View Full Version : C# Developer For Phidgets

01-21-2008, 02:23 PM
I am currently looking for a software engineer to do some programming in c#.

The job involves a number of phidget elements, including motor and servo controllers, 8/8/8 interface, encoder modules, magnetic sensors, and led interface.

In total I have a 5-6 segment contract that I am trying to source a developer.

Please forward information to [email protected]

This contract is currently on the go, so the work can commence as soon as I find a suitable candidate. Candidate(s) should have a fluent working knowledge of phidgets as they are applied to mobile robotic systems.

Knowledge of telerobotics/internet controlled robots is required as well.

Our company is located in the toronto area. We have all of the applicable hardware. I am not apposed to hiring someone in another region, but if that be the case they must have the applicable hardware for development.

Thank you