar I & II Running Test
  106. Refining Walking Gaits
  107. A good link for hobby servo brackets to be used in robot design
  108. Servo Button
  109. Does Dynamixel servo AX-12 or RX-64 have motor lock mode?
  110. How to increase torque by paralleling multiple servos
  111. 50CM Robot arm servo choices
  112. Made the choice for the Single Board Computer (SBC) for my robot
  113. [Project] Hildolfr Mobile Weapon
  114. Bioloid Premium used on eBay cheap!
  115. WALKER8 - An Octopod Project
  116. Where is the power in your leg?
  117. [Discussion] Walker Weight Tolerance Calculation
  118. First Attempt to print out DARwIn-OP brackets!
  119. [Project] m-yRobots | Ergontec Engineering
  120. [Question(s)] Quad balance
  121. Tri-Hex
  122. [Question(s)] Robot plus program
  123. [Bioloid] Premium Humanoid Assembly Instructions
  124. [Question(s)] ScorpionX RX-64 Robot Turret - Assembled but no signal of life
  125. [Question(s)] Bioloid Premium Humanoid walking question
  126. Humaniod Kung Fu at I-Hobby
  127. [Bioloid] RoboPlus - "A file motion cannot play Next/Exit pages....."
  128. Bot not walking
  129. [Bioloid] Wireless connection problems
  130. [Bioloid] How to modify Bioloid program with adding 3rd party software?
  131. Gait implementations
  132. [Just For Fun] Actroid-F now has a brother!
  133. My bioloid build so far
  134. [Question(s)] Bioloid information
  135. New Biped project
  136. My bioloid slaps robobuilder in the face.
  137. [Bioloid] Biped Walker
  138. Bioloid Comprehensive motion file
  139. [Bioloid] New look for my robot
  140. [Bioloid] Leg Servos Pushing Together
  141. Prototype of my bioloid hand (youtube video)
  142. Bioloid not so popular??
  143. [Bioloid] Dynamixels stuck reading 1023 or 0 rotational values
  144. Problems getting the PhantomX Hexapod and Quadrupods working
  145. Bioloid Stability issues
  146. [Bioloid] Demo mode not working
  147. [Question(s)] Fighting Robot
  148. [Question(s)] Connecting USB PC Camera to Bioloid Comprehensive Kit
  149. [Question(s)] Looking for Robot that can be control in real time from external data
  150. [Project] Emissary: A Multi-Purpose Hexapod
  151. [Bioloid] My Octopod Scorpion project
  152. Next step
  153. [News/Announcement] Win a Lynxmotion A-Pod!
  154. PhantomX Hexapod with Nuke - Question on how I am using it
  155. Quick question on Arbotix Commander Version 2 - if anyone else had any issues
  156. [Bioloid] Video Tutorial on Roboplus Mobile & BT-110A Module
  157. [Bioloid] Tutorial How to connect computer to Robotis Bioliod using a bluetooth module
  158. Thinking about trying out a different Hex robot...
  159. New Farrell Robotics Humanoid - RoboGames 2012
  160. [Project] Looking for partner for Personal Robot company.
  161. Bipedal possible with Hitec's 645MG?
  162. PhantomX AX-12 Quadruped Comprehensive Kit
  163. Hovis vs. Bioloid?
  164. Crazy question: "Cheetah" walker?
  165. My mech biped
  166. [Question(s)] Autodesk Inventor files for PhantomX Hexapod
  167. [Project] [FRAGILE]: Balsa/Bass Wood Biped
  168. DARwIn-OP Electronics are now for sale
  169. Humanoid robot competitions at the Kansas City Maker Faire 2012.
  170. Linear actuators and springs for walking?
  171. General advice for a good starting kit
  172. Counter-balance/springs
  173. [Project] Quadropod summer project.
  174. [Question(s)] Help bioloidpremium kit gyro
  175. [Question(s)] What are some good motors that are used for human sized humanoids?
