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05-16-2012, 06:41 AM
Hello, I'm Andrew.

I'm a middleware programmer for an insurance company with no expereince with robotics. My usual hobby has been miniature and board gaming. After seeing the article on Slashdot on Mechwarfare and the popularity of the arduino platform I figured lets give robotics a try for something different.

Happily the programming side of robotics makes sense and is pretty easy, I'm still doing lots of googling for what and how to hook up various electronics but I'll get there.

05-18-2012, 01:45 PM
Hi all
I'm luca , I'm Italian, I'm a CNC designer and I love robotics stuff
I've a long term project on a bot for mechwarfare and you can see my first step here http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?5464-Hi-all-some-suggestions-on-my-servos

hope to have some serius update soon

05-23-2012, 11:15 AM
Hello, my name is Valerio aka Ostrogoto0101, age 34 from Italy, having lost my job metalworker and now I am worker office! This is bad time for everyone! I am happily married and have a 6 year old son. My hobbies are all related to robots! I like to use the airbrush for my models and have fun with RC vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, monster trucks, cars! In 2006 I saw the first robot to move on YouTube! From there I was thunderstruck! I started well thanks to everyone who provided documentation on the network to learn a little programming. When I'm home I like playing with my son at PC Pes! He learned to read at 5 years to play with the computer! I like football and ride a bike with my family. My dreams are coming to Robogames and also to the Robo-One, but have one insurmountable obstacle, I have fear of fly! So I will continue to experience these events through the eyes of others, thanks to all the material placed online! And from today, with sharing a number of posts on this forum !

05-24-2012, 01:22 PM

hi, I'm Tim Lines, I'm 23, in love, and I like to build robots. :D I work at this new company called MINDS-i. If you haven't heard about this before you have got to check it out mindsirobotics.com (http://www.mindsirobotics.com). In one sentence, imagine a robot platform that is easy and fun to put together and take apart, will adapt to all of your own electronics you have laying around, and is durable to the point that you ask yourself, "what can't I do with this?"
I'm really excited about reading lots of post from the Trossen robotics community and adding lots of posts of all the cool projects I'll be making at MINDS-i.

talk to you soon,


05-26-2012, 11:12 AM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Taygun and i'm an unemployed mechatronics graduate. I'm not really experienced but i kind of like working on robots. I recently purchased two EX-106 servos and an arbotix controller to get involved with this stuff but i've got to admit it's not going that well...Ayway im hoping i'll find some guidance through the forum...Happy Days Everyone...

05-29-2012, 07:27 PM
I never introduced myself! I'm in my forties, lead a software engineering organization doing 3D games in the daytime, and am trying to place in the 2013 RoboGames RoboMagellan event with a rover based on an old RC toy truck I had in the garage.
Here's a picture of the current state of my rover, which I affectionately call "the Money Pit," on my work bench, which my wife insists on calling "the kitchen table":


T (http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=4589)here are three home-brew Atmega+breadboard controllers on there, as well as a brand Arduino to do the USB-to-serial conversion. I use my own AVR library/mini-OS. The main thing missing from the picture is two 1080p webcams; I'm hoping to get some stereo vision going to do SLAM. There are some IR and US distance sensors, mostly there for safety, and some magnetics/acceleration/gyro sensors, and a fairly pedestrian $30 USB GPS module. There are no encoders on the wheels. I hope to extract movement from the cameras. If that doesn't work out, I can un-bolt the entire chassis (built of aluminum L-bar) and will build something custom to mount it on.

06-02-2012, 06:17 PM
Greetings everyone! I'm Alex... err, rustechs on here I guess. 18, from NYC, heading off to Cornell next year to make robotics into a career... New to the forum, not new to robotics though... been in the hobby for a couple years now - little projects here and there, arduino-powered mostly up until now. Got myself a little website too -- www.rustechstudio.com -- though I've been kind of lazy with it so far... I'll get on top of it over this summer for college.

Anyways, glad to see there's a vibrant robotics community on the web, hopefully I'll be able to learn a bunch from everyone here and contribute a bit myself!

06-14-2012, 02:00 PM
Hello to you all, I'm Kevin. I work for a leading AeroSpace company in Florida. I ran the machine shop for 8 years then had an opportunity to move to the engineering dept. as a Mechanical Designer. That being said, I have the knowledge/experience of not only thinking thru design issues but also making the parts to complet projects. I designed Automated assembly machines for many years prior to current occupation. I've always had interest in robots and such but now I'm able to actually do something about it. I have (2) young boys and a wife that thinks my hobbies are a waste of time. Hobbies are customizing cars/trucks and inventing stuff. I'm working on something right now and WILL be bending some of your ears to work thru some areas that I'm not too familiar with.

Looking forward to talking to you all in some manor or another. My weakness' are in electronics. My strengths are mechanical mechanisms.

06-19-2012, 11:59 AM
Hey everyone, I'm Josh but I'll probably be going by Dok around here. I'm 23 and recently graduated from Buffalo State with a BA in Psychology. I currently work with people with developmental disabilities in a residential group home setting as a aide to help them learn how to live independently. I'm a big fan of tabletop roleplaying, video games, music, cycling and general geekiness.

It's sort of an interesting "full circle" sort of story that ended me up here. When I was younger, about 10 or 12, I started experimenting with some robotics kits, starting out with a "Cybug" kit (I'm still searching for the thing. I'd love to fix it up, last I recall, a motor fell off of it.) Robotics kind of got pushed to the wayside as I realized I didn't have the money to spend on it. Hell, even the cheap 50$ Cybug kit was out of my reach. Over the past year or so, I've been fairly miserable while adjusting to "adult" life after college. I had a heart to heart with a good friend who'd been worried about me for a while, and realized I really needed to find something that I could put my heart and soul into, so I wasn't just stuck in a random job working and being miserable all the time. My friend recalled how I'd talked about wanting to get back into robotics and electronics before and I recalled how much fun I'd had building that kit and dreaming about awesome robots as a kid. So, I bought a cheap light chasing "Herbie Mousebot" kit to test the waters.


So, yeah. Here I am, looking to plan an inexpensive but fun project I can occupy myself with for a fair amount of time. Thinking of possibly buying a cheap microcontroller board and robot base to run two motors or so and a couple of sensors. We'll see where this wild ride takes me. Good to meet such a friendly and helpful group of people!

06-29-2012, 08:08 PM
Hello, My name is Felipe, but I use mostly the nickname "Feliponcho". I have a website http://www.feliponcho.com altough is a little bit outdated it has some good technical info about RTOS, C++ and other topics.

I have a masters in SW architecture and Computer Vision. I played during my thesis development with some Fanuc 6 joints arms and even with a good ol' Unimation Puma 700 (I've heard that it is now in the Smithsonian :p).

After 5 years doing embedded for storage and phones, I finally found a good excuse to use my rusty knowledge on robotics and put some robots to work for me.

Hope I can help you in the same way you've already helped me.


07-11-2012, 10:04 PM
hi,, my name is Kasdianto.. You can call me Yanto.. thx..
I'm from Indonesia, Riau.
I'm still a student,, I like to learn about Robotic,, so I start to make a Humanoid Robot.. hehe
Nice to meet you all..

07-12-2012, 09:08 AM
Hi all,

Sean checking in from the land down under. Nice to meet you.

I've grown up on RC but am looking to get my first robotics kit soon.

07-14-2012, 12:45 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to robotics and am very excited about attempting to build a robot of my own soon!! There is so much good info here! I am also very new to electronics as far as circuits and things like that are concerned. however I do have a little computer background so I'm hoping this may help. I want to build a radio controlled robot or one controlled from my computer but I need to learn the basics first so I'm trying to start from the ground up here.


07-14-2012, 01:09 PM
To all the new folks.. welcome to the group. Sit back, enjoy, and just have fun..:o


07-23-2012, 12:38 AM
hi everybody , I'm glad to meet you

07-25-2012, 12:34 AM
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07-27-2012, 07:38 AM
Ahoy all, just another new guy here. I have always had a like for legged robots, REALY glad to find out someone is doing somethign THIS COOL with them!!
I live in Hermann, MO, about an hour west of St.Louis, or 3.5 East of KC. Hope to se you live next year.

08-10-2012, 02:16 AM
Hi,my name is apple,come from China. Now i am working at HOBA ROBOT,which is a professional manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaner.This product is a smart robot and similar with irobot roomba.Now Homeba H518 is sold well in the worldwide.

08-11-2012, 04:03 PM
Hi all - I'm a computer geek by trade and after my office moved several hours away, I've decided to create my own telepresence robot. My first version was a copy of Johnny Chung Lee's iCreate based system but it had some stability issues and I just needed more uuumph. I bought an Oculus to dissect and learn a few things and now I'm starting a full blown project from scratch.

I have basic programming/electronics skills but I have a very long way to go to make this thing work. The system will be arduino based, 24V motor system, multiple cameras on servos, and a laptop engine. I dont have a better solution other than Skype as the transport - at the moment. Long term, I hope to add autonomous control to navigate the office and dock.

Something you may be interested in, I'm using a mobile desk as my platform. For about $60 shipped, its a great starting point. I'll add pics of my version soon enough. I only had to cut 2 slots for the wheels and added 2 casters.


08-16-2012, 08:18 AM
Hi all ,

my name is Thomas i am from Greece, 30 years old computer programmer and i decided to start with Robotics as a hobby since one year ago.

Happy to meet you all :)

08-19-2012, 11:43 AM
Hello all! I am a novice Roboticist, Python programmer, Djangoist, and musician (guitarist). I came into robotics via Pyro (no longer supported) and the DIY Drones site. I love robotics and along with Python/Django am excited by what other programmers, developers, and hobbyists are accomplishing; the future of these fields; and what tips and techniques I'm acquiring.

At the moment I don't have very many robotic techniques to share, but as soon as I've learned something of value I will share with everyone in the TRC.

08-21-2012, 03:03 PM
Hi I'm a newbee here.. 1 day..

Does anyone has a tips for me on the following topic:

How can i easyly use a mobile cellphone (iPhone, Android or something with ability to program a small app) - as a controller to read RFID tags (that is interface to a RFID reader from the mobile ) - and send the RFID "tag id" read with the mobile phone using the Mobile 3G-datatransfere to a web server anywhere else in the world..

Any models - of RFID reader - that will interface with a mobile phone would be fine..
Is it possible to use Bluetooth - to transfere that info from the RFID reader to the mobile phone? (anything close to a off the shelf product with this??) :-)

Thanks for reading and for any answer you will give.

Regards TBolt (real name Knut :-))

08-28-2012, 11:16 AM
Hi roboticists!

I'm 25, italian and almost an electric engineer. I'm finally working on the thesis for my master degree about a delta robot, and being a newbie in robotics, I found this forum quite interesting!


08-28-2012, 11:37 AM
Hello Everyone my name is Warren and I am the new guy. Just dropping a line to say hello and get some feedback on a robotic arm I am currently building. Check it out


08-30-2012, 09:49 PM
Hello all,
I'm a high school senior and I've always been interested in robotics since I was little. I came up with many ideas and drafted some designs but never got to actually build anything until two years ago when I built my sumobot for Science Olympiad, which started as a simple project and then became progressively more and more complex. Then last year I built my first robotic arm, which I am in the process of refining and rebuilding now.

09-11-2012, 10:50 AM

i am great lover of robots... i am 21 years old, and fond of searching robot new inventions and projects...

09-19-2012, 04:46 PM
Newb here! Just joined if ya couldnt tell. No formal education in robotics, but a steady hand and good with a soldering iron. Looking to create some crazy monsters on my down time.....

09-25-2012, 03:50 AM
hey, Tyberiu (http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/member.php?1492-Tyberius)s!

Nice to meet you! i am new here too :) My real name is Lorenna, but please, call me Lora
I am from Portland, Maine

how to play midi (http://midiplayer.info/)

09-25-2012, 12:07 PM
Hey new folks.. Welcome to the group.


