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  1. Good open discussion about Robotic Vision Systems
  2. PittPatt - Pitsburgh Pattern Recognition
  3. JAUS and TRS
  4. MS Robotics Studio
  5. Trossen Robotics System Introduction is up !
  6. beggining robotic programer
  7. Phidgets and Windows Vista
  8. Problems linking to libphidget21
  9. Programming for Modified Servos
  10. Text to Speech Voices
  11. Using accelerometers in VB6
  12. "This action cannot be completed because the other application is busy"...
  13. We are looking for a VB.net 2005 programmer
  14. TRC and ESRP similar?
  15. Programming a Continious Rot Servo
  16. C# and 0/0/4 Kit
  17. Interface Kit memory leaks?
  18. Choice of Software
  19. HA tutorial???
  20. Trossen Robotics System versus the competition?
  21. Phidgets API Download Link
  22. hearttoheart software for kh1
  23. Newbie question: Best way to record light level
  24. Making a Pan Tilt work with Joy stick
  25. [Book] Practical .NET 2.0 Networking Projects
  26. Looking For Online Programming Tutorials
  27. How would I?
  28. read text from an ID
  29. Programing the Parallax Servo Controller (USB)
  30. [Discussion] Cosmos - New OS on the market
  31. [News/Announcement] URBI for Bioloid!!
  32. [Discussion] MAX/MSP
  33. [Project] Including the Phidget MSI in VB install routine
  34. PID controller loop
  35. Considering adding humanoids to our 3D simulator (Cogmation's robotSuite)
  36. [Just For Fun] Lesson: Keep my references clean
  37. [Just For Fun] Playing with colors
  38. [Discussion] Rendering Tools for our Robots
  39. C# code for controlling servo with keyboard
  40. C# Help
  41. [Project] Chasing a LASER pointer
  42. [Discussion] Programming Languages for Robotics
  43. Software Newbie
  44. [Interesting] Visual SLAM - open source
  45. Robot Simulator
  46. Writing code on a Mac...reccomendations?
  47. Searching for Khepera windows simulator
  48. [Discussion] Android for Robotics?
  49. [Discussion] C Programming Recommendations
  50. [Just For Fun] Phidgets Code Contest.
  51. [Question(s)] Behavior control program question
  52. [Question(s)] Player/Stage, CARMEN experience anybody?
  53. Neural network implementation?
  54. C++ Compiler
  55. [Question(s)] Webots or Microsoft Robotic studio for Kondo bots???
  56. programming axon with a-d converter
  57. [Question(s)] Cannot figure out how to write to the serial port in C++
  58. Which to choose to start???
  59. [Discussion] NXT Robot
  60. [Question(s)] Controlling servos using Midi...help
  61. [Question(s)] Kondo KHR-2HV CAD issues...
  62. Serial Port in VBScript
  63. Which language to start with?
  64. Genetic Programing and Evolutionary Robotics w/the Khepera II
  65. Servo Center 3.1 problems with roborealm.
  66. C# Phidets Servo control demo
  67. [Question(s)] Pan and Tilt Kit Interface
  68. [Question(s)] Pololu USB 16-servo controller problem
  69. [Question(s)] C++ Serial issues :(
  70. Reading and Writing TCP sockets in C#
  71. [Question(s)] whats a good linux system for robots
  72. Fingers Program using C #‏ Microsoft robotics studio
  73. PC (VBScript) to Basic Stamp (PBasic)
  74. [Question(s)] i-sobot progarm software
  75. [Question(s)] Making a web interface for pan/tilt
  76. [Question(s)] What library for use with an ATmega168?
  77. Software for your Robot
  78. [News/Announcement] Autodesk Student Community - Free Autodesk Software
  79. [Question(s)] C++, C Serial or USB communications help
  80. [Question(s)] Getting data from a webcam
  81. How do i get a webcam to work with VB 2008 express???
  82. [News/Announcement] MS Robotics Developer Studio 2008 Express
  83. [Question(s)] C# Sample for RoboRealm API?
  84. OT: Deserialize a serialized BASE64 encoding
  85. Generating closed form solutions for Inverse Kinematics
  86. Budget TrackIR 6dof alternative
  87. over a $1000 to be won!!