  176. [Question(s)] Control Linear actuator like a servo
  177. Pypose examples for PhantomX?
  178. [Question(s)] Which one is easier Humanoid or Robotic Arm?
  179. Darwin-OP
  180. Advice Regarding Building My First Robot (A Humanoid)
  181. [Project] Playing with PhantomX (video)
  182. [Question(s)] Bioloid Motion Editor Problem
  183. [Question(s)] First robot
  184. Brackets -- what about the back?
  185. My Hexapod tripod gait
  186. My PhantomX Hexapod
  187. PhantomX AX-12A Hexapod Circuit Question
  188. [News/Announcement] BotScene.net: a new blog about humanoid robotics
  189. Travidius Lives
  190. RX-24F useful for quadropods?
  191. Robotics book
  192. Bioloid System good to get stared with biped???
  193. Robotico!
  194. [Question(s)] Quadruped torque calculations - Confirmation Please!!!
  195. [Project] My fist Quadruped.
  196. Bioloid Comprehensive Robot Kit vs Bioloid Premium Robot Kit
  197. For learning: PhantomX Hexapod vs PhantomX Quadruped
  198. [Question(s)] Knee servos in AX 12 based Biped
  199. [Bioloid] Developing a Walking Gait
  200. Bioloid Premium Type B servo posistion problem
  201. First robotics bioloid premium... Couple of questions
  202. Adding servos to bioloid...
  203. How to learn to make your own waking git??
  204. [Question(s)] PhantomX Drawings?
  205. [Question(s)] Servos resetting IDs?
  206. Power for MX series?
  207. [Question(s)] PhantomX dynamixel id 1 stuck at 512
  208. [Project] My PhantomX AX-18A running the Phoenix code... and it's lovely.
  209. Noise =)
  210. [Question(s)] 2 Feet Humanoid Robot with 2kg Payload
  211. Santa was very nice
  212. A review of low-DOF biped walkers
  213. Want to use Phoenix code on PhantomX Quadruped
  214. What's a good center plate size?
  215. [Project] Added turret to my PhantomX.
  216. PhantomX Quadruped Mark II sneak peak
  217. [Project] Hexapod Walker
  218. [Project] Onyx -- walking under own power for first time
  219. [Project] A modified PhantomX to add another degree of freedon running Phoenix software.
  220. [Question(s)] Is this reasonable?? (InMoov AX-12 Variant)
  221. [Project] Tachikoma
  222. [Question(s)] having issues with programming my phantom x ax-12 hexapod.
  223. [Question(s)] phantom ax12 stopped working
  224. Bioloid Premium CM530 Help
  225. Servo torque required for hexapod
  226. [Question(s)] PhantomX AX-18A running the Phoenix code KevinO
  227. Phoenix code...strange effect...
  228. Mark II running Phoenix code, first go
  229. Programming arbotix controller via xbee
  230. PhantomX controlled by a Raspberry Pi
  231. Update on PhantomX mark II and phoenix code
  232. [Question(s)] Quadruped Mark II PhantomX Robot Turret
  233. [Bioloid] Robotics Newbee with a Bioloid Premium.
  234. [Question(s)] Question about gate setting of the phoenix code
  235. (Hopefully) basic question on leg design.
  236. Bioloid Premium Battery Pack Recommendations
  237. MX-64 hard to move and making high-pitched squeal
  238. Learning with the Bioloid
  239. Overloading MX-64: Am I doing the math wrong?
  240. [Question(s)] Phoenix code walk Back move??
  241. Phantom X Mark II AX-18A Hexapod - Approx runtime on supplied LiPo?
  242. [Project] The Stag - first autonomous steps
  243. [Question(s)] Phantom X quad problem. XBEE?
  244. [Question(s)] Phantomx MKII Quad problems
  245. modeling of phantom ax12 hexapod?
  246. Phantom X Mark II new tibia design?
  247. Bioloid Help
  248. [Project] Zoidberg
  249. [Bioloid] Premium weight capacity
  250. Stock vs. Phoenix code?