10-01-2012, 07:12 PM
Hey there.. Just found this site and I can't believe how cool it is. When I first came to NYC back in 1976 I had a job setting an old animation camera with motors so that I could do repetitive camera movements with out making mistakes. One of the pieces I did was for the Superman movie title treatments. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my robotic experiences. After seeing this site my desire to learn more about has been sparked and I know of several applications I want to try. Question: does anyone use Forth as a programing tool.

10-02-2012, 08:35 AM
Hi, I'm Joe Gaiku, a local resident of Nairobi, Kenya. I'm a student at strathmore university in Kenya.I have had the privilage to work with ihub robotics in Kenya and it brewed a liking to robotics and a project came to mind.So could someone point me to a sensor that can act as a household water meter sending digital readings the volume of water that has passed through the pipe. Someone please help!! Thank you

10-08-2012, 05:54 AM
Oh hey! I had originally showed up here about two years ago to showcase a "Robot Mockup" I had made when I was very young (it was basically just a cardboard puppet.) I took that video down a long time ago, but I decided to come back here since I am very interested in robotics and I figure I should get involved in some online communities. Not sure how active I will be, but you will see me around :]

10-09-2012, 02:50 PM
I have been around these forums for a little over a year now, I realized that I never Introduced myself.
As you may have guessed my name is Ron I am 42 years old Formerly from R.I. now living in Florida.
I started with computers back in 1983 with a trs80 coco. even ran a bbs back in the day called "Sinistar" named after
an arcade game. those were the days... Anyway ever since those days I was also into electric RC cars. I built and raced them. A few years ago I got into RC helicopters, I have built several. My love for and interest in robots goes back all the way to my early childhood. I built my first robot when i first came on these forums a bioloid humanoid type A. named Roy he has since been reconfigured a dozen times. Currently working on a Robot built with Robotis parts. Even though I have 30 years of computer experience under my belt I have always been more of a builder than a coder, I can look at code and get an understanding of how it works and even modify it but have trouble coding from scratch. I also build custom high end gaming PC's , Unlock Mobile phones and run custom rom's, hmm what else .. I know my way around all versions of windows going back to 3.1 (yuck) , HAve been messing around with Linux since redhat 5.0 (it came with the linux bible) . Am also a Mac guy (yes i use macs and pc's)
I took a some time off from the robot building due to personal reasons including Job loss have been out of work since Feb, and also having to relocate. I did however pack up all my robot gear and take it with me on my move to the new place a 1500 mile drive limited on space but robots packed for the trip ! recently setup my new work area so I am back in the game ! My thing with robots is interfacing compact PC's to them and trying to build walking talking computers. Glad to be active again. Regards to all, thanks for reading.

10-11-2012, 12:20 PM
My name is jaimin from PERRY, G.A. Complete noob to the world of "ROBOTICS", here for a good head start to the world of robotics as my career, feel good and comfortable to join the group of experts and professionals, to help me out find my way.

10-19-2012, 02:57 AM
Hi all,
my name is Walter, you can find me on internet searching for Myzhar.
I'm a computer science engineer with a specialization in robotics. I work on robot perception, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
You can read more about me on my blog (http://www.robot-home.it/blog/?lang=en).

10-24-2012, 02:33 AM
greetings peeps,

my name is Jacques, i'm 38 and currently living in Fribourg, Switzerland with my wife and 9 year old daughter. i'm a system administrator/developer primarily working in the DevOps space, which i've been doing for quite a while now. we're originally from South Africa but relocated to Switzerland 5 years ago.

i've recently gotten back into Robotics from a long hiatus where i previously worked with the Lego Mindstorms platform developing with LeJOS and toyed around with the RoboBuilder platform. just last week, i purchased a Hovis Eco kit (which will hopefully arrive soon!) which i'm very excited to begin work with.

my future plans are to design and fabricate custom bots using platforms like the Raspberry Pi and hopefully participate at a mech-warfare event. :)

i'm very much looking forward to participating in this wonderful community and hopefully learning a lot from everyone! if you have any suggestions regarding good electronics books/primers and prototyping kits please let me know.


10-24-2012, 05:08 PM

I'm Brad, aka Scope

My job will be ending soon and I'm playing around with robotics as a way to maintain sanity during the "transition period"

I'm not a serious robot person but that could change - I just obtained a boatload of stuff I'm going to use to build a few projects and I'm really looking into it


11-08-2012, 10:12 AM
im tre
im a high school student that is very into robotics, right now im working on an arm rover robot.

11-20-2012, 10:17 PM
Hi call by Levo,

Well i'm student in Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Working on a quadpod to participate on the Robogames on the mech warfare event so soon you will be seeing post me asking things. So, any help you can give me plz him thank you in advance and especially if u can really solve the problem of finding a way how i can get a better price for servos to be shipped here lol


12-03-2012, 11:28 AM
My name is Mathias and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I work as an electrician. My interest in electronics I've had since I was little. I've been experimenting some with multi-rotor and programming the pic and atmel. However, nothing advanced.
It will be interesting what this forum can give me. :-)

12-07-2012, 03:41 AM

My name is Jack. I am a high school physics teacher with some hands on experience in the fields of electronics and programming. My colleague is deep into robotics. As part of one of our new projects a group of students (age 16, 17) will build a Delta Robot as part of an excellence program. They will have to work through the math (with guidance from a mathematics teacher), build the actual robot, solder the electronics (it will run on a homebuilt arduino) and program it. I came across these forums looking for some info on kinematics and was happily obliged by the great mound of information here. Will post as soon as we have some results.

Cheers !


12-07-2012, 10:58 AM

My name is Jack. I am a high school physics teacher with some hands on experience in the fields of electronics and programming. My colleague is deep into robotics. As part of one of our new projects a group of students (age 16, 17) will build a Delta Robot as part of an excellence program. They will have to work through the math (with guidance from a mathematics teacher), build the actual robot, solder the electronics (it will run on a homebuilt arduino) and program it. I came across these forums looking for some info on kinematics and was happily obliged by the great mound of information here. Will post as soon as we have some results.

Cheers !

Welcome. As my shiny new title indicates, I usually have way too much time on my hands and a nigh obsessive desire to share my disturbingly varied knowledge base, so definitely update us on progress and problems. There is talk that I may be getting conscripted into assisting a FIRST and/or Lego team next semester, so there is apparently someone somewhere who thinks me useful.

12-09-2012, 08:20 AM
Thank you so much ! I will keep the forums posted. We have a rather large collection of LEGO's, so the first model will be built with bricks. Well not really bricks, but the fancier stuff, some NXT as well, but NXT only to get a feel for how it works. Programming will be done with arduino. So (a) creating a model (b) catch up reading in math (c) explain it to students so they can get going.


12-10-2012, 08:01 AM
Welcome. As my shiny new title indicates, I usually have way too much time on my hands and a nigh obsessive desire to share my disturbingly varied knowledge base, so definitely update us on progress and problems. There is talk that I may be getting conscripted into assisting a FIRST and/or Lego team next semester, so there is apparently someone somewhere who thinks me useful.

Congratulations on your shiny new title. :)
And welcome new people! :cool:

12-14-2012, 03:52 AM
Hey every one,

I am 25 years old live on Maui. I thought I would be able to finish my education here, but the college is limited on the degrees that are offered. I started building all kinds of things from boats and sails, to etched glass and bone carving. I have a thing for technology and always loved robots so I figured I could give this a swing. My father was a programmer for 20+years and I am limited in my computer languages, but I bought a book on C++ which is where I was told to start. Just looking to start somewhere. Take it easy.

12-14-2012, 11:30 PM

I'm an Alaskan system administrator by day but a tinkerer by, well, all the time. I've always loved mechanical systems, having been an airplane mechanic and avionics tech for 20 years. Never got far in college but taught myself electronics and programming. I'd like to finally apply some of this knowledge in the real world. Just joined a Maker group here and I'm hoping that the exposure will compel me to complete some of the many projects I've started over the years. I'll post here as things move along.


12-16-2012, 11:33 AM
my name is Cristian, I'm 37 years, I came from Italy. I'm a programmer, and I code for job. I kwow asm, C++, VBNET, C#.
I'm noob in electronics and I have all to learn in this forum :)


12-17-2012, 07:18 PM
Great Forums!


My name is Kevin Ochs. I'm Head of Character Technical Direction at DreamWorks Animation. Currently working on How to Train Your Dragon 2. I purchased a PhantomX AX 18A Hexapod last week and just got it up and running with the Phoenix code written by Jeroen Janssen and ported to C by Kurt Eckhardt with Zenta's tweaks. Great stuff!


12-18-2012, 04:20 PM
Great Forums!


My name is Kevin Ochs. I'm Head of Character Technical Direction at DreamWorks Animation. Currently working on How to Train Your Dragon 2. I purchased a PhantomX AX 18A Hexapod last week and just got it up and running with the Phoenix code written by Jeroen Janssen and ported to C by Kurt Eckhardt with Zenta's tweaks. Great stuff!


Welcome to the forums! I actually just packed another order for you today. :)

Let us know how you guys like the PhantomX Hexapod!

12-21-2012, 11:45 AM
Thanks Tyberius!

I posted a rather short video of the PX on the forum last night running on the Phoenix code. The PX kit is amazing quality btw. Very precise. Everything went together perfectly.

12-28-2012, 09:20 PM
I go by Gamma (yes as in gamma rays) im a 17 year old furry that's been working with robotics since i was about 7 years old (chopping RCs and re-arranging their components to currently working in FIRST as well as other) im so far pursuing a career in robotics either for defense corporations military or research and so far its looking good already been accepted to a top notch college grew up with a heavily military influenced family and will more than likely follow my familys foot steps in becoming snipers if my main plan falls through and i am currently building and working on a tripod "droideka" style mech while also balancing that with my senior year in High School and my 4th year in FIRST team 1095 aka the chatham high robocavs

Tony S
12-30-2012, 07:09 PM

My name is Tony and I have been lurking in the forums for awhile just reading the posts. I used to work as an Embedded Systems Engineer for a small company until the recession. Since I never had my electrical engineering degree (though I held a position as an engineer) I decided to go back to school to get my degree. I am currently a senior in my undergraduate program. Looking at going for my masters later.

I have been self taught in robotics (though the Army taught me electronics) and have built several Mini Sumo robots and line followers. Most of my robots use AVR microcontrollers and I program them in C/C++. I can also program in Java and Python, though I am playing around with Processing (super-set or sub-set of Java not really sure how you classify it). I am starting to use 32-bit microcontrollers for more horsepower in my robots. Again much of what I am doing is self taught, but school does help.

I currently have a Bioloid Premium Kit configured as the Humanoid version A and a PhantomX Quadruped that I am using in a NASA competition/project with some friends from school.

Other things I do for fun include shoot pool, movies, hang with friends, and build more robots.

01-05-2013, 09:15 PM
Hi all,
my name is combo, 26 years old, as a programmer at the moment. Through my major in the college is software, but i Very interested to hardware and robotic. Have one year experience for Arduino. Besides, i was especially love biped robot, i hope meet more friends in here.

01-08-2013, 04:13 AM
Hello every one,
I kyoshi, come form Japan. I was amazing for found this forum. A variety of contents and lots of active members, I think i will get much things in here.

01-09-2013, 09:49 AM
Hi every one, I am interesting to be here beacuse my 7 years old kid want's to learn how build a robot, so I think this is the best place to look for the knowlege and may be in a year or two he can log in to this forum and share his ideas and robots with you.

01-10-2013, 04:31 PM
Hi, may name is Duarte, I'm portuguese... I do not know anything about electronics or robotics, but I signed up here on this forum with the hope of being helped to a machine physiotherapy for my daughter.

01-12-2013, 12:37 AM

I'm Eric Mann - I live in Hillsboro, OR and work as a software engineer with Intel's networking division. I've been a software engineer if various forms for 18 yrs now - os, device driver, app devel on about 13 operating systems ... But ive always wanted to built and develop robots ( and other embedded systems) as a hobby.

Great to be here.


01-12-2013, 09:31 AM

I'm Eric Mann - I live in Hillsboro, OR and work as a software engineer with Intel's networking division. I've been a software engineer if various forms for 18 yrs now - os, device driver, app devel on about 13 operating systems ... But ive always wanted to built and develop robots ( and other embedded systems) as a hobby.

Great to be here.


