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01-31-2008, 09:48 AM
Heres a cool video of the new robot self tuning Gibson guitar. What will they think of next?


01-31-2008, 09:15 PM
Yeah, that's one killer axe! I think you could pre-order the limited editions back in November. I know they sold out by the first of the year!
Unfortunately, I don't play much guitar anymore. ;)

02-01-2008, 11:26 AM
Holy crap is that incredible! I was always more of a bassist than anything back in the day, but man does this ever show how robotics can be applied to other areas:)

02-01-2008, 04:38 PM
That is very cool. Very.

But, as any guitar player over 'beginner' level knows, it takes about a minute to properly tune a guitar. Where it does show an improvement over the manual method is in adjusting the intonation. That can be a large pain in the butt to do properly. This is what makes it so cool, for me anyway.

02-21-2008, 03:47 AM
Don’t buy this Gibson Robot Guitar it’s not good, why ?
I will let you know my experience with it & with Gibson Company !!!!
First, it arrived well in the box look great, but when you start to play it the 6/5/4 strings was buzzing to much but not the 3/2/1 strings, me with an expert guy 25 years settings Gibson & other guitars in the area, we figure out that the nut was a little bit high & the first fret was lower & the second fret was high, the rest of the frets was not all the same heights, also the groove in the nut was very tights, because when the robot was tuning itself you can hear that the strings was squeezed & there was a noise of release, Very strange for a brand like Gibson, we had to repair & sand all the neck & Nut then Polish all the frets, even the white inlay around the neck was not sanded well, I am not a guy from other company trying to say bad things, I already spent 2500 $ for this bad quality can you imagine this, also the Robot has a knob called MKC you pull it out to tune your guitar & when you finish you push it back , If you use this knob 10 times a day it means ( 10 x 356 days ) = 3650 , can you imagine that after 8 days from using this robot guitar the KMC doesn’t want to go inside till the end, So I had to unscrew it & screw it again a little bit higher so it can get closed, the strange thing that after using the guitar 3 days, I was pulling this knob to tune the guitar then it started to light like Christmas tree, & the tuners doesn’t move at all & the tuning is dead, tried to reset it to factory no way & also disconnected the battery from the back of the guitar but still the same, so the robot became dead, also I want to add that in my first week with the robot I tried many type off strings like GHS & Daddario & Gibson size 10” & also I did the 6 tuners calibration like they stated it in the manual but all the time when you tune the robot it is not accurate, meaning if after tuning you bring a boss tuner or any other tuner brand good quality, there tuning is not matching the robot tuning ( Robot is a little bit higher in the 6th E & 5th A strings all the time, Remember that I did the tuner calibration 3 times after changing strings type to be more accurate, also the neck pickup sound is not like the old days, it is not aggressive as the bridge pickup like old Gibson use to be, last thing I want to add the polishing for all the robot was not good & they was very fast doing it, they also put the registration form under the robot guitar which scratched the polishing from the back center of the guitar, the carton box & case look good, I can see it was going to be better if they spend there money on the quality & finishing etc.. instead of trying to do fake marketing videos showing that the Robot Destroyed the Stratocaster guitar, this never happened & will never be now or in the future, the support is very bad you stay on hold on the phone for 20 minutes till anybody answer you, after this they want me to ship it to them, I explained that this will cost 2000 $ because I will have to pay taxes again they still don’t want to help, how come after sending it & bringing it back this guitar will cost me 4500 $ can you imagine, they don’t want to send parts, it’s maybe only the MKC knob ribbon cable inside that need to be changed, the guy at the support is trying to make the good image & company system, there is other automatic tuning system & Guitar better then the ROBOT here is the link :http://transperformance.com/index2.htm go & se it before buying investigate other brands & also the system inside the robot is from a German company which will release it separate very soon, I am not happy at all, but the dealer ho I bought it from here in Egypt he will give me back my money so I don’t have any problem, but I don’t want that anybody else have the same problem, also after using it you will be satisfied as you was expecting, I made myself clear, if no body will believe me, then go & HAVE A TRY BUT DON’T CRY !!!!!! FOR YOUR MONEY…

02-21-2008, 12:39 PM
OK, whether or not what you have to say is valid, you need to learn how to spell. There are tools that even do it for you in less than 10 seconds.
You also need to learn where to put punctuation in your sentences and paragraphs.

If you don't care enough to express yourself precisely, or at least with a smidgen of readability, I don't care enough to bother to read what you have to say.

This refers to the post above me.

As a guitar player, I have to say that I'll agree that tuning isn't such a big deal that it needs to be robotic... but I also like the fact that you can change tuning to the various presets very easily. I'm almost sick of the standard E tuning and just recently switched to an open C. Relearning all the scales I know is very easy, and I find I can apply the hammers and lifts I'm learning on a normal E tuning to great effect.

Switching back and forth between different keys and guitar tunings is definitely a big plus, and this guitar would enable someone to learn more quickly than otherwise possible. :)

02-21-2008, 07:18 PM
I used to be able to tune to another key while playing... not very hard with a good axe. I say again, the only advance I can see would be in adjusting the intonation, which isn't necessary very often with a good keyset and head and tailpiece. I've been doing the cello (and occaisonal viola) for awhile now, and only pick up a nylon string classical guitar for fun. Tuning is done in under a minute, even with a cacophony of noise about me.
I've found Gibson guitars to be uniformly great to play, but I know they farm out alot of work to overseas firms now. This may well be a turkey, but don't let it sour you on ALL Gibsons. All string instruments, including Strads, have 'wolf tones'. That (can) add to the sweetness IF it isn't overpowering.
This might be useful as an 'attach-as-needed' device for a luthier (sp?) as I've seen o'scopes hooked up to many-thousands-of-dollars concert violins etc. to analyze and isolate said wolf tones.
For your average player, invest your time and money in practice.
And I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Gibson. They do make some great pieces.
Thanks for the heads-up regarding this experimental device, it shows promise, but not for the masses.

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02-22-2008, 11:05 AM
Awesome, I may sell my Les Paul and buy one of those...lol

02-24-2008, 02:51 AM
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