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  1. Good mini-computer vendor
  2. My choice of brain..
  3. charging and battery system
  4. Newbie hardware/power question
  5. Serializer-but can it cook?
  6. Flash Drives
  7. What power source?
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  9. WOW! Very cool new linux-based micro computer!
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  14. PC Robots
  15. [Interesting] 10 Important Differences Between Brains and Computers
  16. Moorestown PC motherboard, possibly world's smallest
  17. Blackfin board on Trossen
  18. [Discussion] Remote PC control
  19. [Question(s)] Palm PDA
  20. Mobile Phones \VPDA\Blackberry
  21. [News/Announcement] Axon Microcontroller (product release)
  22. Chatterbot ideas
  23. Pico-ITX Pin and PS2 Cable Issue
  24. Java controller
  25. Question on laptop purchase for my 2HV...
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  27. [Interesting] littleBits (magnetic electronics components)
  28. using computers for robots
  29. [Question(s)] question on axon microcontroller board
  30. [Question(s)] Positioning devices
  31. Atom based PICO-ITX board as robot brain
  32. trying to dabble in code
  33. [Question(s)] VIA EPIA PX10000G Pico-ITX Mainboard
  34. Fit-Bot - a Fit-PC based rover
  35. [Question(s)] VIA PX5000 and battery questions
  36. [Question(s)] Labview Microcontrollers
  37. [Project] Fear Simulator
  38. [Discussion] Embedded Newswire
  39. [Discussion] Chip of choice?
  40. OOpic now open source
  41. [Question(s)] Learning embedded
  42. 3 inch Linux Computer, sub $200
  43. Need cheap horsepower?
  44. Netbooks for under $200
  45. [Project] Propeller-based iSobot Controller Board
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  47. [Project] AVR Board for Lego�
  48. [Question(s)] PX5000EG boot-up malfunction
  49. nvidia Tegra for $99!
  50. Plug computing! Sheeva Plug.
  51. PVision library for Arduino (Pixart/Wiimote to Arduino)
  52. Swarm bot brain
  53. [News/Announcement] Introducing the Roboard: The Robot Computer
  54. Call to all vision robots
  55. Problem installing XP on Roboard
  56. [Discussion] My Roboard: First Thoughts
  57. Roboard questions
  58. Another person with Roboard questions
  59. [Question(s)] Axon to SSC 32
  60. Flavo(u)r of Linux for robotics?
  61. [Question(s)] Axon Programming Questions
  62. Wifi to Control AX12 Mech??
  63. axon 2
  64. [Question(s)] Roboard, Linux, boot times?
  65. Polling vs Interrupt-driven Architectures
  66. [Question(s)] Axon USB Flashing
  67. [Question(s)] RoBoard GPIO question
  68. [Question(s)] Can Roboard capture (read) PWM from an RC receiver (RC Servo lib)?
  69. Autonomous robot's navigation
  70. [Question(s)] problems initializing RoBoard ports (linux)
  71. Question Regarding MicroProcessors
  72. Ultimate XMOS Thread
  73. Roboard Question
  74. Suggestion on this diagram
  75. [Question(s)] stripped netbook or mini/nano MB
  76. [Discussion] grafic processor for robot tasks
  77. [Question(s)] Downloading prog from Ardunio?
  78. Help?: Starting out with microcontrollers
  79. [Discussion] To brain, or not to brain
  80. Propeller Biped
  81. XC-1A control board
  82. Basic Atom proM and Atom Pro
  83. Board to PDA adapter??
  84. Bluetooth for bluesmirf
  85. [Question(s)] build my own basic atom pro 28 carrier board
  86. [Question(s)] Which microcontroller is best in terms of price and performance?
  87. Roborealm vision software for Roboard
  88. IGEPV2: More than a "Beagleboard"/Gumstix for 160$/175$
  89. [Question(s)] Electronic Brick to axon!
