View Full Version : SPC-101C Speaks

10-03-2007, 12:12 AM
Okay, well I am back from Las Vegas what a trip to the SANS Security Conference - interesting stuff, but not as much fun as messing with the SPC-101C. Now after catching up somewhat with work, I had a chance tonight to integrate the .NET 3.0 Framework speech synthesizer into my application - I was then able to create a .wav file and using the sourceforge sox project shell out to create a .raw file which can be loaded onto the SPC-101C for playing in the motion file. The following video is showing the speech in the application, then I have the SPC-101C show off - now currently this is not happening direct - but I am talking with Koji Tokura at Speecys about my mission to have the SPC-101C read my e-mail.

One thing I am really loving about the SPC-101C is the very open ASCII style format of the pose & motion files. I'm going to get back to work later this week to try and finish my english / Vista updated Motion Editor from the source code - but It wouldn't be difficult to create your own Motion editor program since the only real binary file that needs to go over to the SPC-101C is the .raw sound file.

Each motion frame provides pretty easy to read servo position, timing, with LED calls for the LED patterns (I'll work on those before long) and the SOUND file calls. There is the whole Developer SDK the Open Roads I'm working on getting that translated, with the help of Koji I have figured alot of things. More details to come as I figure out and uncover more great ways to interface code of all kinds, platforms and formats to the SPC-101C