Ronler Acres or Jones Farm?

01-13-2013, 12:24 AM
Jones Farm ...

01-13-2013, 01:02 PM
Hi Robot heads,
This is an excellent forum and I am proud to be part of it .Thanks for your kind invitation .
I am a 56 yr old South African technological driven enthusiast and over the years have been involved in many automation /robotic / industrial /military /avionic mining etc.positions and applications .I am mad about all kinds of automated technology and although having spent many many long hours at the work place I have had the opportunity at times to pursue my love for robotics and simulation on the odd occasion .
I love racing and the technology as well as racing simulation and simulator rigs.I dabble at times in 3d graphics drawing cars and am a avid drifting enthusiast and go to the Rock raceway in my hometown on the odd occasion to support and enjoy these events . I have a very loving family who love GOD and who are very supportive and support my crazy ideas and concepts.
Robotics of any nature ,character or kind is what I like to get involved with and although technology advances everyday and my lack of ignorance .I try to keep pace with the advancements .Currently I am way way behind as I have out of my field for some time and am just getting back into it and looking forward to it .So any assistance would be welcome please.One is never too old to learn

01-14-2013, 09:33 AM
Jones Farm ...

Haha no worries, was a network admin at most of the campuses in that area awhile back for a number of years. Primarily out of Ronler Acres.

01-23-2013, 01:37 PM
Hello Everyone,

I just decided to register on the forums, though I've been reading them a while. I'm a 35 year old Canadian with 3 kids, the eldest of whom dug out my robots from storage.

I got a green light from wife to give them the run of the basement, as long as they have four legs or less (and can't climb out on their own) so it's time to dust off and finish some bots :)

01-24-2013, 03:41 AM
Did she say anything about flying ones? No? Then muahahahaha!

Hello Everyone,

I just decided to register on the forums, though I've been reading them a while. I'm a 35 year old Canadian with 3 kids, the eldest of whom dug out my robots from storage.

I got a green light from wife to give them the run of the basement, as long as they have four legs or less (and can't climb out on their own) so it's time to dust off and finish some bots :)

01-26-2013, 11:46 AM
I do have a little R/C chopper that I rigged the remote to an arduino... Apparently I'm no better pilot despite computer assistance.

02-01-2013, 03:46 AM
Hello everyone, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Dennis Martens, 23 years of age and live in the Netherlands. I have a great passion for technology in general, and have been working on numerous robotic projects. (both ground vehicles as air machines) Last year I graduated Bachelor of Engineering and have been working full time as engineer ever since.

Recently I started working on a new project with a friend of mine, a big autonomous ground vehicle, I will be placing more details soon on the Project Showcase category.

Dennis Martens

02-20-2013, 02:43 PM
Hi. I've been an industrial engineer for about a million years. I do a lot of programming in labview, usually relating to UHF RFID, traditional industrial sensors, and machine vision (industrial versions, not the inexpensive-but-probably-better open-source stuff seen in this community). I need to make some industrial demonstrations, but don't want to haul around an industrial robot, so I am joining this community. The solutions here are much more suited for demonstrations, and I'll probably learn a lot of things I can bring into the often-hermetic industrial automation business.

03-01-2013, 03:58 AM
My name is Kirill, 26 I'm russian. I have a small business as a parts supplier. I have tried a lot of hobbies during my life, but for last 3 years my hobby is robotics (and I think it wouldn't change). I have many ideas in robotics, such as androids, exoskeletons, personal extruders and injection molding machines. My main goal in robotics - to simplify it and make cheaper, to more people were able to do it

03-11-2013, 12:55 AM
Hello everyone,
My name is Ben. I am a total newbie. I have no idea where to start learning about robotics or related programming. The more information (big words and acronyms) I dig up the worse it gets. So I decided to embrace that which I do not understand by purchasing a Bioloid Premium kit with the cm 530. I won the kit on eBay tonight actually and it couldn't get here fast enough...

I have ZERO experience with programming of any type but a fair amount of time building and repairing nitro/gas powered RC cars and trucks. I am a college student working toward a mechanical engineering degree so robotics as a hobby seems 'justifiable'.

I admit to google-ing 'arbotix for idiots' so at this time, asking for a point in the right direction seems relevant.

Understanding what little I think I do; my plan is to begin with the bioloid platform, learn what I can, then adapt that to a arbotix controller so I can start learning how to write code...
Thanks for the forum TR.

03-11-2013, 08:38 AM
There are several example programs on the Robotis support site (http://support.robotis.com) for most of the standard designs that can be built with the Premium kit. The RoboPlus Task code is similar to C, but limited in its capabilities and the IDE usually helps make it easier (sometimes crashes if you click too often/quickly, or for no obvious reason at all). For anything more complex than a carbot, you will have to use RoboPlus Motion to create motion files (series of statically stable poses that when played in succession should produce stable motion) that get called from the Task code. This is very similar to the arbotix+PyPose+BioloidController, and RoboPlus .mtn files can be converted to arbotix compatible header files with ease.

Not really for the faint of heart, but the CM-530 can be programmed in C/C++ much like the arbotix/arduino. Unfortunately, the example code Robotis provides is not really polished and took me a week or so to get some non-demo programs working as desired (much easier now with the easy-functions).

03-12-2013, 10:11 AM

I tinker and hack a bit. Mostly with mechanical stuff.
I have a slew of old smart phones, servos, and misc. other components/parts.
years ago I used to fly RC aircraft, but that hobby proved too expensive after back to back crashes, and losing all the time and effort.
I tooled together a simple chassis a while back with practically no research. It was a tricycle with two drill motor driven wheels, third drag wheel.
I eventually wanted to mount a weapon on it, but it had a mechanical failure.
I like to do most of my work with salvaged/re-purposed parts, usually because of low funds.
I have some lab experience with microcontrollers but not much.

THE PLAN: My latest scheme is to scrap everything from my last bot and make a couple things...
thing 1- a bot (maybe router bot) that can be accessed remotely to drive around with a web cam and interact with people remotely (ideally from an android phone)
Thing 2- stage 1- tracked weapons platform/mech. ability to work without LOS (like competition I have seen here)
stage 2- quad leg upgrade, all terrain.

I have been lurking around searching multiple forums, but havent found anything on the control methods I had thought up: using WAN to connect through a LAN to Thing 1, and control using an android interface or PS2 remote (viewing webcam on a laptop?)

I saw a version that would be neat on youtube, but he had a wireless camera, not a webcam.
any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!

03-12-2013, 04:00 PM
Hi, I am Kim I am new to robotics but am interested in creating a robot or device that can dispense a small amount of cat food. I am a intermediate programmer and going to school now to become a software eng. so I am sure I can figure that out eventually, but have not a clue on what is needed to build a robot :) any ideas or could someone link me someplace for the info I might need? thanks so much

03-12-2013, 05:55 PM
There was a thread here not too long ago about dispensing medication to a dog that might have a few ideas. I know there are automatic pet food dispensers out there, but I'm not too sure about their reliability. If it is dry food pellets, it could even be something as simple as an auger at the bottom of a bin full of food to push some amount of food out of a hole in roughly equal volumes/pulses (would need some of the auger nearest the hole to be completely enclosed by a pipe or similar to prevent food rushing out the hole).

03-12-2013, 06:06 PM
Search Hack a day ( hackaday.com ) I swear I saw something like that.

03-12-2013, 07:54 PM
awesome guys thanks!

03-14-2013, 04:33 PM
Hello everyone,
I am an old guy (61) and decided I needed to pick up a new activity to keep the juices flowing so two weeks ago i ordered and assembled a mark II hex from trossen.I was able to get it built and programed. I have all the gaits working and am having a ball with it scaring the dogs.I am now trying to understand all the code and will see if I can screw it up. As you can probaly guess from my screen name I am in Hawaii . Look forward to joining in

03-14-2013, 04:54 PM
I lived on Oahu for five years while working on a movie. It was a joy to live there for a while.

03-14-2013, 05:04 PM
I wake up every day and as I put on my shorts I say thank you god. I am on the big island,but get to Honolulu when I need a big city fix

03-16-2013, 10:42 PM
Hi everyone, I am glad to have joined this community! I have been building robots for about 3 years & love it. I also play guitar & a mandolin, also sing. I love tinkering about with electronics & programming!


03-19-2013, 10:29 AM
Hello everyone...

I am Saleh 33 years old Mechanical Engineer working in fields far away from Robotics (Generators and recently in automotive) our DIrector insisting on making a Robot and assigned me in robotics team to gather info and to be able to make a robot (Not sure what type) so i want to learn basics first then start exploring my way... I hope i will not be an annoying type of guy and to learn from you guys without asking a lot (By using the search and old topics)

As hobbies i am a freediver and spearfisher enjoy my time underwater and enjoy life in general...

I like the way your website look and the way you welcome people here you feel as part of family...

All best

03-25-2013, 01:59 PM
For fylith, tutorial for what you were asking about- http://www.societyofrobots.com/member_tutorials/node/349

03-29-2013, 06:28 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm Ramon 27 years old, work as a system administrator and live in The Netherlands. I love all kinds of gadgets, electronics, magnets(a nice collection), android phones, robots and other things like that. I've recently seen this video of a PhantomX AX Hexapod with the phoenix walking code, that's when I fell in love with it lol.

cya around guys!

04-02-2013, 01:05 AM
Hello All,

I am Jigar from India... an hobbyist of robotics and embedded systems
My area of interests : Robotics, Programming (& learning new programming languages), Circuit design, Circuit analysis, Embedded solutions, Power Electronics, Communication(Wired & wireless) etc etc...

At present I am an Engineering student of final year.

Looking for the updates for my knowledge and so I like to join forums like this one.

Regards to all.

04-18-2013, 10:22 AM
Hi, I'm Marcos and I am age 12 going to 13. I have all A's and like playing the drums, interested in aerospace, gunsmithing, go hunting, and rocketry. I have good knowledge in rocketry though can be wrong at times. I have some knowledge in gunsmithing though learning a lot. I have a deep passion for all of these (and robotics).

05-04-2013, 05:50 PM
Hello, everybody! My name is Eric Bosch, and I am currently a severely overworked Oracle RAC installation engineer. I received my degree in Electrical Engineering over two and a half decades ago, and worked in the industry for about 6 years, programming control systems and robotic controlling for the Semiconductor Manufacturing industry in San Mateo, CA for a few years, then to surgical laser control system programming, and then given an offer I couldn't refuse back in Semiconductor Manufacturing industry again, and moved through a range of jobs including mechanical engineer, before the economy went bad, and was laid off. I then moved back to Kansas City area, back to a more reasonable cost of living, and landed a job at Sprint for the past 21 years. I've done lots of programming in various languages, automated many processes, and then moved around to where I have been for the past 7 years doing Oracle RAC installations, and being the go-to guy for all problems Oracle, and believe me, there are a lot! I have been severely overworked for over the past 4 years as they laid off everybody else in my group, and just left me to handle all the work. We do now have some offshore help, but no experience in dealing with the difficult issues, so I'm basically on call 24x7 and work way too many hours. I'm ready to get out of that industry, and want to start my own business, beginning with building some new security surveillance devices, using either the Raspberry PI computer or the BeagleBone Black, which I just obtained a few days ago. I've got a great deal of interest in some of my ideas, and am working to make a go of it. Although things in the electronics industry have changed much over the years, the capabilities have become tremendous with such a small device as either of these two SBC boards. My first plan is to find a good board camera with HDTV h.264 capabilities and streaming that via local private IP network, or direct interface to the SBC, and then streaming that video via IP. If anybody has the expertise in dealing with this type of camera interface, I would welcome some advice on what would be the best type of board camera. It has been a while since I worked at the device level, and am anxious to get back into working on the kind of thing I really enjoy!

