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01-30-2008, 11:38 AM
I figure some of you may have seen this - http://www.buglabs.net (http://www.buglabs.net/)

I've ordered the Hiro P edition Bundle with the hopes that they will get the WiFi onboard for the final release. I think this device has a lot of potential for the robotic community. I would encourage people to check it out and make some noise for servo controller modules. We would want standard PWM and I am hoping Jon Hylands or some others will look at module to hook up the AX-12+. BTW Jon if you are interested in my bundle they will be providing when available the "Von Hipple" module which is basically the module box/connectors to allow 3rd party creation. I can just picture the USB connector converted into a module (maybe).

I know the gang at Trossen has taken a look at this, I know from talking with Matt that he's had a vision of robotic modules (look at the current Serializer) and so BUGbase comes along and hits big at CES 2008. Anyway for those of us more oriented to the programming than the electrical engineering, having a slick platform like this that promotes modules with a standard connection/interface provides flexibility without having to solder.

I encourage people to get out there and make some requests for the servo controls, sensors and other modules that we can use for Robotics. If we come up with great ideas on here I would be interesting in helping make some of these modules a reality - I may be looking to get a few BUGbases and purchasing some "Von Hipple" modules.

01-30-2008, 01:07 PM
I've looked at this before, and it certainly looks interesting. While its not the kind of thing I'm interested in, at the same time I understand why its so appealing to many.

When you get your Von Hippel module (or even the specs), I'll be happy to have a look at building a specialized version of my Bus interface for it... The only real requirement is that they provide USB host on the connector.

- Jon