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  1. Controls for a hybrid ebike
  2. Choosing input type for home made servo controller
  3. Sensors! Where can I find sensors!
  4. [Question(s)] Bioloid remote control
  5. interface with a claw machine prize game
  6. Xbee WiFi
  7. [Question(s)] Can 1 bluetooth module talk w/computer & another robot at the same time
  8. [Question(s)] USB2Dynamixel in Ubuntu Natty
  9. [Question(s)] noob with relays-How do I do this? Atari2600 joystick controlling a car battery on/off switch.
  10. Emergency stop for Serializer?
  11. [Question(s)] Programming the PhantomX Robot Turret
  12. Motor driver advice
  13. hi all
  14. USB2AX v3.0a feedback
  15. Divide voltage
  16. [Question(s)] Problems using PyPose with the Turtlebot Arm
  17. About arduino
  18. current limit
  19. my ssc-32 board not working ?
  20. Best controller for Audio effects
  21. [Question(s)] Need help to start working with ArbotiX Win/Linux Env.
  22. [Question(s)] University humanoid robot project, need controller suggestions
  23. [Question(s)] ArbotiX and Arduino ADK compatibility
  24. project: power mitt
  25. [Project] SmartPhone Controlled nano ROBOT - power supply problem.
  26. [Question(s)] robotic airsoft turret
  27. [Question(s)] Arduino- xbee -xbee-arduino - stepper motors
  28. [Question(s)] power to the arbotix
  29. [Question(s)] where in the Arbotix AVR code is it talking to the XBEE serial port?
  30. 0.2" FSR integration with MAXON EPOS2 P
  31. [Question(s)] Arbotix & I2C
  32. [Question(s)] Arbotix Board and Brushless Motors
  33. [Question(s)] what's the orientation of the avrispmkii on the arbotix?
  34. [Question(s)] Arbotix and Arduino Environment
  35. [Question(s)] Arbotix and Arduino Software Serial Library
  36. [Project] Pololu's Wixel + Arbotix Commander V2
  37. malloc no declared error on compile of ros.pde
  38. arbotix robocontroller servos not recognized
  39. ros.pde compile error on arduino-0023
  40. Beginner's help reading schematic
  41. [Question(s)] Correct wiring/pin connections between M51660L servo controller and L298D H-bridge ic's...??
  42. USB2AX v3.1
  43. [News/Announcement] Great Book Demystifies XBee Modules
  44. powering and arduino board
  45. The New Robotis CM-900 board is now out!!!
  46. Designing a shield for Arduino Rev 3 boards that also work with non Rev 3 boards...
  47. Arbotix CAD files
  48. [Question(s)] Fried another two programmers :-(
  49. Arduino Due vs Arbotix vs Axon2
  50. [Question(s)] Using CM-510 Controller's SENSOR ports
  51. Arbotix on Arduino 1.5(will be 1.0.2) IDE?
  52. Arbotix and RX64 Communication... Only One Servo Works
  53. Robotis CM-700 Shell ?
  54. [Question(s)] AX-12 controled by Serial communication
  55. [Discussion] USB2Dynamixel blue-screens. A LOT!
  56. [Just For Fun] My Raspberry PI
  57. Adaboard Anyone?
  58. (Questions) How to use USB2Dynamixel under 64v bit Ubuntu 12.04
  59. Arbotix repositories are moving to github!
  60. [Project] Grid navigating Line follower Robot
  61. DFRobot Ax-12 CDS55xx Driver board???
  62. 6 external hobby servos in ArbotiX Analog inputs
  63. Blowing N-channel MOSFETs: verifying the failure mode?
  64. [Interesting] Honey I shrunk the Arduino!
  65. [Question(s)] Arbotix Robocontroller w/Bioloid - voltage regulator very hot with 12V input
  66. [Question(s)] CM-700 with Matlab
  67. Beaglebone Black now available
  68. Controlling 4 motors with 1 Sabertooth 2x60 Controller?
  69. What's special about the USB2Dynamixel and USB2AX as a CDC device?
  70. Robotis distribution hub, annotated
  71. [Interesting] BLEmini gets central role support
  72. [Question(s)] Arbotix Analog vs Digital input
  73. Why does Arbotix run at 16MHz instead of 20Mhz?
  74. Attempting to set up Pypose for a Quad
  75. [Question(s)] arbotix connection isseu.
  76. Arduino Mega 2560 and Serial Comunication issues
  77. Bus-based interconnect
  78. [Question(s)] Problem with Arbotix Commander 2 communicating with Arduino uno via xbees
  79. [Question(s)] Arbotix - RX-28
  80. [Question(s)] Arbotix CAD files
  81. building a Linux based controller solution
  82. Question about multidrop TTL serial (dynamixel UART)
  83. Help Circuit Problem
  84. Question in GSM shield
  85. [Question(s)] Newbie! Control a 12V DC Motor using 1061 Servo Controller and L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
  86. [Question(s)] Connection problem with the CM-700
  87. Sabertooth 2x25 RC
  88. The Limitations of an Arduino
  89. Arbotix-M is available (and a question)
  90. So where can I get a CM-9.04?
  91. [Question(s)] Beaglebone interface with video game controller
  92. The CM-900 code, and how to work around itT
  93. robotsource.org didn't pay its bills?