05-10-2013, 10:53 AM
Hello everyone & thanks for letting me join this fine group. I'm Grandpa3 cause I'm OLD (71) & have 3 grandchildren. lol When I was a kid I loved radio & the music that came from it. I roamed the alleys of Detroit looking for old radio parts to put together to enhance the sounds I was hearing from mine. I later learned I was trying to invent stero. I knew nothing of electronics except by trial & error but developed a huge interest & appreciation for what it could do. Being a shy only child caused me to seek knowledge on my own. I have continued seeking knowlegde all these years & self taught myself basic electronics. I built many items from Heathkit (for those old enough to remember them). They had a R2D2 robot kit I wanted but couldn't afford so my quest for robotics goes back to that time. I built my 1st computer in 1974 from a PE article "The Cosmic Elf". That started me on a whole new adventure. I ordered manuals, data sheets, & catalogs & taught myself machine language programing for the RCA 1802 microprocessor. Then I built an Altair 8800b microcomputer from a kit & learned machine language for an 8080 microprocessor. This is beginning to be a long bibliography so I'll stop here...sorry.
Anywho, I'm glad to be here & not too shy to ask any & all for help or suggestions when I've exhausted my own resources. I'll try to contribute when I think I've got something worthwhile to share.

05-10-2013, 04:28 PM
To all the younger newcomers.. Welcome.. have fun, and join in..

To Grandpa3, as the semi official old fart (69), I yield to superior age.. :veryhappy:.. welcome to the group..have fun, join in, and do lord being retired over all these younger ones..


05-14-2013, 12:36 PM
Hello all,

I've been lurking around a bit, but finally pulled the trigger on a Phantom X Hex kit and it arrived yesterday! So now it's time to become official i suppose. I started on the legs yesterday and hope to see signs of life tonight.

As background, i'm 32, in Boston, MA and am a EE working with integrated optical systems for the US government. We do about half NASA and half defense stuff. A lot of one off devices which are a lot of fun to design, build, test, and ship-- the whole gammut.

As far as robotics as a hobby, I'm interested in gaits and I hope to someday get this hex working over uneven terrain, able to balance itself, etc. Kind of like the Boston Dynamics Little Dog robot. So amazing.

05-14-2013, 12:49 PM
Hello all,

I've been lurking around a bit, but finally pulled the trigger on a Phantom X Hex kit and it arrived yesterday! So now it's time to become official i suppose. I started on the legs yesterday and hope to see signs of life tonight.

As background, i'm 32, in Boston, MA and am a EE working with integrated optical systems for the US government. We do about half NASA and half defense stuff. A lot of one off devices which are a lot of fun to design, build, test, and ship-- the whole gammut.

As far as robotics as a hobby, I'm interested in gaits and I hope to someday get this hex working over uneven terrain, able to balance itself, etc. Kind of like the Boston Dynamics Little Dog robot. So amazing. Just saying but its been my dream to create things for programs such as DARPA ever since i was lil. i have quite a bit of envy atm lol.

05-28-2013, 06:15 AM
Hi, my name is Felix and I am from Austria.
Currently I am working on a robot arm which consists of Dynamixel servos. trossenrobotics was already very useful for me due to the structure and the rich content which is available about all kinds of parts.
Now I am looking forward to get some more help and tips in the forum, as it seems, that this community is the right place to start.
Of course I'll try, where it is possible for me, to help others with their problems. :happy:

06-03-2013, 10:11 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Eduardo I'm from Ecuador, I am a student of mechatronics, I'm interested in humanoid robots. Currently with my friend JCIP, we thought designing and build a biped robot with servo motors Dynamixel AX12-A and control them with a robotix electronic card. We have no experience in this area and we need your help. thank you guys.

06-04-2013, 12:00 PM
Hi to everyone,
im ezequiel, a systems engineer from argentina , living in US Florida, rigth now,
I just started with the robots as a hobby, and I love it, hope
i can learn more from you and I will try to collaborate on what i can.

cheers everyone,
Waiting for my Kit Phantom M2, to play with it.

06-10-2013, 07:56 PM
Hello Everyone,

My name is Mike, I live in Illinois near Chicago. I've been turned on to this community by my brother and I am planning to build a Quadruped for the Mech Warrior competition in 2014. While I don't have much experience in walking robots I'm not totally unfamiliar with electronics and programming. I've been a designer and builder of multirotor helicopters for FPV, CNC machines and 3d printers and many other things. I hope that I can be as much help to others as I'm sure you all will be to me.



06-14-2013, 01:49 AM
Hello every body I'm new here nice to see you all :)

06-15-2013, 05:26 PM
Hello Everyone, My Name is Martin.
Mechanical Engineer From Argentina. Living in Florida
i have started playing with robots just now.
Its really nice seeing the heavy development that is going on !
i just Purchased the Phantom X Robo turret.

06-16-2013, 05:06 AM
Hello all My name is Phil Williammee, I live in Doha, Qatar. I have bought a phantomX Pincher arm robot.

I made a "pyPincher" tool for pypose you can check out the video of my robot and gui on youtube http://youtu.be/k4LDzT4AvXo and you can download the tool at github https://github.com/PhilWilliammee/pypose.git

I really enjoy my robot and someday I'd like to build a larger one. I also really enjoy all of the Trossen videos on youtube.
see you in the threads Phil

06-19-2013, 03:04 AM
Hey all,

My name Sam Gilligan, I live in Canberra, Australia!

I've just received a bunch of Dynamixels and parts that should allow me to make the PhantomX MkII and a bunch of other smaller kits. I haven't bought any of the electronics apart from the servos, so I'm aiming to develop my own controller based on an FPGA solution (something I have much more familiarity with).

I'm sure I'll stick around the forums, hopefully contributing rather than just posting issues and questions I can't figure out on my own!

06-26-2013, 07:06 AM

My name is Pete Tschantz, I'm a software developer located in the Charlotte, NC area. I've been interested in robotics for quite a while, but never took the plunge. Now is the time. I'm doing research and trying to decide on a first project. I'm sure I'll have questions before long!

06-26-2013, 07:07 PM
New to the Forum. I'm an EE in the aircraft industry with a welder, mill, lathe and CNC router, so sometimes my ideas get out of control. I'm familiar with Parallax programming and products.
Am currently developing a surveillance rover with limited autonomy.

07-08-2013, 09:22 AM
Hi, my name is Martí and I'm an Engineer from Barcelona.
I'm working in the mobile robotics group of the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (UPC/CSIC).

07-15-2013, 07:24 AM
Hi my name is Peter Retief, I enjoy a little soldering from time to time - software side I am involved with a project that uses face recognition biometrics for a number of applications. I am 51 years old married to Kathleen and have 2 boys Alexander 15 and Jason 10.
I am an outdoor person and enjoy rambling in the extensive mountain ranges we have in the Cape, with some of the most spectacular views and the largest floral kingdom on earth

07-26-2013, 09:39 PM
My name is migill Xu. I am a teacher.

07-30-2013, 08:55 AM
Hi all,
I am Tom, from Singapore. Working as an embedded engineer for many years.. Been very interested on robotic but didn't have the time to pick it up due to other work/family commitment. Hope we can learn from each other in this community.

08-01-2013, 01:06 AM
Hello everyone. My name is Jerry and I live in Marlow, OK. Here is a recent pic of 'Old Ruth' and me at the Red River near Wichita Falls, TX, plus a picture of Matilda that is obviously still in the womb.

4911 4912

My first exposure to electronics was a few years back. In school we spent at least two weeks learning how to use a slide rule to do our calculations as the electronic calculators had not yet been developed. And then, the US Navy taught me all about vacuum tubes and superheterodyne radios as I was being trained to maintain equipment in the fleet. And, I did. I maintained IFF equipment that used vacuum tubes as well as a few other pieces of equipment while we and the world was evolving into the world of solid state equipment. That is also where I received training to maintain discrete component solid state equipment.

After my days in the Navy, I found myself putting in a 30 year career at the local university where I earned my Bachelor's degree. I started there as the Academic Computer Lab manager using the old IBM punch cards and over my 30 years, I participated in that gigantic leap forward into what we have now and the amazing devices that are currently available. During that time, I was system manager on our main computer system, and also did a substantial amount of programming, mostly in Cobol. However, I did learn some java, c, c++ and a few other languages along the way.

After retirement, I took a welding class at a Vo-Tech and currently have a MIG welder with the aluminum spool gun. I have also dabbled just a little into fiber-glass fabrication. For some time, I have thought that I would like to get into robotics of some sort, and, realizing that I have a really nice set of skills to support that, I recently acquired my first arduino uno and have been finding it quite an interesting and fun hobby. My immediate goal is to get Matilda 'out of the womb' to function as my personal assistant in various capacities. For example, she can be my automated grocery cart among other things that can easily be imagined. I have a voice recognition module to hopefully implement basic voice control in addition to using the arbotix commander, both of which are shown in the picture above. Oh yes, I also have purchased one of the Raspberry Pi computers with the Pi camera that may or may not eventually be used in this project.

I am looking forward to being part of this Robotics Community and hope to both provide and receive recommendations and support as I continue to learn about new and evolving possibilities.


08-01-2013, 09:52 PM
uhh I like inventing...http://www.quirky.com/verse-ability also vid games www.verseability.com (http://www.verseability.com) looking to hire...ok thanks:rolleyes:

08-02-2013, 12:36 PM
I think serial buses sound like oversized breakfast carts. Maybe robotics isn't my "thing" but software and databases are. I'm not sure I fit in here at all. :P

08-21-2013, 09:47 PM
Hello you guys, my name is Israel, i live in Puerto Rico and i'm a star trek fan and a electronic enthusiast looking for fun ways to incorporate the 2

09-05-2013, 02:18 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am a high school junior that has been engaged in robotics for about a decade. I started working with robots on a First Lego League (FLL) team 10 years ago and have stayed in First Robotics since then. During that time I have led an FLL team for 3 out of those years. I also have led First Tech Challenge (FTC) teams for another 5 of those years, winning at least one state level competition every year and placing 3rd and 10th in the world competition during 2 of those years.

Outside of First Robotics I have spent lots of time working with software and CAD programs. I have so far learned Java, C++, C#, several C based languages, php, Html, Asp, Javascript, and Basic. I have done some software development in those languages, mostly for friends and teachers, and I hope to continue doing so. I also have picked up quite a few 3D CAD programs along the way including SolidWorks, AutoCad, Autodesk Inventor and a few others.

I am looking forward to learning from the vast basis of knowledge here, and adding back to this community where I can.

09-18-2013, 05:00 AM
Hey Everyone,

I'm Shah, and am running Roboticsnews.co.uk, which is a site dedicated to robotics and industrial automation in every facet of industry and society. I am in the process of developing a readerbase and would like to hear from you all about your projects and any interesting developments. I am always looking for contributors to the site, and would welcome anything you have to bring to us.

If you would like to get in touch, then please do so on [email protected] and please make friends with me on this site. We also run a networking site for sharing information, and you can register here (http://www.roboticsnews.co.uk/social/register)

Our main areas of interest are:
Automation- (Control, Automation, and Information Management)
Robotics- (Social, Industrial, Military, Medical, and Academic)
Artificial Intelligence- (Software and Programming)

We are very interested in hearing your views on all these points.


09-18-2013, 05:18 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm Shah, from Roboticsnews.co.uk and I'd like to introduce myself to you all. I am currently working developing a readerbase for the site and am interested in hearing back from you. We are also working to develop our news sources for the site and welcome contributors.

The site is focused on all robotics across the fields of:
Automation (Control, Operations and Information Management)
Robotics (Industrial, Military, Medical, Social, and Academic
Artificial Intelligence (Software)

If you are interested in contributing then please get in touch with us on [email protected] and we welcome everyone to sign upto our social site, which you can register here (http://www.roboticsnews.co.uk/social/register).

09-18-2013, 05:39 AM
Nice to meet you Auro.

09-23-2013, 07:49 AM
Hi, Andrew.
I read that you play guitar. Me too.:)
If you like, maybe we can talk a little about it at off-forum.

09-23-2013, 07:58 AM
Hi, it's my turn!
I'm a Chinese, and my name is Liu FuQiang. I also have an English name: Brad Lucas.
I'm a phD student, my major is : computer vision / pattern recognition.
I love programming, robotics, and playing guitar(also classic music).
I love all kinds of sports.
I also worked with a group named WallyRobot, it's our website: wallyrobot.org
We talked about robotics in the spare time and are making a robot.
This is my picture:
:sad:Sorry, I want to upload my picture, but I don't know how to.

