View Full Version : PC Controlled Robotic Arm Using Visual Studio

08-01-2007, 11:46 AM
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Can you tell we are going through all our old video tapes lately? :) Here is a project we brought to PDC back in '05. This was another show that Coding4Fun (http://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun/default.aspx) invited us out to so we could show off the cool things you can do with Visual Studio Express.

Features of the arm:
- PC controlled (code written in Visual Studio)
- Mechanics are Lynxmotion parts
- Motors are Hitec hobby servos
- 15" reach
- 4 DOF (we skipped the base rotation for the show because we are lazy)
- Input: logitech joypad being read from using DirectX
- gripper will hold angle via Inverse Kinematics (plotting X,Y of wrist joint)


Anyone who is a programmer in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express can see how easy it is to start writing really cool code for these kinds of arms. The motor control is a cakewalk using the Phidgets Library. This is what we like about PC based robotics, it makes robotics intuitive for the millions of existing coders all over the world. It's a natural horizontal move from writing regular computer programs to creating robotic programs.