  88. [Question(s)] Truble with MSRS
  89. [News/Announcement] Phidgets dumps MSRS
  90. [Discussion] Python Project Sharing and help Thread
  91. Software question.
  92. [Question(s)] Any C# book recommendations?
  93. [Question(s)] SSC32 in Linux C programming?
  94. Which Winsock to use?
  95. C++ Serial Communication
  96. [Project] Implementing the Robobuilder wCK servo protocol in a windows DLL
  97. Disaster! Video of phidget servo control (Comedy included!)
  98. Phidget Servo Control record and playback
  99. Robot OS
  100. Robot design programs (online, preferrably)
  101. [Question(s)] Whats wrong with my python code?
  102. [Question(s)] Connecting to PC
  103. [Discussion] Facial Recognition (OpenCV / Other)
  104. Beethovin
  105. [Question(s)] How to determine speed with arduino
  106. USB joystick with phidget advancedservo
  107. Axon hardware interrupts, help!
  108. Phidgets and Video Games.
  109. PI loops and feed forward
  110. [Question(s)] Basic Atom Pro / PulsinRead issues / How to invert some inputs.
  111. How to deal with unexpected stops.
  112. Atmel AVR USB Boards
  113. [Question(s)] Usb-uirt
  114. [Question(s)] Bioloid C programming: including libCM-5.a in makefile
  115. open source sound identification and location
  116. [Question(s)] phidgets servo range
  117. [Question(s)] looking for Phidgets InterfaceKit-full.cpp
  118. Talk to Arduino with Visual Studio in C++
  119. [Question(s)] Best robotics Language?
  120. [Question(s)] RoboRealm and Axon serial communication issues
  121. Upload problems with Arduino Duemilanove!
  122. Qt and serial programming questions
  123. Interrupt handling
  124. Talk to my robot?
  125. Cnc cad program and hardware opinions requested
  126. [Question(s)] error 8100 on CM-2+
  127. Beta IK code - Bash plz?
  128. SSC-32 communication
  129. programming
  130. Good Entry level 3d cad prototyping tool
  131. Sending Variables to PC/another App - Arduino/
  132. C# Multithreading... Ugh I'm lost here
  133. [News/Announcement] Alibre Design Standard Special Offer
  134. Need advice - showing graphics on an LCD for robot.
  135. New Book! Programming Interactivity (July 09) Purchased!
  136. trouble programming xbee with x-ctu
  137. Axon PS2 Controller Interface Library
  138. Lawn Mower [?] Project
  139. Phoenix Inverse Kinematics Port
  140. Arduino controlling position of L12 Firgelli Actuator
  141. Arbotix & PyPose
  142. RoboRealm help
  143. I need help Parsing strings in C#
  144. Project Concept----ideas?
  145. Bioloid Premium Kit Example code?
  146. [Question(s)] Creeper 2 Software Update
  147. Announcing NUKE
  148. [Question(s)] MD23 Motor Driver and Arduino
  149. [Project] C# Dynamixel Project
  150. [Question(s)] Strange Arduino Glitch "Or bad programing on my part"
  151. [Discussion] Inverse kinematics with Damped Least Squares Method
  152. [Question(s)] Trouble with CM-5 firmware for RoboPlus
  153. [Question(s)] Writing a task scheduler
  154. [Question(s)] Maping a value in python
  155. [Question(s)] Code Warrior
  156. [Question(s)] Arduino and SC16A Problem
  157. [News/Announcement] New Series on Developing Software for Robotics
  158. [Question(s)] Use of Jacobian
  159. The war of Drones
  160. [Question(s)] Controlling SSC-32 with Atmega 168
  161. [Just For Fun] Dimension Engineering Pico and Battleswitch code
  162. New Mac User, with CNC Dreams...
  163. [Question(s)] Using CM-5 with Roboplus Task
  164. [Question(s)] Motion sequencing in RoboPlus Motion?
  165. [Question(s)] Bioloid USB bus board
  166. [Question(s)] How should I write an "AX-S1-like" program for querying CM-510 sensors?