09-23-2013, 03:30 PM
My name is Ian, my nickname is the name I used when I played LOTRO, which I haven't done for a while...

I look after the EMEA telephone system for a global advertising company and I'm based in London.

I've always had a thing for robots but no great talent in electronics or otherwise.. I'm mechanically sound! I did a day course with Michael Margolis of Arduino Cookbook and renewed my interest. Backed MAKI on kickstarter which uses Arbotix, dynamixels and XBees, so now I need some help to make it all work....

Followed the instructions for setting my servo IDs which worked fine, so I guess I'm in the right place.

I am a member of London Hackspace where they have a new robotics group starting up next month, they also have a couple of nice robot arms staubli style to play with...

10-11-2013, 01:00 AM
Hello everyone, I am Sudhanshu. I live in Singapore and have an electronics prototyping start-up. I am myself very new to electronics and lean on others to help me with the technicalities. I am looking to learn more very fast. Also hope to be a productive addition to the community! Cheers.

11-02-2013, 09:21 PM
Hi Folks,

I'm a software engineer working on hobby robots with my daughter. We used NXT mindstorms for several years and built just about everything possible with it (programmed in C). Now we're looking to expand our robot horizons.

Awesome forum you have here! Been hanging out for a while, and reading many, many posts. I'm hoping I can draw on the
collective expertise to help get me started working with more in-depth with robotics.


11-08-2013, 12:30 AM
I Guy's I am a embedded design guy with interests in machine automation and robotics. I started off in 1996 making guitar processor pedals , these were way to expensive in India then. I have been design motion control Plc's and drive's . What started of as a passion for guitar, is now my life. I use C#/Open GL for front end 3D rendering. This is a great community..

11-18-2013, 06:39 AM
Hello everyone. My name is Brent. I have been collecting robots since I was a kid. I started off years ago with a Tomy Verbot. Since then I have had numerous Wowwee bots, Isobot, Robophilo and a Robobuilder Creator 5710. I also love model trains in my past time.

12-04-2013, 07:11 AM
Hey guys, just joined this forum as I am learning robotics and trying to get a degree :)

12-08-2013, 12:57 PM
Although I log on as primyterious my name is Steve Brown. Around the hacker space I go by then monicker of Techno-Mage or some such.
I Repair and test avionics test equipment for work but have been into electronics and computers ever since I got my grubby hands on them.
Its my mothers fault she gave me telescopes, microscopes and chemistry sets for presents. I guess that makes me a life-long techno geek.
Right now I am finishing up a delta robot type 3D printer. Next is a 3D scanner, and then a machine shop. After that who knows? I lurk
a lot but have found some nice tutorials so far here. Look forward to more fun.
Steve B.

12-11-2013, 02:22 PM
Hi, my names mark.
Worked in the past on Film and TV, Props, animatronics and robotics. Some of the things ive worked on include Robot Wars Uk, Spitting Image, Techno Games, James Bond, Batman. Also worked as an engineer at Tussauds, and off shore on Underwater ROVs for SAAB Seaeye and Hallin Marine.
Been away from it for a while now and finally technology is catching up with my ideas.
Having said that im now doing a lot of rework on old wwii radio sets, suppose it sort of fits in with the steampunk and wwii re-enacting.
had look around the site the other day , some very good and interesting project to look into.
Got a lot of catching up to do!

12-12-2013, 12:39 AM
Greetings all,
I am introducing myself as suggested. Name, David. I work at www.allmotion.com where we create miniature moton control drives. I was drawn to this site from the information posted on delta robots. I built one over the weekend and now I want to make it move using our 4 axis stepper driver + controller.

I am working on understanding the inverse kinematics required to make the robot do something useful.

So far, I am impressed with what I have seen here and hope I can contribute something that helps someone else in the future.


12-17-2013, 01:37 AM
Hi, it's my turn!
I'm a Chinese, and my name is Liu FuQiang. I also have an English name: Brad Lucas.
I'm a phD student, my major is : computer vision / pattern recognition.
I love programming, robotics, and playing guitar(also classic music).
I love all kinds of sports.
I also worked with a group named WallyRobot, it's our website: wallyrobot.org
We talked about robotics in the spare time and are making a robot.
This is my picture:
:sad:Sorry, I want to upload my picture, but I don't know how to.

Hi, I am a Chinese too! My Name is Andy! Where do you live now? China?
I am a software programmer, and I love programming!

01-07-2014, 02:59 PM
Hello, my name is Kenneth, I am 38 years old and I live in Copenhagen Denmark.
I have a wide range of hobbies from live steam model engines, FPV RC flying, garden trucking and I have recently been contemplating building a simple robot.
I will be posting a few questions before i dive into the hobby, I hope my questions are not to basic.

You can get a glimpse of my hobbies well documented on my YouTube channel but I do not know if its allowed to share links from YouTube.


01-08-2014, 11:04 PM
Hi all,

I'm writing from Oak Robotics - we are three guys that know each other from school that build robots. We are located in Boston, MA right now.

01-27-2014, 04:20 AM

My name is Michal I´m from Poland so my English might be not the best always:)) I don´t know to much about electronic robotics. But I have small project in my mind so I will get there. My current project is related to dog training specific training obstacle contacts in Agility. Idea is simple when dog make a full stride on obstacle area might device will generate nice beep. I think to use Piezo transducers and Arduino to do that plus few other stuff.
I believe its nice to belong to group where everyone has a passion about different project and its is a pleasure.


02-14-2014, 03:25 AM
Hello everyone!

I work in the cinema industry and I co-own a serigraph company with my brother. We want to pimp up our factory so I will be reading every post I can find on CNC machines and robots. Time for us to go into the 21st century!

Excuse me if I don't dare to post much yet, I am just starting up in this field! Thanks for your contributions and hope to read you soon

02-23-2014, 06:55 PM
Hi, my name is Rick Rucker, and I am a pen and ink artist. I began working in that medium more than 50 years ago. I draw cars and celebs in the auto vein. I do a daily blog about drawing cars. Some of my work hangs in museums and collections. Recentiy I saw an industrial delta, and was hooked! I want to build one of my own. I have built a CNC of my own, but this is much harder. The program to run the delta has become a quest for me, my wife knows that I am crazy.

02-26-2014, 05:44 PM
Greetings to all members of TRC.

I'm Sidious, italian precisely napolitain. I've discovered TRC after a research about Delta Robot.
The tutorial that I've red has been very usefull for me, in fact I'm preparing my thesis on this matter but I need more information and I'm sure to find my answers in this forum, participating in this group I'll improve my knowledge in robotics and other.
My dream is to build a CNC on my own and after my thesis I'll start my project.
I want to particapate actively to the discussions ny motto is "ask and you shall receive".

Thank all, in advance for your help, and sorry for my english.

02-27-2014, 12:12 AM
Hi, Sidious;
I am sure the people here can help you, the know a vast amount about your subject of interest. I wish I had known about it when I built my own CNC foam wing cutter. Other than the motors and electronics, I built it from scratch, and I spent a lot of money because of my lack of knowledge. Good luck.

03-13-2014, 12:40 AM
Hi all, Im new here. My 4 year old said he wanted to build robots that worked like Voltron after seeing my vintage godaikin collection. I usually go all out and the best model I could afford was the Bioloid GP kit. I know nothing about programming and hope I didn't jump in too deep before getting my feet wet. I have been fabricating custom cars for 15 yrs so this seems like a great challenge for me and a great learning tool for my son. Im glad to be here and if I made a mistake I still have about 24 hrs to cancel my order before it ships so any advice is welcome. That being said I am looking for the best most versatile Bipedal Bot around that price range and willing to learn whats needed.


Steve Curtis

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03-18-2014, 08:46 PM
Hi everybody! I'm Konstantin from Russia so excuse me for my imperfect English. Recently I've found piecies of my electronics hobby back from the time I was a student and got back into soldering and tinkering with IC's and such. I'm new to robotics, but I'm quickly diving into it. I'm currently waiting from a few parcels with robotics-related stuff to get started with something more defined than just "a robot".

03-25-2014, 02:49 PM
Hello Forum,

My hobby in retirement is now 3D printing. I have a Printrbot Simple, a Mini Kossel and just finished assembly of 3DR Simple as designed by JohnSL. My plan is to build "Sketchy" as designed by jarkman (aka Richard Sewell). Then share this with schools and my granddaughters as a science fair project. Maybe too complex for young kids. Probably will target high school students.
The parts are described here:

Working on documentation of parts, sources and prices.
Looking at the above website lead me to the TRC forum.
I will start a new thread with this info.

03-26-2014, 12:56 PM
Yo Dudes

I'm Noel, I live in London U.K. and am new to animatronics, i work as a mold maker and prop maker but wanted to get the old synapses firing on learning something new that related to what i do. I've just started making an animatronic worm (theres a folder in my profile with pictures if anyone wants a look) that i want to take on the streets and to some festivals and have him singing to old crooner tunes and maybe a bit of pantera ! so i've joined to hopefully get some advice on making the worm move, any help would be greatly appreciated ! if anyone has any questions on mold making, please don't hesitate to ask !

Cheers dudes

03-28-2014, 02:47 PM
I am Patrick Ireland. I am retired but I am active in development of embedded software (C, C++, JAVA, *.net's) for micro based systems such as Arduino and BeagleBone.
I have 45+ years of developer experience and specialized in drivers, embedded, system tools.
I now have the luxury of avoiding GUIs.
I live near Dallas, Texas, USA.

04-01-2014, 04:44 PM

I'm D. Jay Newman, otherwise called DangerousThing (for the quote "A little learning is a dangerous thing"). Until 2004 I was building robots and working for Penn State as a Sr. Programmer/Analyst. Then my wife, Lee, became quite sick and I quit work to become her full-time caregiver. Right now I'm getting back into robots again because I need to build things or I'm going to go crazy.

Before Lee got sick I had a robotics book published and wrote several articles for Servo magazine.

My current plans including building a hexapod and working on a new book and a blog. Other than robotics I run a face to face RPG and talk to a lot of medical people. I also plan to get into 3d printing when my printer finally arrives.

04-11-2014, 04:51 PM
Hi everybody!

I'm Humberto Matías Cosentini, from Argentina. Electronic engineer, I worked for more than ten years for instrument, automation and control companies. I started my own business a couple of years ago. Now Im working on a DLP projector 3D printer, and next step will be a Delta Robot painting arm.

Pleased to meet you guys!

04-23-2014, 01:30 PM
Hi everyone
I'm StillWatter (Matt) from central MS, USA. I enjoy tinkering and experimenting with many things. I've had an idea for a robot for sometime and just recently got started on it. I joined the board because i've read some threads that were helpful to me and I'm hoping to find a forum that is responsive and helpful because i'm having a very challenging time finding some answers to some basic robot questions I have. I look forward to joining the community.


05-01-2014, 10:42 PM
I'm MrKlempae and I presently live in Montana in the United States. I've been interested in robotics for quite some time, and I finally constructed my first walking one a few weeks ago for a school project. I'm currently enrolled in computer science classes and volunteering my time working with microcontrollers at my local Makerspace, but none of that has prepared me for the programming challenges I'm facing with my quadruped. Of all the places I've looked, none were as helpful as the material I've found on this forum. I'm relatively new to all of this, and am trying my best to learn as much as possible about the programming side of things before going into college. Thanks,


06-08-2014, 03:56 AM
My name is Minh, 50 years of age. I live in Plainfield, IL for about 5 years now, since I found work in Naperville, IL.
For the last 25 years, I worked as an embedded software programmer, with the last 5 years as independent consultant.
Not long ago, I became aware of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, started to play with them, and was looking for some good applications/projects for these new platforms that can utilize sensors, actuators, motor control, logic and software algorithms. I was looking for gigs on Craiglist using the keyword Arduino and Trossen Robotics's ads show up. Robotics probably is a perfect type of projects to work on since it does involve all the aspects of embedded control system. I am looking forward to see more of the fun stuff coming out of this local company, and possibly can get hand-on involved with some of their projects.