  94. Anyone used the Mini-M4?
  95. AT91 - 400MHz Linux board for Arbotix finished
  96. [Question(s)] how many dynamixels can an arduino handle?
  97. CM-900 -- is there something disabling interrupts every so often?
  98. When will CM9.04 be available?
  99. [Question(s)] My Arbotix-M is not showing up in my arduino IDE boards list
  100. Add Pose Capabilities to USB2AX?
  101. Arbotix - Update Hardware Serial to capabilities of Arduino 1.0.5 capabilities.
  102. [Question(s)] Can't control Phantom Hexapod via ArbotiX Commander v2.0
  103. [Question(s)] wireless controller with video
  104. [Question(s)] beginner; electronics of robotics??
  105. USB2LDS - a lightweight USB interface for the Neato Laser Distance Sensor (LDS, aka the lidar of the XV-11)
  106. Gun controller boards so far
  107. [News/Announcement] PSA: USB2AX and RoboPlus 1.1 problems
  108. Putting Wireless Controller on home made robot
  109. arduino tuch menu on controller
  110. Serial communication between Arduino and Arbotix
  111. Controlling Dynamixels with Android
  112. Arbotix and BLE Shield
  113. [Question(s)] Using the arbotix screw terminals to take 12v for a stepper driver board.
  114. 18 Dynamixel Ax-12A with ArbotiX/Arduino - How to connect the dynamixel?
  115. Is there a fix for the miss-aligned analog ports on the Arbotix-m
  116. newbie: Dynamixel AX 12 - three wire connectors: Specs? part?
  117. Common Connector Info and Part Number Dump Thread
  118. problem with arbotix m digital pins
  119. Feedback on Phantom Quad MKII and Arbotix Commander kits.
  120. USB2AX v3.2 upcoming release
  121. OpenCM9.04 USB Serial Tosser Help
  122. Dynamixel device board
  123. [Question(s)] (newbie) : Arbotix, dynamixel A12, limits of daisy chaining question.
  124. Bioloid Boomerang Controller? Is it open?
  125. New Arbotix-M not communicating with my PC
  126. Udoo + usb2ax
  127. ax12a servos not getting power
  128. Trying to operate the MG1501 rc servo
  129. [Question(s)] zig-100 to cm-700
  130. [Question(s)] Arbotix-M i2c setup
  131. [Question(s)] Arbotix ros of arduino code verification problem
  132. [Question(s)] difference of libraries between arbotix-0015 and robocontroller-0010
  133. Connecting two CM-510s with zig-110A
  134. [Question(s)] How to control AX-12A Servo motor through arduino with labview interface?
  135. [Question(s)] OPENCM9.04 with raspberry pi ROS using serial connection
  136. Just bought Arbotix-M : Is there a newer manual out? Any problems with it from other owners?
  137. [Question(s)] Work in native Mac environment or Linux VM?
  138. [Question(s)] PS2 Controller -> Arduino -> 3 Sabretooths -> 6 motors
  139. Arbotix m and Dynamanager on mac
  140. Is there another app to assign motor ids besides dynamanager?
  141. Arbotix controller or shield schematic
  142. [Question(s)] stk500_cmd(): programmer is out of sync - Uploading sketch error
  143. Arduino due Serial communication trouble
  144. Arbotix controlling different servos
  145. [Question(s)] Controlling Dynamixel MX-28T or MX-64T servo wirelessly using Arduino Mega?
  146. [Question(s)] ArbotiX-M robocontroller can communicate multiple robots using API zigbee protocol?
  147. [Question(s)] Connect Explorer to Aduino Mega with USB?
  148. Experimenting moving Arbotix Core to Arduino 1.0.6
  149. Experiment with Intel Edison...
  150. [Question(s)] Arbotix-M no longer accepts FTDI communication, USER LED always on
  151. Possible atmega 328p connect to shield without stacking...
  152. What is an arbotix pro?
  153. [Question(s)] Strange behavior of OpenCM9.04
  154. How do I control Dynamixel servos using Arduino from python code?
  155. How do I set Dynamixel servo ID using an Arduino?
  156. [Question(s)] Suggest a Microcontroller for Delta Robot Project
  157. [News/Announcement] USB2AX signed drivers
  158. [Question(s)] openCM9 AttachedInterrupt with a timer
  159. [Question(s)] RAM readings from AX-12 and MX-64 inconsistent, possible cause?
  160. What is the hole pattern on the ArbotiX robocontroller?
  161. Raspberry PI 2 vs. Odroid XU3 to use with Dynamixel SDK and usb2ax
  162. [Question(s)] Robust communication between Python and Xbee?
