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  1. [Question(s)] Programs/Software/tools that can control robots from data received in real time
  2. Processing to arduino with key press help
  3. I need help of this C++ program
  4. First time getting PhantomX Turret + ArbotiX Going
  5. [Question(s)] Data Center?
  6. Arbotix, Arduino, and Timers
  7. [Question(s)] XBee I/O triggering with API frames
  8. [Question(s)] NUKE and Test Drive
  9. [Question(s)] Can you use a wii classic controller to play this game?
  10. Help with servo read position
  11. [Question(s)] Open source machine vision code to locate a human in a room?
  12. capture tag id - code to GET RFID TAG ID
  13. [Question(s)] Can I use Robotis Dynamixel SDK to control dynamixels connected to CM-510
  14. [Question(s)] Reading Wrong Position Values from AX-12 (C++)
  15. [Question(s)] object recognition Car, Motor/Bike, Lorrie
  16. [Question(s)] FTDI FT232R - impossible to open port
  17. [Question(s)] Need help
  18. [Question(s)] Motion Pages Loop issue
  19. [Question(s)] Generating program for coding signals/data transmitted and received.
  20. motion platform 3 DOF
  21. [Question(s)] MX-28 and Arbotix
  22. Dynamixel RX-24F and RS-485 Communication on Linux/Ubuntu
  23. RedBee RFID Windows Login Experiment (Shared Credentials)
  24. [Question(s)] What software is used for Java programming?
  25. Robot OS
  26. Python
  27. Dynamixel packet analyzer ?
  28. Finaly back, a bit lost? Phidgets software.
  29. ArbotiX/PyPose 0015 Release
  30. Dynamixel Wizzard errors
  31. [Question(s)] Ping Dynamixels with a Broad Cast ID
  32. Wheel mode in Pypose ?
  33. [Question(s)] What programming languages are used for call of duty black ops?
  34. Bioloid Simulator
  35. [Question(s)] Evolution ER1 Robot
  36. problem with RoboTurret
  37. [Question(s)] Arduino Uno Brown-Out Detection Software
  38. [Question(s)] Arbotix and Arduino 1.0.1
  39. Trossen Robotics Quadruped
  40. need help Cm-510 roboplus task code
  41. [Question(s)] Need help programming Arbotix Commander (from quad kit)
  42. Arbotix and i2C port
  43. Controll bioloid with RC 100A using roboplus task
  44. [Question(s)] Getting software for the Seeedstudio Bluetooth Arduino Shield...
  45. [Question(s)] My Delta Robot
  46. Issues with Arbotix Programming- avrdude: stk500_getsync() error
  47. raspberry pi for robotics? ROS? Rover bot
  48. Reading Data into RoboPlus Task
  49. USB2Dynamixel + Zig2Serial Adapter Vs. XBee USB Dongle
  50. RFDI software development
  51. About to give up on the Raspberry Pi
  52. [Question(s)] Visual C#
  53. Update firmware CM-510
  54. [Question(s)] PhantomX AX Hexapod Kit AX-18A Servos Program Download??
  55. [Question(s)] Arduino PyPose Error
  56. [Question(s)] avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 Error
  57. [Question(s)] my to start move robot (pypose Getting Started)
  58. Trouble Running Pypose (Mac)
  59. [Question(s)] RoboPlus Task Clapping, Rap chest, Scratch head (Bioloid Premium Type A)
  60. [Question(s)] Upload PhantomX Phoenix Sketch
  61. [Question(s)] Static and dynamic object detection
  62. [Question(s)] ArbotiX with LabVIEW: Low-level ArbotiX Commands?
  63. Workshop about programming Bioloid using C# and C++
  64. [Question(s)] Up and walking with NUKE, next steps?
  65. [Question(s)] Math.h lib with Bioloid CM-530 and C
  66. simulator robot
  67. usb2dynamixel c sdk
  68. Angle precision Errors in IMU
  69. Fire code
  70. [Question(s)] Non-responsive EX-106
  71. [Question(s)] Compiling Error with Arduin IDE / Pypose : could not read servo error
  72. player stage
  73. Interrupts using Variable values???
  74. [Question(s)] Controlling hexapod in real-time
  75. scan for objects code help needed?
  76. HUD creation with real time graphics overlay over webcam stream
  77. Kinematic simulator in python?
  78. Anyone use an alternate Arduino IDE? In-Circuit Programmer/Debugger?
  79. Calculating frame rate and function time
  80. [Question(s)] Reading RC receiver values on a Cubloc ?
  81. Sucessful users of PyPose/NUKE, how is your system configured?
  82. Query on programming with kuka robots
  83. [Question(s)] Uploading the Hex_Mark II -- PhantomX robot
  84. Computer Vision
  85. xbee api mode help!!
