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08-17-2007, 02:49 AM

the "officebot" is not the official name of the robot. I called it so because it's a robot that can run around the office talking to people, playing sounds and music and even shooting rocket at them.

Here are the main features of the robot:

• Fully controlled through computer with client and server components.
• Full audio and video conference capabilities.
• 24/7 availability.
• Remote charging and maintenance.
• All wheel drive.
• Remotely controlled rocket launcher system.
• Text-to-Speech and voice recognition.
• Remote sounds and music.
• Variable speeds.

Here is a picture of the robot:


For complete details on specs, part, costs, journal, pictures and videos:



About officebot:

The officebot idea came to me when I was sitting in a coffee shop working. I wanted to have something so I could go into a meeting and join it remotely. This idea expanded and eventually we have a 4 wheel drive robot that can be controlled by anybody anywhere as long as they have a connection to the office's network. The robot can be remotely driven at anytime without any direct local intervention thanks to the remote docking system that allows the robot to be docked and charged remotely. The coverage area of the robot is limited only by the coverage of the wifi system in the office (It can roaming freely anywhere in our 20000sqft office). Dual gateway wireless systems with high gain antennas provide stable and strong main wireless connection and backup peer-to-peer connection (in case the main wireless connection is lost). The high resolution camera with builtin array microphone technology and strong speakers provide complete video and audio chat solution at standard conference quality. The robot is equipped with a rocket launcher system to allow remote operator to send clear warning to a co-worker for sending work request to him or her without his or her approval. This robot is also equipped with headlight system to allow night driving and night patrolling of the office for unwanted visitors such as rats or raccoons (our office floor is in a downtown high rise so these probably don't exist but you never know :).

The brain of the robot is a strong centrino dell laptop that hosts server application which allows remote operator to control all functions of the robot: driving at various speeds, doing voice and video chat, shooting rockets, control light and camera pan, tilt base, sneaking up on a sleepy coworker and playing loud and annoying sounds or music or maybe commanding the robot to speak some phrases from your text using an male or female voice.

Multiple video encoding settings allow the system to be optimized for bandwidth to allow remote access from public wireless places such as coffee shops.

For video demos of the robot, cam view, docking view, voice, audio, cam, rocket launchers, lights, control software, etc.., see the website mentioned above. Please let me know if the clips are not viewable with some players so I can provide different formats.


08-22-2007, 01:00 PM
Pretty sweet project Jonathan! I bet that's a load of fun to drive around.

Thanks for the submission:D

09-07-2007, 11:00 PM
Woohoo! Thanks guys!