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  1. make the OctaPod and take my money
  2. CM-5 motion file error?
  3. What after Bioloid GP??
  4. Mini Custom Octapod Project
  5. Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco
  6. [Question(s)] Dynamixel AX-12A, arbotix, xbee and LabView
  7. [Project] Project BETH aka Dan's journey into a lot of things.
  8. [Question(s)] MKII hex pod
  9. [Question(s)] Beginner With the Bioloid. Where to next?
  10. Hexapod MK2 - Servo not responding as it should . Dead zone, and wrong readings.
  11. compiling Phoenix code for Stock Hexap M2 on linux troubleshooting
  12. [Question(s)] PhantomX Hexapod with AX-18
  13. [Question(s)] Phantom x Hexapod mk1 with a 18
  14. [Project] The Shiashi(cheap 3D printed quad frame)
  15. I am finally going to PhantomX MK2 :)
  16. [Discussion] Uneven Terrain Traversal
  17. Different servos in PhantomX hexapod (MX-64T...)
  18. Problems in power uo the phantom hexapod mark ii kit
  19. watching and navigating hexapod kit
  20. [Question(s)] Hexapod Control Help - Mechanical Eng. - little electronics experience
  21. Smallest bare board USB hub?
  22. [Project] Charlotte 2.0 (Intel NUC) using a Trossen Edge Kit prototype
  23. DARwIn-OP DIY?
  24. PhantomX ROS Robot Project
  25. [Question(s)] "Hexy the Hexipod" Payload weight
  26. [Interesting] Hexapod losing a leg continues to walk
  27. Custom Mech multi legged
  28. Laser Spider Hexapod
  29. Built my quadruped. Not really sure where to go next
  30. [Discussion] phantom AX12 speed control?
  31. Quadruped leg design (3dof)
  32. GM-3s help
  33. Recommended (budget) crawler before Phantom X?
  34. How do you connect a NUC/Pi/Odroid to a PhantomX?
  35. Programming the Bioloid Premium from Linux
  36. Stepper Motor vs Servo for Robot head?
  37. How to test if Xtion Pro Live is functioning?
  38. Debugging AX-Errors...
  39. Request for guidance moving from NXT to new platform (probably Bioloid)
  40. The Dynamic Tensegrity Robotics Project. Very cool.
  41. biped NUKE
  42. [Bioloid] Zigbee Connection Issues
  43. Files to Phantom X
  44. [Bioloid] difference between Bioloid Premium type-A, B, and C humanoid
  45. Idea for an analog-like gait sequencer
  46. Advice needed about Hexapod model
  47. [Question(s)] DYNAMIXELs, PhantomX and ArbotiX Lots of questions
  48. Giger-OP - An Open Source Research Humanoid Project
  49. PhantomX using a Teensy 3.1
  50. Bioloid Premium CM530 w/Zigbee help needed.
  51. PhantomX Hexapod MK-II Phoenix Code Getting Started Guide
  52. PhantomA Hexapod with inertial sensors
  53. [Project] A new PhantomX Hexapod MK-II online
  54. PhantomX Hexapod Charging?
  55. Optimal refresh rate (BIOLOID_FRAME_LENGTH) for AX-12 servos.
  56. Humanoid Project
  57. [Project] Biped Robot with Arbotix + Dynamixel AX-12A
  58. Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?
  59. Bioloid brackets in red???
  60. [Question(s)] PhantomX AX Hexapod Mark II Kit to Quadruped?
  61. Customized Hexapod
  62. Confusion!!!! hexapod left and right legs move in oppoiste direction when same angle is given
  63. MX64 Biped
  64. [Bioloid] My ROBOTIS Premium Humanoid Robot talks!
  65. Problem with Arbotix ADC
  66. Mounting a turret on the Quadruped
  67. Hexapod walking disturbance due to to pulseIn() commands
  68. [Question(s)] NUKE
  69. [News/Announcement] Introducing the Jimmy Research Humanoid!