Bharath R
06-19-2014, 07:02 AM
Hi guys, my name is Bharath from INDIA, i have completed my engineering in Electrical this year. I am very much interested in robots. I have neither built any of them nor got a chance to learn about them. But i have a passion to build a humanoid robot. When i saw this site i thought you guys could help me out with it and i could learn a lot from all of you.

06-20-2014, 02:34 AM
Hi everybody, my name is Danilo. I live near Rome, in Italy
I'm an Informatic Engineer. My job is Java Developer/Analyst.
I like robots and I want make it one. I'm studying Arduino and the delta robots.

Let's work!

Pleased to meet you guys!

06-20-2014, 08:20 AM
My name is Juan. I am an Assistant Professor in China. Graduated from Vanderbilt University. Interested in inspiring young minds.

06-24-2014, 03:48 PM
Hello! My name's Kat and I work at Phidgets as a project outreach developer. I'm hanging around to connect with people who use Phidgets (sold by Trossen) and see what kinds of projects have been done. I can also help out if anyone has questions about Phidgets. I'm a robot enthusiast myself, although have mostly just dressed up as robots countless times, rather than actually building a working robot. I love maths and physics, too... and a bunch of other things. Feel free to contact me if you have any Phidgets projects or questions.

Here I am in one of my many robot costumes:


06-30-2014, 10:45 AM
My name is Neil. I live in the frozen north-centrtal part of the USofA. Near Christmastime, kids call me Santa. I am here to learn about Delta Robots.

06-30-2014, 12:29 PM
Hi, Im Wes from San Francisco. I have been lurking and reading posts for a while and gathering info... I invested in some mx-28s to make a humanoid, and thought i should become a bit more interactive with the community and ask questions and share my upcoming journey....

Hesham Gaber
07-01-2014, 11:18 AM
Hey guys ,
my name is Hesham Gaber , i live in alexandria , i am a student at faculty of engineering , electronics department, my mentor told me to search allot for my 1st great assignment about robotics so i searched allot and i found this site is too informative about this topic , finally i wish this site meet my needs and i really wish i could help others with my knowledge

07-12-2014, 12:34 AM
Hello everyone, i am Elvin Nathan, and i am currently a university student studying electronics engineering, and also i live in Indonesia. I would like to gain more knowledge by following this site. Thank you.

07-19-2014, 03:51 PM
Hello all TRCers, My name is Kevin & I live in Washington, DC. I'm an old/new TRC member who lost his password & no longer has the email address used for the original TRC registration. I've been into robotics since the early '90s when I happened upon the Rug Warrior. Was led into robotics as a natural extension of my love of R/C and computers. Happy to be back at the TRC!

07-19-2014, 10:25 PM
Hello all TRCers, My name is Kevin & I live in Washington, DC. I'm an old/new TRC member who lost his password & no longer has the email address used for the original TRC registration.

Feel free to PM me the old account name and I can go hunt it down if it is still around and let you back into it.

07-21-2014, 03:59 AM
Hi everyone.

I'm a 42 french java dev.
Or at least, it's my main professionnal activity ;)

I already built some simple robots either alone or with my 11yo kid.
Gary: https://www.flickr.com/photos/titimoby/sets/72157636859731544/
Sticky: https://www.flickr.com/photos/titimoby/sets/72157639699267576/
Gipsy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/titimoby/sets/72157640177986775/
TomTom: https://www.flickr.com/photos/titimoby/sets/72157645003829803/

All this started to find intellectual challenges for my son, and it ended in lot of other activities like kid's workshops and so on.

I have projects in 3D printing (I built a SmartRap (http://reprap.org/wiki/Smartrap_mini/fr)), try to use Gobot (http://gobot.io) just to learn GoLang (http://golang.org/), some LynxMotion biped only built but not coded.

It looks like too many subjects at a time: this is true ;)

Next big project is to build a larger quadruped or hexy, or maybe it will be a biped ;)

07-21-2014, 04:03 PM
Hey everyone, just joined the forum today. My name is Jay Jeter, I'm a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Auburn University in Alabama. I'm finishing a senior design project currently that inspired me to join this forum to discuss robotics with you knowledgeable folk. Looking forward to talking with you guys.


07-25-2014, 10:15 AM
Hi All,

I am Soumya code name NicoX, an electronics engineer started as VLSI developer for a Sound Company in India.
I am a software developer & worked for different domains like VLSI, mobility, iOS development, server, database, game development etc with skillsets like Java, C, C++, Objective C, PHP, ASP, Python, JavaScript, LUA etc.
I work as an architect for mobility in IBM India.
I live in Kolkata (India) with my papa-mama, my lovely wife Shampa.
We have a son Ishaan, I call him Tintin.

Robotics is my hobby from the child hood but never took it very seriously as now after joining here.
I bought a Bioloid GP and dreaming to make it more intelligent :)
I will need every one's help to achieve that.


08-01-2014, 12:12 PM

New to the forum and the world of Robotics so looking forward to some fun times.

I've just completed a home built weather station project where I needed to self-learn Python, Javascript, PHP, Arduino and communicating using WiFi, XBee and 433 RF. See www.weather.blognz.org (http://www.weather.blognz.org) The weather project was fun but looking for something a little more exciting, so it's time to try Robotics!

Following the principles of walk first, then run I've decided to start with the PhantomX AX Hexapod Mark II Kit (http://www.trossenrobotics.com/phantomx-ax-hexapod.aspx). It's on it's way - can't wait for the shipment to arrive :)

My broad plan is this:
Step 1 - Get the Hexapod up and running in standard config
Step 2 - Have a go with the Phoenix code
Step 3 - Add sensors for collision avoidance, semi autonomous navigation etc
Step 4 - Who knows where to next

I've already read a huge amount of useful info on the forum, so looking forward to the journey into robotics and to share anything useful I might discover along the way

New Zealand

08-04-2014, 12:15 AM
Hi, my name is David and I am a grad student at UT Dallas pursuing my MS degree in EE, my main focus is Control Systems and Robotics and Automation. Nice to meet you all. Currently I'm learning the basics of Robot Control so any help is appreciated (=.

08-05-2014, 05:16 AM
Hi guys I am Jason, new to forum, dropped by to say hello:)

08-13-2014, 03:25 AM
Hey everyone!

My name I Jonathan and I'm a 4th year Mechatronic engineering and IT student at the University of Queensland. I came upon this forum a few weeks back and decided to join. I'm very passionate about robotics but more on the side of low-level software. In my spare time I kayak, play a few games (mostly rpg's), read and I used to play guitar but not so frequently now.

This looks like a fantastic community and hopefully I can both learn and teach in my time here :)

08-28-2014, 12:55 AM
Well, let me introduce myself, I have a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineer, currently working as a Technician at First Data. I have alot of hobby including rc car, helicopter, and robotics. I have built alot of BEAM robotic, including 4 and 5 motor walkers.

09-23-2014, 11:38 AM
I'm an old school geek who has been doing this and that since the '70s (we are talking things such as taking classes in assembly language for the Motorola 6800 and Intel 8080). I'm an empty nester who lately has been enjoying hiking the hills and mountains of Colorado with my wife Soon. I've got three kids who are out of the house (thank you God), two down in Denver and one in Oakland CA.

Workwise, I like to say I've had my working life (http://www.dialysisethics2.org/open_images/flyers/Resume%20-%20Chris%20Schwab.pdf) and my soul job (http://dialysisethics2.org/index.php/colorado-tech-bill-2007-2012): one highlight was my job heading up a group that successfully got through a Colorado state bill for the certification of kidney hemodialysis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemodialysis) technicians in 2007 and it's renewal in 2012. My daughter was the one on dialysis, but has a transplant now (again, thank you God!). I'll mention I've been quite upset with the kidney dialysis field of medicine for the last 14 years, this fact sheet (http://dialysisethics2.org/index.php/our-concerns/88-fact-sheet-2007) might give you an idea why.

Why am I here? My working life and my soul job may have finally reached a nexus on a project I'm thinking of. I may need help on it (probably a lot of help). I plan on posting about it here soon!

As promised, the project I mentioned: a dialysis tech robot (http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?7125-A-much-needed-HealthCare-project-from-a-concerned-father)

09-26-2014, 08:59 PM

My name is Joseph Bryant Jr. I am 26 years old and I'm from Lake Charles, Louisiana. I am married and have five kids, four girls and one boy. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at ECPI University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have had a love for robotics all my life. I am looking to have career in Robotics. I am currently working on a project that I feel will have everyone excited. Not only will kids love this but adults as well. I plan on starting my own business one day. I am always trying to learn something new. I believe my imagination is what makes my ideas so great. One of my mottoes is if you can think it you can make it. I will be posting more about my project soon. Well that is me and I hope to hear from all of you real soon. Also, I know you see my profile name is F.I.T, that is my business name which means Future Imagination Technologies. I can't wait to read all of the articles and learn from all of you.

09-29-2014, 09:01 PM
I'm Jeff Herrick and new to this forum and technology (somewhat). I've studied at ITT Technical Institute many years ago. What brings me here is that I'm a professional Mentalist and have many outdated effects and ideas for new ones.

10-02-2014, 08:31 AM
Hello, tatobrutto here. I was always dreaming about building my own robots since I was child....now I'm an computer science engineer I've children myself ...let's practice and not only dream about robots.

10-13-2014, 08:47 AM
Hey there everyone!!!

My name is Tomasz and I'm 3rd year student of Electronics Engineering. Since I'm doing my project this year I'm looking for some good source of information. Looks like I'm in a right place:D
I don't mind to share my project result at the end of the year.

Take care everyone and lets get to work!!!

10-17-2014, 06:50 AM
Hi, I'm Austin and I'm currently doing a robotics PhD. I'm researching cooperative handheld robotic tools.

10-18-2014, 12:25 PM
Hi guys

I am Abdul Aziz. from Malaysia and working as a lecturer in Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering , University Malaysia Pahang in Pekan Pahang Malaysia... I have been teaching heat transfer and fluids mechanics and at this very late age, i find myself spend a lot of time on mechatronics engineering.

The reason i join the forum is to get know people in the community and hoping i can learn how to apply robotics tools for my wheeled platform and my thermoforming machine.

Thanks for allowing me to join the forum and know this great community

fine regards


10-19-2014, 10:10 AM
Hi guys

let me introduce my self, my name is Ja'far Shodiq from Indonesia. i'm currently student at department of Electronics and Instrumentation, faculty of natural science. Im so exciting about humanoid robotics. I hope at many years more,i can contribute about knowledge of humanoid robotics in the wolrd.

10-19-2014, 04:57 PM
Hi everyone,

Just signed up. My name is Luke. I'm 34 and I live in Austin, TX. I'm the former President and current Vice President of The Robot Group here in Austin, a hobbyist robotics club that's been on for going on 25 years now (been involved for 3 years). I'm a software developer for the video game industry by day. I am also engaged to a beautiful woman who is a professional aerial circus artist. Honestly, since I work in the video game field (where unpaid overtime is a regular occurrence), I don't have much in the way of hobbies other than robotics. We just bought a house, so I guess the biggest thing is DIY home improvement, followed by finding a way of using my maker skills to help my fiance with her performances (costumes, props, etc).

10-22-2014, 02:49 AM
Hi, my name is Xuan Lin. I come from China, and currently is a graduate student in Romela, university of California, Los Angeles.

11-14-2014, 04:56 PM
Hey everyone!
My name is Luke, and I'm in my final year of school before I get my mechanical engineering degree! I work part time for a drone company that sells multirotors for surveillance and security application. Although I'm only part time, I'm their lead mechanical engineer. Been there a few years. Other than that, in my free time I'm usually working on 6 or 7 random weird projects at once. Over the past few years it's become so easy to have parts made via laser cutting, 3d printing, and even the cost of CNC milled parts has gone down quite a bit, so I've been taking advantage of those advancements to build my weird projects.

Also, just earlier this year I started my own company, Operative RC. It's named as such because my plan is to sell robots for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes. Right now I sell motor controllers and a wall climbing robot I've come up with. It's www.operativerc.com, check it out!