  90. [Question(s)] Robard Instalation Problems
  91. [Question(s)] Newby Arbotix hassles
  92. What is the Fit-PC2 power connector?.
  93. Insignia Infocast 3.5" teardown
  94. [Interesting] 3-inch by 3-inch $149.00 Linux computer
  95. Generic MIDI interface - if you ever need one...
  96. Using of AVM plugin in RoboRealm
  97. Arbotix<>Sanguino
  98. Targeting with Gigers pan/tilt camera
  99. PIC32 Development Board Suggestions?
  100. PIC32->UART->FT232->USB->PC Communication Question
  101. PIC32 Serial Bootloader
  102. [Question(s)] XBee Packetization timeout
  103. [Discussion] Interest in a powerful, small size USB to Dynamixel ?
  104. DVR Server plugin for RoboRealm
  105. [Question(s)] PC based robot
  106. arbotiX VS Gumstix for Bioloid
  107. [Question(s)] Arbotix Pypose Read failed: servo id X
  108. ReactOS on RoBoard
  109. Burned out 5volt
  110. [Question(s)] Brain Help
  111. [Question(s)] Need help choosing the brain for my robot
  112. [Question(s)] Raspberry Pi
  113. [Question(s)] Controlling lots of Imperial servos on a Dark side robot?
  114. [Question(s)] Arbotix and nuke woes
  115. [Question(s)] How to start off in microcontrollers?
  116. Correct Motor Controller?
  117. Arduino with MX-28
  118. [Question(s)] USB controller suggestion that can be programmed with C# for electric bike?
  119. [Question(s)] Connecting Roboard to CM-510 running Linux
  120. Raspberry Pi WiFi questions
  121. Multithreading (Parallel loops) on an Arduino
  122. [Just For Fun] Making the most of ~$2000
  123. mini2440 mk 2. where is the company who makes/sells them?
  124. [Question(s)] Servotor 32 from Arcbotics (ALOT OF QUESTIONS XD)
  125. BeagleBone Black - starting to play...
  126. Can I use a CM-510 on my old Bioloid Comprehensive?
  127. [Project] Arduino Question
  128. Using Roboteq controller
  129. [Question(s)] Arbotix digitalRead() interfered by motors?
  130. Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2
  131. Intel NUC
  132. [Question(s)] I am using arduino uno and want to make 3 dof quad walker
  133. Robotis OpenCM9.04
  134. Alternate cheap/easy embedded platforms
  135. Intel Galileo
  136. EA LPC4088 Cortex M4 (mbed.org platform)
  137. Robotis OpenCM9.04 need help.
  138. [Question(s)] 3 uno's one mega now what?
  139. [Question(s)] JTAG and I/O pins shared
  140. looking for a good gpio board
  141. Biolobrain anyone ever see this
  142. FTDI FT2232H usb linux
  143. [Question(s)] Fast reading of multiple addresses from multiple servos with OpenCM9.04 (Sync Read)
  144. [Question(s)] OpenCM9.04 ROM Overflow
  145. Robotis OpenCM9.04 need help.
  146. OpenCM9.04 IDE Problems
  147. Looking for Small Board
  148. [Question(s)] Raspberry Pi2 and USB Webcam
  149. Trouble using USB2Dynamixel and Arbotix-M at the same time
  150. Odroid C1 Ubuntu 14.04 and wicd and IPv6 issue?
  151. Running SBC (Odroid, RPI2, ...) Headless, how to setup VNC?
  152. Back to Raspberry Pi (2) for Hexapod...
  153. CM-510 (Bioloid Premium) serial connection to BeagleBone Black (BBB)
  154. OpenCM9.04 and Dynamixel AX-12A
  155. Bioloid Premium, play mode nothing happens
  156. [Discussion] Arduino Uno vs. Raspberry Pi Zero robotics performance
  157. [Discussion] Nvidia xt1
  158. [Discussion] UP Board
  159. Give me a hint
  160. OpenCM9.04 IDE Problems
  161. [OpenCM 9.04c + Dinamixel XL320] Problem reading from the servos
  162. Robotis OpenCR1.0 boards
  163. The Raspberry pi 4 Model B
  164. [Question(s)] Dynamixel U2D2 with SBC?