  70. Mx-28 humanoid Darwin clone
  71. PC or Arduino, or Android board for humanoid control?
  72. Autonomous guidance and navigation of hexapod
  73. NUKE issues
  74. legtool
  75. [Bioloid] GP
  76. [Bioloid] Bioloid humanoid with ax12
  77. Bioloid Premium issues (HELP)
  78. HELP - Darwin Mini
  79. Jimmy the robot, Trossen, Intel and Darwin OP, what am I missing?
  80. Open source crab robot simulator, now in Java on Github
  81. in case anyone is looking for mx-64's at a 225$ price....
  82. CM 530 and XL320
  83. ax12 and constant led
  84. [Bioloid] CM 530 Boot Loader
  85. Darwin OP's CM-730 controller
  86. ArbotiX Pose Engine with CM9.04
  87. CM-530 controller issue
  88. [News/Announcement] Interbotix HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton - 50 beta units available for pre-order
  89. [Question(s)] How to know better about low-level programming
  90. [Question(s)] Mark I phantom Hexapod
  91. [Question(s)] Programming Bioloid (Cm-530) - where to start?
  92. RX24 need help with getting position with Arduino Mega
  93. [Question(s)] Excuse me, in phoenix code whad does the arccos table mean?
  94. Robotgeek biped
  95. Looking for best biped to teach to run
  96. Is there an HR-OS5 electronics kit for those who already own Dynamixels?
  97. PhantomX Quadroped with heavier payload
  98. [Project] Enhanced Biped
  99. [Question(s)] Best way to get started programming a dynamixel octopod?
  100. AX12A vs AX18 for PhantomX
  101. First Humanoid biped bot and need sub-controller advice
  102. Darwin OP and ROS
  103. [Question(s)] How does the RadToServo function work in nuke code?
  104. [Question(s)] I Have Question about Lynxmotion kit ?
  105. A hub for the XL-320 servo TTL bus
  106. HROS1 - Wifi stopped working?
  107. PhantomX 3D Model(s) for printing
  108. [Bioloid] ROS controlled Bioloid with custom sensors
  109. Converting my PhantomX Hexapod to ODroid XU3-lite and ROS...
  110. Phoenix_Input_RC
  111. [Question(s)] Writing on a board with HROS-1 using inverse kinematics
  112. Floor planning Onyx v8
  113. NUKE for PyPose won't start
  114. New PhantomX hex communication(?) Issue / Extremely frustrated with the lack of coherent instructions
  115. Defining a new robot in RoboPlus Motion 2?
  116. My Advanced Realistic Humanoid Robot Project
  117. 5-dof leg for quadraped?
  118. Darwin Mini / OpenCM 9.04 power-on trouble
  119. Servos getting hot, any danger?
  120. [Question(s)] Gait implementation for hexapod + roll/pitch problem
  121. SDF for for Bioloid or Darwin Mini?
  122. Affordable robot frame fabrication service
  123. [Question(s)] Please Help: for my Orion Robotics Blade
  124. Using Bioloid Dynamixel AX12A for PhantomX
  125. AX12+ instead of AX12A
  126. [Discussion] Biped Gait Algorithms
  127. [Question(s)] Position feedback from AX-12A when walking
  128. Erie-Spider: An inexpensive ROS Hexapod...
  129. a personal project (help if you can please ^_^ )
  130. [Bioloid] Writing own code for AX servos in XU4
  131. Successor of Thormang
  132. Hexapods with AX12+
  133. video tutorial on controlling a Phantom Hexapod with the DynamixShield
  134. The New PhantomX AX Metal Hexapod Kit is here!
  135. [Question(s)] Assistance in understanding Phoenix Gait routine
  136. Bluetooth Control of AX Hexapods
  137. [Question(s)] PhantomX MKIII - Phoenix code - single leg mode
  138. Robotis Bioloid Premium Type A: Gyro
  139. R+ Design
  140. My humanoid robot SUPER SJ01
  141. Bioloid Premium CM530 Help
  142. [Question(s)] Has anyone ever tried changing Darwin Op's servo with XL 320?