11-15-2014, 02:49 AM
Hi guys,

My name is Muhi and I live in Ankara(Turkey). Next year I'll start my grad education. Currently I'm not working at anywhere. I'm trying to do a project "Implementing an 3D Lidar by using 2D Lidar(Light Detection and Ranging)". I learned some good stuff from this forum than I thought that it would be nice if I can be a part of it.

11-19-2014, 04:57 PM

My name is Gabe and I am a Chemistry graduate student living in Seattle, WA, USA. In my spare time I like to tinker with electronics and build robots of increasing complexity.

11-20-2014, 07:40 PM
Hello World :),

My name is Tiago, I'm from New Jersey, c#, c++ software developer by day, hobby roboticist by night or everything else (ROS, Kinect, OpenCV, Arduino, embedded hardware odroid, raspberry pi, etc.

12-04-2014, 03:58 PM
Hi Every one!

My name is Ahmad Bilal, I am a final year student of Mechatronics Engineering. I am from Pakistan.

Robotics, Control and Automation are the fields of my interest especially Robotics. I have just started working on my final year project of Delta Robot and I have lots of questions in my mind and of course I will ask you and share my knowledge with you. I have planned for higher studies from Germany in Robotics and Automation field and also preparing for IELETS Test. I have completed major semester projects of Light Following Robot, Line Follower robot with obstacle detection, Intelligent Street light Control system, Luddo Simulation using OpenGL and SDL. In my last semester, I have completed CNC Lathe machine project. On national level I participated in National Engineering and Robotics Contest (NERC) 2014 in categaor of maze solving robots and held 5th Postion among 100 robots nationwide. I am very good in C/C++ programming, electronics, control system and mechatronics system designing.

Besides from studies, I play multi-player FPS videos games with my friends on LAN and also online. I like to read Science and technology magazines. I watch TV seasons like Game of thrones, Sherlock Holmes, Transporter series, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S etc. I also play cricket, football , table tennis and badminton. I have a small but loving family. I have got very good friends, we play together and go for hiking on weekends.

So, this is my HELLO speech :) :P

Julia Haas
12-07-2014, 02:24 PM
Hey there everyone!!! My name is Julia Haas and I'm a Masters student evaluating technologies that will innovate the
Facility Management industry.

12-17-2014, 08:04 AM
Hello All,
I am new to Robotics but working in the IT sector for several years. I work as Operation PM for a Global computer Company, and have been living in the south of France for the last 3 years, I was before in Dublin/Ireland for 8 years..
My name is Olivier and I look forward to learn from you and participate to this community!


01-05-2015, 04:36 PM
Hi Everyone

I'm Chris. In my day job I work as a 3D Printing technician. In my spare time though I like to work with 3D printing to make robots and prosthetics.
I've contributed to projects such as robohand and E-nable. Right now I'm working on combining parametric features with scanned data. The ideal result would be to just scan someones hand, press a button, and have a 3D printed functional prosthetic/robot hand version printed.

I'm also interested in the mechanics of walking, and passive dynamic models. I'd ultimately love to make a robot which can run, dance even fight as well as the best trained humans.

I fancy myself as entrepreneurial, although it's proved less than profitable so far! In fact that's one reason why I'm interested in the Bioloids and other humanoids as I'm noticing a lack of robot hands... which I hope to remedy.

For anyone interested in what else I've done my Website is at www.anthromod.com
I also post designs to thingiverse and sell on Shapeways, under the handle of anthromod. I try to keep active on twitter although it comes and goes.

01-09-2015, 12:22 PM
Hi all.

I come to you somewhat green. I had a couple years installing access controls and CCTV so relays and basic logic were used with a GUI on top of that. As a kid, a loong time ago, I would take things apart to see how they worked and would then also repurpose them.

My future projects will be of the practicable type. My first I will post it later is a somewhat simple control of a hydraulic valve.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your future help.

01-11-2015, 04:33 AM
Hi! I'm Clemens From Austria. i have a Master's Degree at Mechanical Engineering from the technical University in Munich. I did a lot of 3D Printing at Uni, and CAD at work, so mechanics isn't the Problem. But it always disturbed me that i dont know enough about programming and Electronics to finish a real project.

so here i am :) wanting to build my own Robot arm!

01-15-2015, 03:04 PM
Hi! I'm Martin from Quebec, Canada. I'm making robots and gadgets for a long time, but 3 years ago I decided to create robots for a living. I'm not there yet to quit my day job, but it's working pretty good.

01-24-2015, 02:54 PM
Hi there,
nice idea of having a chance to introduce :)
So off we go:
I am Det, 46 by now, married, one son, two dogs, german, living near Hannover, germany, professional Java-developer (german diploma, dipl-inform (FH), great isn't it :) ) right now working as freelance (project lead) - bah sounds as a one big show-off...

So here's the dark-side:
Really new to robotics. New to all electronic stuff: I considered all things with more than two wires as evil. Then bought a rasperry pi, an arduino and serveral servos, got my sons lego bricks and now I discovered a hole new hobby: Combining Lego and all these little arduino thingies. And the very last family member: A Darwin Mini (need to share this resource with my son). Glue some Lego Brick to it, and let's see where we can get from here - that's new newest project :)
But for now: I cannot seem to understand any analog electronics...

Thank's for listening

01-24-2015, 05:18 PM
Hello community, I am Thalvus.
I don't really have anything to say about myself, I got interested in robotics when I was in 4th grade and was absolutely fascinated with all the different possibilities that robotics offered. I am now in 9th grade, and am still very interested in robotics. I discovered the trossen robotics community last year when I was browsing YouTube videos on robotics, and along with it, discovered mech warfare, in which I hope to compete In one day.
Thanks for listening

01-25-2015, 09:24 PM
Howdy All,
Bart here. Electronics hobbyist all my life (49 of my 54 years) emphasis on component level troubleshooting, and glow-in-the-dark radios.
Always thought is was my job to pick on software guys as an expert hardware guy. Today, I can hardly find any hardware without software in it!!! Built robotic vehicles for the military and several other industries. Ham radio, woodwork, metal work, and RC modeller since I was 13 (We can take over the world of our servos are big enough!). 10 years integrating control systems into vehicles, now I test mobile cranes for a living. Love the physics of music, but very little musical talent. LOVE to build ANYTHING! Presently analyzing the F and I knematics for a Delta parallel (More servos!) with Processor and an Arduino. This forum seems to be JUST the ticket! Thanks,Trossen folks!!!

01-29-2015, 11:30 AM
Hello everyone!
My name is Jeff I go by JeffRo as all my friends call me that.
I am 49 and have been involved in electronics since I was 9 and then moved into computer at the age of 13 with a Timer Sinclair being my first computer. I went to school for two year for industrial electronics and work in the field for a couple of years, found I didn't want to do that for a living so I went back to school for Graphic Arts and 3D Animation. Worked in that field for about 15 years on and off while going to school for Programming and Networking. I have a MCSE and A+ Cert from Microsoft and worked for IBM for a few years. I now work for a computer software design company doing VB, .NET and VFP software design.
I have two robots that I am working on.

Robot1 is called RoboServant, it uses a Motion Computing tablet for it brain that has a 60gig drive a 1 gig of memory. The software is all designed in VB and can do the following. Follow a specific color, Detect Objects, Detect Distances from Objects, Voice Recognition, Facial Recognition and Dance to Music. It has two hands that can hold a can of soda or a glass and a tray for holding a plate of food or carrying small amounts of Laundry. It uses four continuous rotation servos for the drive train. It runs on a 6V nicad battery pack and uses a Pololu servo control board.

Robot2 is a Biped robot and is not finished . It currently has 8 MG995 Servos for the legs and one for the head and is 28" tall. It runs on a Windows 8 tablet. The software that it will use will be of the same type for the other robot but with some modification for the walking. I will post pictures of my two robots along with more details in the near future.

I look forward to learning from anyone here and helping anyone that I can.
Have a great day.

03-24-2015, 10:18 AM
I am new member here. I am glade to be here with you. looking for more knowledge, asking for help and suggestions and I'll try, where it is possible for me, to contribute and share idea and useful information to help others with their problems.

03-28-2015, 10:07 PM
Hello everyone. I have to post something before I can post elsewhere so here it is. My first post. I'm new to everything robotics so this will all be a learning experience for me. Here's hoping I learn something. Everything! :)

03-31-2015, 10:19 AM
Hi everybody my name is Renee from Texas and I'm just getting started with my PhantomX Hexapod. I'm currently an engineer with Teledyne but have been involved with computers and electronics all my life. If you follow the Trossen blog (http://blog.trossenrobotics.com/) you might have already seen my timelapse assembly video where I spend 6 hours (with the gracious help of my boyfriend Eric) putting my PhantomX together.

As you builders know there are lots of options out there for customization so I'll spare the details in the introduction and eventually start a thread to show off the progress. I don't expect to be asking many questions but I might chime in a time or two if I can help someone along.

Some of the more recent projects we've worked on around our 'home-hacker-base' include:

Laser Balloon Predator (CMUCam based)
QuadFU - Autonomous Flight Control System and Aircraft
TriFU - High performance tricopter using our own flight controller
Eddie the Balance Bot - Micro Self Balancing Remote Controlled Intel Edison based Robot

So that's about that.. see y'all on the forums!

04-05-2015, 06:15 PM
Hello everyone. I'm a software engineer in Ohio who has been doing hobby robotics on and off for nearly 7 years. I started with a Bioloid Comprehensive kit, and I've recently bought an Arbotix-M to really step it up. My end goal is a 4dof quadruped that has autonomous navigation and obstacle management (going around, climbing over, pushing it out of the way, etc.).

I've been snooping these forums for years without involvement, and I figured now is a good time to actively join the community.

I look forward to talking to everyone.

04-16-2015, 01:11 PM
Hello everyone,
I am very new to robotics ( meaning I know absolutly nothing about them). I
was a product devloper for LOSI for a little wil but this is light years ahead of what we have there..
Been a lurker for some time but now i want to take it to the next step.
This a great forum and I cant wait to get more involved.

04-17-2015, 01:00 PM
Hi everyone,

I am am a long time reader of these forums and enjoy looking at all the different projects. Thought it was time I joined properly as I am looking forward to hopefully getting a HR-OS1 robot once they are released and hopefully be able to contribute to this great forums.

04-21-2015, 07:55 PM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Alfredo, I am new to this online community stuff - I have purposely avoided it but, alas, it is inevitable. I work in tech support by day and delve into programming by night. I have been tinkering most of my life, and have collected a lot of "electronic parts" in case judgment day catches us off guard. [email protected] I tried robotics last millennium, but gave up on stepper motors from 5 1/4 floppy drives as controlling more than two motors was "challenging", not to mention the power requirements. The HR-OS1 robot is something that I have been waiting for since I can remember. So happy that it is now available. Look forward to asking a lot of (hopefully intelligent) questions.

04-23-2015, 07:49 AM
Hi all,

EEE PhD Student here, research includes VR, Haptics, Robotics, Systems Integration. Just bought a Pincher robot and really looking forward to integrating it into my work. At the minute I'm having fun just playing around with it using it to pick things up!

04-27-2015, 04:48 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm a long-time lurker and (very) rare poster, and I though it best to introduce myself, if only belatedly.

My name is Adam, I'm currently employed as an engineer by the Australian Federal Government in Melbourne, Victoria. I am trained as an electronics, electro-optical instruments technician, and calibrations technician (yes, all three "trades") and have been in the field since I started my apprenticeship in 1994; I completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) at the end of 2012.

I am 38 years old (as of this post!), have been married for nearly 15 years to a wonderful and very forgiving woman, and have two children, a daughter and a son. I have a multitude of hobbies, beyond electronics/robotics, including MMOs (I've been playing Eve Online for nearly 8 years) and wargaming (40k, Infinity, FoW, others).

:EDIT: I forgot to mention that my "avatar" is my first robot, currently undergoing a major rework into something "better". Probably.

Well, that's me, so I'll go back to lurking.