  163. Support for Arduino 1.6.0?
  164. How to use interrupter in Arbortix controller?
  165. Availability of arbotix pro and how is it compared with usb2ax?
  166. [Question(s)] slowing ax-12a with ax12SetRegister
  167. USB2MX-ISO, a small USB interface for MX servos with galvanic isolation
  168. [Question(s)] Pypose is unable to read servomotors AX12 series through Arbotix-M board
  169. Recommended motor driver to control stepper motor
  170. [News/Announcement] Dynamixel device lib + bootloader
  171. [Question(s)] Nuke 15 Tool Frame Redraw Failure
  172. [Question(s)] Serial Transmission being interrupted by Serial Receiver [Arbotix + Dynamixel AX-12 + LIDAR Lite]
  173. [Question(s)] Voltage and Amperage across pins on Arbotix-M
  174. [Question(s)] fatal erro: ax12.h
  175. When will Arbotix-PRO be available for purchase?
  176. [Question(s)] OpenCM9.04 Driver for Windows 8.1?
  177. Raspberry Pi 2 or Odroid XU3
  178. Matrix calculations
  179. PID Control for Dynamixel servos using Arbotix-M
  180. Need help finding right Arduino for RC quadruped
  181. Serial communication - FTDI port and XBEE port
  182. Toasted ArbotiX-M
  183. Serial communication issue
  184. [Question(s)] Bad luck with Dynamixels?
  185. Torobot servo controller software helP
  186. OPEN CM9 COM PORT Issue
  187. Buying a USB2Dynamixel Adapter
  188. [Question(s)] Antweight Control: Spektrum AR6100e > Arduino Micro > Pololu DRV8833 > Tamiya RC260's
  189. Arbotix Pro firmware, Timer2 irq handler settings
  190. Why requiring more voltage than expected when using Pololu VNH5019
  191. Arbotix-X questions
  192. HROS1 RPi and ArbotixPro communication
  193. [Question(s)] Software for Windows64
  194. [Question(s)] Connection Understanding
  195. Arbotix controlling a turret
  196. [News/Announcement] Arbotix Pro Now Available!
  197. [Question(s)] Adafruit 16Channel Servo Shield
  198. [Question(s)] AVRDUDE problem
  199. avrdude : verification error
  200. [Question(s)] arbotix-M help, arduino IDE error while running ArbotixBlink sketch
  201. YATB - Yet Another Teensy Board :D
  202. [Just For Fun] Arduino Dynamixel RS485 using Max485 module
  203. parts for the competition
  204. New Video tutorial on wireless XBee serial with the Arduino Due and DynamixShield
  205. [Question(s)] What brain should I use!
  206. Arbotix Pro or Ordex with usb2ax to control dynamixel MX and possibly upcoming new version of dynamixel
  207. stk500 Error with new Arbotix-M board
  208. [Question(s)] Arduino and MX-64T
  209. [Question(s)] How to build and download firmware to Arbotix Pro
  210. RobotGeek I2C display with a Teensy -- not working
  211. [Question(s)] Real time Dynamixel controls options?
  212. OpenCM IDE (Ubuntu 14.04)
  213. [Question(s)] Arbotix-m robocontroller and Xbee
  214. Raspberry Pi for Walkers
  215. [Question(s)] designing board - taking 3.3V from the OPEN CM9?
  216. Pypose on ArbotiX-M
  217. Project Feasibility
  218. [Question(s)] Can Arbotix Pro easily replace the Arbotix-M in my robot?
  219. Arbotix-M with 6 AX-12A and a gyroscope + PC interface - Feasible?
  220. [News/Announcement] ArbotiX 1.6 Files / Libraries
  221. [Question(s)] Arbotix-M Dimensions
  222. [Question(s)] Setting up Arduino Mega 2560 with RC input control with modified Phantom X
  223. Teensy 3.5/3.6 Kickstarter just launched
  224. Cheap Toaster oven or Skillet?
  225. avrdude.exe stk500_getsync() not in sync error
  226. [Question(s)] CM-730 part question
  227. [Question(s)] What does the registerRead() command do?
  228. Raspberry Pi USB2AX issues
  229. ArbotiX-M partially dead
  230. [Question(s)] Quadruped Robot. Controlling RC-servos. Choosing the right driver board?
  231. [Question(s)] And again one of the avrdude errors
  232. USB2AX - ┬┐Whih library choose?
  233. [Question(s)] Attaching hobby servos stops AX-12A from working
  234. [Question(s)] Arbotix-M ISP pins
  235. Multiple issues, Arbotix-M, pinxher/widowx + ROS
  236. Question: Using Arduino IDE 1.8.1 and Can't See My ArbotiX-M on the Board List
  237. [Question(s)] ArbotixPro All commands ?
  238. OpenCM 9.04 eeprom write problem
  239. OpenCM 9.04 iwdg
  240. [Project] PhantomX Mark II -Raspberry pi 3 control
  241. SSC-32U LED A keeps blinking
  242. Phoenix code inverting servo directions
  243. [Question(s)] InterbotixArmLink won't upload
  244. [Question(s)] Arbotix-m
  245. Teensy 3.6 USB Host control - Talking with USB2AX ;)
  246. [Question(s)] Error uploading arduino program to arbotix card
  247. [Question(s)] Arbotix SPI
  248. PhantomX MKIII Arbotix-M Phoenix Code
  249. Open CM9.04 - How to connect to AX (or MX) servos?
  250. [Question(s)] PIN(s) to do an interruption in an arbotix-arduino