  143. Darwin-OP with AX-18
  144. Doideka Robot
  145. Converting my PhantomX MK2 to MK3 :D
  146. Phoenix code - Arduino port - Help needed
  147. Phoenix Code Single Leg function not working
  148. New PhantomX MkIII . Advice on Phoenix and Debug??!!
  149. [Question(s)] Phoenix Hexapod
  150. MX-64 legs for biped
  151. CAD files for the Trossen x-long and x-wide brackets?
  152. Darwin Mini, R+ Motion 2.0, how to add switched objects?
  153. [Project] AliExpress Hexapod
  154. [Project] Darwin-Mini project with OpenCM IDE
  155. Optimal Leg Length Question
  156. [Bioloid] Darwin OP robot using raspberry pi
  157. [Discussion] humanoid leg joint actuator load
  158. walking robot prototyping
  159. How do I change gait in Phoenix_Code?
  160. Analysis of best TR hexapod direction
  161. [Project] ALPH - custom AX-12 Phoenix hexapod build thread
  162. Phantom X Mark III - Phoenix Code not working, Restoring to NUKE robot moves randomly
  163. [Project] Onw Hexapod Code
  164. [Project] Darwin Mini and Raspberry Pi : let's create the missing 3D printable parts! [call for contributions]
  165. PhantomX Phoenix Code, Servo 1 not Moving
  166. I-sobot question
  167. [Question(s)] Reading data from AX-12 servos using Roboplus
  168. [Question(s)] Purchase Darwin-OP parts?
  169. [Question(s)] How to do the fine calibration of a Quadbot using Phoenix Code
  170. DARwIn-OP Based Robot Dynamixel EEPROM Values
  171. [Discussion] Can I use a steel ball to emulate a virtual floor with infinitesimal contact point?
  172. [Question(s)] Motor Controller Configuration
  173. Phoenix Code not working
  174. [Project] Some questions and thoughts about new Hexa Project
  175. [Project] Quadbot 17 - Quadruped robot designed in Autodesk Fusion 360
  176. Self-erecting, self balancing 'bot
  177. [Question(s)] PhantomX new build (18A), some tibia servos not working (one intermittently)
  178. [Question(s)] PhantomX Servo Power Draw while standing?
  179. [Bioloid] CM-530 serial communication does not work for me
  180. Hexapod broken?
  181. [Question(s)] Advice and opinion about Phantom X for use in theatrical performance
  182. [Question(s)] Phantom X AX MKIII in Berlin?!
  183. [Bioloid] Videos of the New Robotis-OP3 if anyone is interested
  184. Climbibg Stair Bioloid Premium Kit
  185. [Question(s)] Hexapod math problem with InverseKinematic
  186. [Discussion] All about multi-legs robots gaits
  187. Phantom_Phoenix on OpenCM 9.04...
  188. Question over mixed ax12 ax18 use
  189. Kondo Robot motors do not move to Neutral Position!
  190. PhantomX Hexapod Boot Delay?
  191. Super Anthony humanoid KungFu robot is available through Kickstarter!
  192. [Project] Horus Mk. I Biped Robot
  193. [Question(s)] Drum robot ... HELP
  194. [Question(s)] Hexapod Randomly Freezes
  195. [Question(s)] Leg suspension
  196. [Question(s)] multi versions tested still lost all tibias
  197. Four servo walker?
  198. [Question(s)] Combine MX-28 with XL-320 using r+ motion
  199. Giant Sized Humanoid robots!
  200. [Project] Dark-Matter-SIX
  201. [Project] Percival
  202. PhantomX + CM9.04 but no Xbee!
  203. [Question(s)] I have a question about darwin op
  204. PhatomX with XL430-W250 servos
  205. Robosen-The World First Intelligent Auto-Transforming Robot
  206. ROBOTIS-MINI User Group