  86. [Project] Robotis CM-900 in Toss Mode and returning sensor readings
  87. [Question(s)] What's your ISP programmer work flow?
  88. [Project] 3d printer unique creation
  89. how to control Arduino pins Simultaneously?
  90. Question using EEPROM
  91. Help in Arduino char/string
  92. [Question(s)] Dynamixel SDK Samples fail on MX-28
  93. [Question(s)] Urgent Help WIth pypose and arbotix.(P.S. im a total beginner)
  94. Arduino Lib Help!.
  95. [Question(s)] comprehensive humanoid motion editor. nid help!!
  96. [Question(s)] Need Help with PyPose Exporting to Avr. URGENT!!!
  97. [Project] libdynamixel (C lib) and dynamixel_zmq
  98. [Project] Need Help With PyPose (EXPORTING TO AVR OPTION)
  99. [Question(s)] nid help.!!!!
  100. [Project] HELP: Robot dancing to the rhythm
  101. Need help guys.
  102. [Question(s)] nid help guys!!
  103. Arduino Shield Question
  104. Help Arduino Coding
  105. Question in Char Separating
  106. [Question(s)] unable to compile ArbotiXBlink
  107. 2WD Robot with pid
  108. Question Arduino to Android
  109. [Question(s)] Using NUKE IK without PyPose for Arduino based hexapod
  110. Wolfram/Mathematica to deploy on RPi
  111. xbee, arbotix, pypose and NUKE questions
  112. [Question(s)] How to make a AI Robot
  113. arduino isp not working
  114. using pypose question
  115. ax-12 servo: failed to read?
  116. [Project] Paid Programming Help Needed!
  117. Controlling Ax12's with a Raspberry Pi
  118. Dynamixel SDK linux: COMM_RXTIMEOUT error
  119. [Question(s)] use scirpt python with apache2 (with ros)
  120. Line Follower with one sensor - Help to improve the code
  121. Porting Robotis Dynamixel SDK to mbed.org
  122. [Question(s)] newbie: AX12 continuous rotation with Arbotix
  123. DynamixelSDK for USB2AX
  124. content mismatch?
  125. [Question(s)] Arbotix-M sketch for dynamixel AX-12A's
  126. Burning bootloader error (arduino)
  127. Syntax
  128. Use Kinect with ROS
  129. [Question(s)] Geometrically stable gait for Nuke/PyPose
  130. IssyDunnYet code issues
  131. [Question(s)] Controlling dynamical together
  132. Help Shield Connection
  133. need help with if, else if & else.
  134. [Question(s)] LAB volt 5250 Robotic arm
  135. PyPose, Arbotix-M and Mac - Issue - PyPose will can not read servos: 1, 2, etc
  136. [Question(s)] Executes Program Only Once
  137. [Question(s)] Which Python and wxPython versions for Windows for PyPose?
  138. Arbotix sketch to center a servo
  139. Pypose question
  140. [Question(s)] PyPose don't detect Arbotix in Linux Mint 17
  141. Robotis Task
  142. [Question(s)] Next steps with a PhantomX AX Hexapod Mark II & BBB
  143. [Question(s)] autonomous hexbot markII basic programming help
  144. [Question(s)] Pls help me clone Rfid tag
  145. [Question(s)] haptic feedback (feeling torque from on servo on another)
  146. [Question(s)] Dynamixel SDK RXTIMEOUT Error - Visual Studio -USB2Dynamixel - XL-320
  147. [Project] quadcopter controlled by Android/IOIO. Reason? control quadcopter through cellphone towers
  148. Why using Python to control robots?
  149. [Project] Biped Controller
  150. [Question(s)] com port via VB Script - help needed
  151. [Question(s)] Darwin Mini and RoboPlus Task
  152. Kossel mathematics for mini Kossel style 3D printers
  153. AI library
  154. [Question(s)] CM730 USB Descriptor Information
  155. [Question(s)] How to Set the Torque limit for Dynamixel MX-28 using MATLAB?
  156. [Question(s)] setup arduino ide for arbotix board
  157. [Question(s)] Serial communication to control dynamixels via arbotix, specifications ?
  158. Any sample program for Pololu DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver
  159. [Question(s)] How to program wheels motors using Roboplus?
  160. Error in AX12.cpp?
  161. PhantomX Quad issue
  162. [Question(s)] Processing 2 to Arduino Wireless RS232
  163. How best to merge changes from two semi forked copies of a project...
  164. [Question(s)] Controling Dynamixal torque?
  165. [Question(s)] Arduino to Arduino serial servo control
  166. Robot/Environment Interaction Simulation?
  167. ROS: Yet another failed install attempt
  168. Where can I find the PyPose/Nuke editor
  169. [Question(s)] Can not read response bytes from arbotix-m (C++) (PhantomX Pincher)
  170. [Question(s)] Moving more to the Raspberry Pi
  171. Linux Makefiles - File name manipulations...
  172. [Question(s)] Launching PyPose
  173. Problem getting started with Arbotix-M
  174. [Question(s)] ArbotixRobocontroller vs Arbotix Comander programming importance...