  167. real time plot of sensor data (in VB 2008)
  168. Arm IK
  169. [Question(s)] new to robotics
  170. servo control via bluetooth or wifi
  171. [Question(s)] serializer questions
  172. interfacing SSC 32 with max msp
  173. [Question(s)] arbotix digital pins and board turning on and off
  174. Building Software
  175. [Question(s)] Using a WRT54GL router with serial port
  176. [Question(s)] Interrupt Me please
  177. An robot programming idea in Python
  178. Python version of Forest Moon Dynamixel Library now available
  179. programming languages
  180. [Question(s)] Xan's Phoenix Code Clarification
  181. MosquitIO desktop turret
  182. Trying PyPose with a USB2Dynamixel
  183. [Question(s)] how to see through my webcam from some place else?
  184. [Question(s)] my own spin on the Phantom X
  185. C# code for moving servos!
  186. [News/Announcement] Python Serializer library available
  187. [Question(s)] Arduino IDE Serial Monitor output on Linux
  188. [Question(s)] Programing AtMega
  189. [Question(s)] XP Cleanup to Speedup for Roboard
  190. [Question(s)] Controlling AX or RX servos using arbotix
  191. AX12 Position Interpolation question.
  192. [Question(s)] How to program a bioloid with C
  193. Xbee - no ports listed on PC Settings tab
  194. WheelEncoder.Count not returning a value
  195. Implementing a custom Bioloid Device from an Arduino
  196. [Question(s)] Controlling Dynamixel with Arbotix Commander
  197. [Question(s)] HELP!!! How to send command to SSC-32 from ATmega 32 using CodeVision
  198. Line Extraction with IR sensor/servo scanner
  199. [Question(s)] Something more effiicent that if/else for multiple sensor mapping?
  200. Who uses what cad program?
  201. [Question(s)] getting phidgets data to read as a joystick
  202. [Question(s)] simple code not working
  203. [Question(s)] Need a foothold with atmega2561(cm-510)
  204. First Program with arduinno
  205. Trouble compiling PhantomX Hexapod Sketch
  206. Programming AX12 Motor ID
  207. [Project] Z pad++ C/C++ editor
  208. Help to finish off program
  209. Problem Using Numpy with Eclipse + pydev
  210. pypose problems
  211. Pic basic pro = bacic micro pro?
  212. [Question(s)] PhantomX Turret Problems
  213. [Question(s)] Arbotix FTDI command problem
  214. OpenTLD "Predator" Tracking Software
  215. [Question(s)] Axon
  216. [Question(s)] PhantomX Code 6 legs in to 8 legs
  217. [Question(s)] Pygame Joystick Disable Console Output
  218. MINI Robocontroller sketch issues
  219. [Question(s)] On Bioloid: How to input a word via the computer screen?
  220. 6dof Stewart platform hexapod
  221. [Question(s)] On Bioloid: Need help with the ZIG2Serial
  222. [Question(s)] On Bioloid: How to read the sensors' value with Matlab?
  223. [Discussion] Location Tracking Using 802.11 Wireless Access Points
  224. Arbotix upload Problem (miffed bootloader?) and pypose.
  225. [Question(s)] On Bioloid: How did Robotis make the CALLBACK function in RoboPlus Task?
  226. [Question(s)] Can you connect a roboturret to a arduino uno?
  227. NaN_motion
  228. [Question(s)] A Motor Controlled By Two Pins
  229. LifeAI open source C++ library
  230. [Question(s)] RAW Serial Communication
  231. [Question(s)] Bioloid files
  232. Newbie Questions
  233. Programming - help learning
  234. general question on real time control and continuous motion
  235. Bricked XBEE's
  236. [Question(s)] RoboPlus: Remote Control Code / Turning Torque Off
  237. [Question(s)] How do I slow down the motors?
  238. [Question(s)] Dynamixel Control Codes in Roboplus Task
  239. how can i check if there is a sensor or motor
  240. [Question(s)] ArbotiX Board: AVR Studio 5: Pololu USB AVR Programmer
  241. [Question(s)] Baudrate problem
  242. Darwin-OP OS upgrade to Xubuntu 11.10
  243. PyPose is failing to read servos after first successful attempt
  244. [Question(s)] OOPic version 6 compiler anyone?
  245. [Question(s)] phantom x 12 turret no response
  246. MINI Robocontroller Libraries and Arduino 1.0
  247. Need last free version of Roborealm
  248. [Question(s)] Async IO with RS485 on Roboard on linux
  249. Bioloid combinations of hardware, firmware and programming languages
  250. [Question(s)] Controlling AX-12 via Keyboard