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  1. My Robot Project
  2. Creating a PC-based Mobile-Robot with Arm
  3. Mini sumo in Canada
  4. Line Follower
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  6. Rolling robot
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  8. Security robot chases away drug dealers, built by bar owner!
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  12. [Project] W.A.L.T.E.R. v2.0
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  15. [Question(s)] simple roller
  16. Sensor bot
  17. LTR
  18. [Project] RSV2 mobile base
  19. [Just For Fun] W.A.L.T.E.R. - the Early Months
  20. [Project] Really Small Robots (RSRs)
  21. Powerwheels as a base?
  22. Student project
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  24. Student Project II (finding the parts)
  25. Please help me!
  26. 4mem8 Robot
  27. Highly modified ER1
  28. Modified Lynxmotion J5
  29. Wow... *starts clapping*
  30. [Question(s)] Hello all - Some questions from a future rover builder (BrainStem and H-bridge related)
  31. Freddie's Modded J5
  32. New rover find - For sale by a US university student
  33. [Project] Arduino and RSRs (Really Small Robots)
  34. Ok so I made a Whegbot. Its pretty cool actually :)
  35. [Project] My Arduino Diecimila Rover by librab103
  36. [Just For Fun] Robot competition
  37. [Discussion] Mini Sumo
  38. Help a newb get started
  39. [Question(s)] Track/Tread platform
  40. Drive Control
  41. Getting started
  42. [Question(s)] Wall-e bot
  43. [Question(s)] Motor control
  44. [Project] my test-bot design
  45. Building a rover
  46. BeagleBot
  47. Speculating on a Hobby Lunar Rover
  48. Explore Rover
  49. [Project] Crashy
  50. [Question(s)] Roomba 5xx sensor reading problems
  51. Differential drive systems
  52. [Project] beginning build project
  53. [Question(s)] Johnny 5 for AI project
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  55. Planning Rover
  56. Cool Experiment
  57. Need help with robot competition
  58. Questions about Tri-Track Chassis and included gear,
  59. [Project] I, Gömböc
  60. [Question(s)] motor/gearbox for heavy lawnmower-rover?
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  62. The new Arduino Wheeled Robot kit
  63. [Project] Ripsaw mini
  64. [Project] Power Scooter to Lawnbot
  65. [Project] Meet A.S.T.R.I.D.
  66. [Question(s)] Rover based competitions?
  67. [Project] First ever project :)
  68. [Project] Fit-Phidget Rover
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  72. [Project] Vulcan 5: fire fighting robot
  73. Has anyone hacked this?
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  75. dell power supply for test bench work
  76. MTR: A planetary terrestrial exploration rover system
  77. [Project] Triangular Phototrope
  78. bad idea?
  79. alright here's the link
  80. for those that were interested.
  81. [Project] Wudy the Autonomous Tank
  82. [Project] PICAXE Rover, unnamed as of yet
  83. [Project] Rover project
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  85. [Question(s)] true beginner
  86. Project TARP
  87. First rover bot project!
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  89. Small Line Following Robot - AntBot
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  91. Anyone using omnidirectional drive?
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  93. [Question(s)] Traxster II movements
  94. 1st Rover Project
  95. [Question(s)] Program for creating a Rover?
  96. good servos for wheeled robots
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  98. [Question(s)] Power window motor hardened steel shaft?
  99. [Project] Farmer Joe
  100. Robotika | Ergontec Engineering
  101. [Project] Distributed co-ordination of robot for fire fighting
  102. [Project] Bioloid 6x6 rocker-bogie suspension little "Mars curiosity"
  103. Track suspension
  104. WiFi rover questions
  105. WiFi rover questions
  106. [Question(s)] Arbotix based rover VivianII
  107. [Question(s)] About the transformation between differential-drive and omni-drive system
  108. [Question(s)] a question about dynamics model
  109. [Project] Best chassis?
  110. [Question(s)] How do I make sense of RC hobby parts?
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  118. Home made Arduino robot - crawler/tank
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  120. want help on building ultrasonic obstacle avoiding robot
  121. k-9 project
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  123. The dangers of Chinese wiring
  124. What's a good encoder-based motor controller for 2x5A?
  125. Need help starting out
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  127. My dumb droid
  128. [Project] Steam Automaton Groucho
  129. Tracks tracks and more tracks!
  130. [Question(s)] Rovio - No Video in Windows 7
  131. Here's my Robot Rover
  132. [Project] "Mod" a Driveway Surface Cleaner
  133. fire detection and extinguishing subsystem
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  135. [Project] Pablo, Land Art artist
  136. Roboplus Task help!
  137. Some love for the Money Pit
  138. [News/Announcement] The Robotis TurtleBot3
  139. Turtlebot2i
  140. Self-navigating rover, and how to ruin an AX-12A
  141. Money Pit V for Victory
  142. [Project] 3D printed tanks, turned into a vacuum cleaner
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  144. RAD 2.0 Hacks Anyone?
  145. Humanitarian robotics challenge -- now live!
  146. Robogames fiasco for Money Pit
  147. The task (lawn mower topic)
  148. Turtlebot 3 parts? Where to get things like special screws?
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