  175. Problem using AX-12A REG_WRITE & ACTION commands on ArbotiX--M board
  176. robotis CM-530 + arduino + serial
  177. AVRDUDE problem
  178. Simple programming for obstacle avoiding robot
  179. CM9.04 Windows 10 programming issues
  180. Error in AX-12A Manual regarding Goal-Position figure
  181. USB2Dynamixel/AX12/Linux: COMM_RXTIMEOUT: There is no status packet
  182. Programming Robotis' Bioloid Premium CM-530 with a differen't programming language
  183. [Question(s)] Lynxmotion 209 algorithm
  184. Help Fanuc Programing
  185. [Question(s)] Problem getting the position feedback WidowX
  186. What programming editor do you recommend?
  187. [Question(s)] Com between raspberry pi and arbotix m
  188. I can not add dynamixel.dll to C#
  189. [Question(s)] Control AX-12A Servos Straight from Computer
  190. [Question(s)] Open CM 9.04 A working like USB2Dynamixel
  191. Arbotix Pro & Intel NUCi57RYH HELP
  192. [Interesting] Rs485 halfduplex for Dynamixel with Teensy 3.1 without external Buffer chip
  193. Communication between two arduino boards via Xbee
  194. GDB front end?
  195. [Question(s)] PhoenixDriver AX12 SetRegOnAllServos2 ?
  196. Wireless problems with the cm530
  197. [Question(s)] Hexapod head and tail movement programming
  198. XEVEL Labs...USB2AX help
  199. Dynamixel MX-106T with arduino feedback problems
  200. qp / qm state machine programming ?
  201. [Question(s)] Open CM IDE problem on Mac OS
  202. fatal error: RFIDuino.h: No such file or directory
  203. Arbotix-M Arduino IDE Problems on OS X
  204. 1Mhz? WHy?
  205. [Project] Py4bot - a Python Framework for Multi-Legs Robots
  206. GYRO + accelero sensor Darwin-OP Framework (Raspberry Pi) for controlling Darwin-OP(without CM-730)
  207. [Question(s)] Am i limiting myself with C/C++? Python?
  208. [Question(s)] Has anyone ported Arbotix Pro firmware to OpenCM9.04?
  209. [Question(s)] Help needed Skid Steering ROS Jade Gazebo 7.0
  210. [Question(s)] Create service intel edison
  211. Ressources for OpenCM-companioncomputer UART communication?
  212. [Question(s)] Arbotix-M to PC - FTDI/USB Serial communication issue
  213. [Question(s)] Hexapod_Mark_II software won't compile
  214. [Question(s)] Servo Control Board Programming
  215. [Question(s)] CYRF6936 radio + arduino 2560
  216. [Question(s)] openlog with openCM9.04 for dynamixel motor.
  217. [Question(s)] Hexapod PhatonmX MarkIII PyPose
  218. PhantomX / ArbotiX read String from Unity
  219. [Question(s)] OpenCN904 to R+motion connection problems
  220. [Question(s)] Delta robot kinematic
  221. [Question(s)] turn light on and off from an .exe file.
  222. [Question(s)] 4 dof ik
  223. robotis CM-530 + arduino + serial
  224. Foam Dart Turret PC Control
  225. Using a visual programming / development software with Arbotix?
  226. [Question(s)] ArbotiX avrdude error
  227. [Discussion] PyPot for python servo control
  228. [Question(s)] Debugging phoenix code
  229. [Question(s)] Trying to add a gyro tot arbotix commander
  230. Simulate error model in virtual environment
  231. [Question(s)] Trouble compiling arduino sketch using arbotix commander to control robot
  232. Unity Robotic Controller
  233. [Question(s)] Has anyone gotten the pypose function to run
  234. [Question(s)] How to do Wireless Upload of Sketches to Phantom Hexapod
  235. [Question(s)] Problem interfacing to PyPose on Arbotix controller from vanilla Python over FTDI
  236. [Question(s)] How to Configure 3 XBEES in a mesh
  237. Best Software for Simulation of Arm Performance
  238. [Question(s)] Dynamixel XL/XM on WX250 Arm: Can't writeWord to Change Position, Velocity
  239. [Question(s)] OpenCM9.04C with SL030
  240. Get phidgets data to read in the form of joystick
  241. XL430-W250 Stop moving randomly
  242. [Question(s)] How can I connect ROS with Unreal engine?
  243. [Question(s)] 1 hexabot leg not responding (Phoenix Code)
  244. [Question(s)] Using Bioloid Library With Servo Modes