Cheers! :cool:

05-14-2015, 07:19 PM
Hi Guys

Live near Melbourne, Victoria, i am 48 and own a small car detailing business.I have 4 kids,been with my wife for 29 yrs.I was first inspired, by electronics, with the old black and whites valve tv ,the old days when a kick or a thump, would bring them back to life,i needed to no why, so i would pull them apart and start inspecting.Few years later at 14 done a little electronics class,based of Dick Smith Book...(lol still have it).When Real Steel came out, i said to my kids we should build 1 of them.I have been learning processing2, and the arduino. Other interests are cars,have a Monaro 4 door GTS, FJ ute ,sadly with the hoon laws and all the idiots on the road,they dont get out much anymre

05-22-2015, 06:35 AM
Hi everyone. Jumped the gun and started posting before introducing myself. Name's Ed. I live in Bolinas California, about an hour's drive North of San Francisco. I'm a software guy, obsessed with anything computer related, who segued into animation a couple of years ago. I've always wanted to get into robots since Episode IV first came out, but for some reason never thought I had it in me. Well, I just got my first hexpod to walk and am elated! For the past few weeks, my partner of 23 years has often caught me staring off into space. He nudges me and says, "Thinking about robots again, huh?"

05-25-2015, 03:58 PM
Hi everyone! My name is John, and I have been wanting to build robots since 1977 when Starwars first came out. I have been playing with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, 3D printers and lasercutters for the last few years, and was lucky enough to be one of the last to get a HR-OS1 beta kit! Should be fun!

05-26-2015, 06:38 AM
Hello ! My name is Jérémy and I'm 38 years old . I live in France near Reims. I have three Bioloid Kit. Made some robots like a robotic arm, a car, a humanoïde robot and actually work on a hexapod like PhantomX Mark II (Mine is made with Bioloid parts , AX-12 servos and Arduino Mega 2560 + PS2 controller).
Great forum !!! ;)

05-26-2015, 03:43 PM
Wow. This thing has been going for 7+ years now. I suppose since I started this thread, I should post an update!

I'm Andrew. I'm the R&D lead for the brands/robot platforms that come out of Trossen Robotics such as Interbotix and RobotGeek.

I started on these forums as a hobbyist, and started working with Matt Trossen, which eventually led to me being hired on full time.

Since then, we've developed a line of Dynamixel based Quadrupeds, Hexapods, Arms, and more recently Humanoid robots with the launch of the HR-OS1 and HR-OS5 robots. We also worked with the community here to found the Mech Warfare competitions, which was one of the driving forces in this community's early growth.

Now I find myself in Portland, OR where we've just founded the Interbotix West Lab, which is dedicated purely to R&D of new platforms and ROS integration. Here's to another 7 years guys!

05-31-2015, 04:49 PM
Well ok, hi. I'm Vic, 39 years old. I work as a technical director at a multi media company in Amsterdam. Started as a bike mechanic, then got into IT, building custom computers and servers, later on went into implementing large networks and security. Then quit and went into web development, 3d animation and interactive installations so I could be more creative. Been into RC since I was a kid and been drooling over the PhantomX Hexapod for some time now. Finally got me one and I think it's about the coolest thing I ever had in my life. Did some simple stuff with Arduino before, but this stuff is a bit more complex. Thus see me joining this board for some HELP! :P

I'm probably the biggest noob on the board now, so forgive my stupidity.

06-05-2015, 08:43 AM
Hello everybody,

My name is Charalampos Sarantitis, I'm 38, happily married and father of a 4 years old energetic boy. I've studied Naval - Architecture & Marine Engineering, and after several successful years in shipping companies now I do technical consulting for various firms.

My interest in robotics started quite recently since my son likes to build robots, and as he knows that father builds various contraptions in the workshop / garden shed I should not prove him wrong... However my experience with electronics is limited to troubleshoot automation systems based on PLCs and by meaning troubleshooting I mean being able to understand if a system fails due to mechanical or electronics and usually find a way to continue operations by by-passing the electronics until a proper technician can restore the system...

Apart of that I'm interested in Off-roading, sailing and woodworking / metalworking and restoring old machinery.

Finally we live in a costal sub of Athens - Greece.


Carl Gustav
07-09-2015, 02:19 PM
Hey everybody,

I've been lurking about and watching old videos of competitions for years now, and I think I'm ready to get into the game.
I've only built simple robots before (picaxe robots), but I have very high hopes. I've got plenty of experience with airsoft guns so if anyone has any questions about how they work or how to build one, you can count on me.
I plan on building a hydraulic quadruped that can jump and move like no mechwarfare robot before. Wish me luck, and give me plenty of tips :veryhappy:
You all can add me and message me on facebook for faster response, as my email is always cluttered, and I don't know how often I'l be checking in on the site. (I'm thinking atleast once a week)

07-09-2015, 08:33 PM
I plan on building a hydraulic quadruped that can jump and move like no mechwarfare robot before. Wish me luck, and give me plenty of tips :veryhappy:
Very much looking forward to that build thread. I've contemplated pneumatic and hydraulic systems for MW, but COTS valves are always too big, too heavy, and too expensive for me to build a MW bot.

Thought about building custom valves, but finding cheap and lightweight actuators capable of controlling valves has been a limiting factor. Thinking that the $5 geared unipolar stepper motors from adafruit and others might work well for controlling needle valves. Current design is basically 2~3 blocks of aluminum bolted together to form a row of valves and input/output manifold in a single unit. One plate has a row of holes tapped for M3~M5 cap screws either ground to a needle-like point, or center drilled with a needle insert, to match the output recess milled into the second/middle plate. The cap screw hex heads would be driven by the unipolar steppers using a coupler/adapter to permit the bolt/screw head to safely slide/extend/retract for a few millimeters within it while rotating without excessive backlash.

Carl Gustav
07-14-2015, 01:38 PM
Sorry tician, I don't think I'l be using hydraulics anymore. See my thread "New mechwarfare build concept" in the mechanics / construction section to see what I'l be using now, and why.

07-14-2015, 10:16 PM
My name is Alex and I have been building robots for about a year and a half now. I'm 24 and just completed a diploma in electronics during which I built a Turtlebot clone for my final project.

I am particularly interested in mammal-style quadrupedal robots. I have been developing my own for about a year now and have improved it several times. Once I finish the current development cycle, I will post it in the forums for critique.

Another student at the school owns an HROS1 biped, so I have messed around with that as well. The node.js concept is interesting to me, and I'll be excited to see when it is fully developed!

07-31-2015, 12:12 PM
Hey, my name is Max (25) and found this community while working with the phantomx pincher robot.
I am currently a student at a research facillity of control theory at the university.
We plan to use the robot for educational purposes and for testing our research approaches regarding robot manipulators.
Besides working with manipulators I am interested mainly in mobile robots and ROS in general.

My current task is to write a c++ ROS node in style of the arbotix_ros package that suits our needs in terms of testing new algorithms and making the step into ROS for our students a bit easier.

08-07-2015, 03:19 PM
My name is Ed. In 2000, I graduated with an ASEET. I don't work exactly in that field, and drifted a little from electronics. I fix computers and many other things. I bought a Basic Stamp kit at Radio Shack on clearance about 3 years ago. I am now back into electronics and robotics.

I can fix many things, but I don't recall anyone ever calling me a great programmer...

08-13-2015, 11:46 PM
I'm Praveen from India. I'm a student from Vellore Institute of Technology. I have very keen interest in Robotics and so I started a Project on Robotics so I think I gonna need much help from you guys, that really made me to join this community. I hope this forum would really help me to learn new things.

08-17-2015, 02:50 AM

My name is Rens.

I am a Mechatronic student at the Collage in Western-Cape,South Africa.
Currently in my final year, busy with projects and studies. Still learning and looking for new ways to think. Hence my reason for joining.

My interest are Electronics and anything outdoors.

Excited about this forum!

08-20-2015, 09:06 PM
Hi there. I'm a mechanical watchmaker that started doing robotics as a hobby. Currently playing with a Bioloid GP. Nice to meet everybody.

09-02-2015, 04:31 PM
Sorry to be coming so late to this party, but here is my introduction:

My name is Kent Kroeger. I live Des Moines, Iowa where I am a freelance writer (mainly politics, but I also dabble in technology news). Hence, I took on the personal project of building the HROS1 robot (I call him Beadle) as part of a story I am writing on the next generation of social robots accessible to a wider range of researchers, artists, hobbyists, etc. I also own a NAO Robot, but since building Beadle (HROS1) -- which took me about 3 weeks to build -- I am much more interested in working with Beadle. Its a fantastic robotics platform and I am eager to start adding additional capabilities to Beadle (e.g., microphone, speakers, Siri-like functions using Jasper or something similar, etc.). I also run a robotics afterschool program -- camp-gizmos.com -- for Middle and High School aged kids here in Des Moines. I am thinking about buying another HROS1 (Round 2) kit to give my students a crack at building an HROS1.

- Kent

09-05-2015, 03:06 PM
Hello my name is Héctor and I'm from Venezuela.
I'm software engineer and robot hobbyist.
Long story short: I'm here trying to sell a Darwin-Op and a bunch of Dynamixel servos.
If you're interested please let me know.

09-15-2015, 10:39 PM
Hi - my name is Mark. From Portland and work at Intel (like many techies around here). I've been an avid fan of robotics for many years but haven't had time to experiment until recently. My favorite time in university was building a lego robot from scratch that traversed a maze using hand built sensors + MIT handi board. Looking to build a yard bot that can help pickup (or at least stab :) ) certain items. Any suggestions on how to do this are much appreciated :)

09-23-2015, 06:39 AM

I'm Frédéric, from Grenoble (France). I like building things, and especially if I can mix mechanic, electronic and software. I mainly develop in python, for my work and for my personal projects.

A few months ago, I started to build a 3D-printed hexapod, which lead me to also develop a complete python framework for multi-legs robots, a servos driver for the BeagleBone Black (using PRUs), and a custom remote control (using 2 old analog joysticks, with plenty axis/buttons, and a big LCD screen).

I will soon share my projects (I'm still building some wiki pages, and the repo for the code), and I will need help for a few things.

Last, I have to say that I'm very impressed by the projects I can see here! Some are really amazing, and they are all very inspiring.

09-23-2015, 07:35 PM
Greetings Trossen Community!

We are an entertainment company in Los Angeles, CA looking to feature talented inventors and their mechanical masterpieces on a fun and exciting new television show for National Geographic. Ideally, we want functioning robots that can do human-like tasks (i.e. kick a football, dance, fold a t-shirt, etc.) to be filmed in a demonstration of what they do best! No on-camera experience necessary.

We found your community and wanted to reach out to see what you guys were creating! Currently we're scheduling interviews with inventors for the upcoming week. If you've got a robot or know of one that has a cool talent, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Thank you so much! Have a beautiful day.

09-28-2015, 10:21 AM
Hello, A newbie to robotics, here to learn : )

10-10-2015, 07:14 AM
Hey there, i'm Seif a 19 year old Robot loving student and i heard a lot about Trossen Community so since i need help with my projects i thought of giving it a go ^_^
i love Sketching, writing music, parkour and basketball and of course Robotics and programming.
as i said i'm a student so i don't work, YET! so i don't have the money for building all the Robots i want so its kind of a challenge for me to make a good robot and as cheap and easy as possiable.. plus Electronics are SO expensive in Egypt.
wish me luck and help if you can please ^_^

10-17-2015, 12:24 PM
Hi all!
I’m Dennis and new to the forum. My back ground is Building Automation and telecommunication. I’ve also worked as a consult developing electronics for consumer products and hunting products. I’ve been enjoying reading the post and watching the videos for a while and wanted to join.

10-19-2015, 03:35 PM
Hello! I am an Electrical Engineer, just received the HR-OS1 and I'm excited to be working with it. Looking forward to contributing to this community!

10-23-2015, 03:43 AM
Hi there!
I am an electrical engineer. I like robotics and I am glad I have joined this forum.

10-24-2015, 02:54 PM
Hello, everyone!
I'm AL and I've been building and tinkering with anything and everything since the mid 60's. Just got the HR-OS1 and a Mini Darwin a couple of weeks ago and so far, I've spent more time 3D printing items for the HR-OS1, than I have in learning to program it.

I'm retired twice now, from the Army (electronic instructor/technician and helicopter instructor pilot) and from teaching middle school (7th and 8th grade Computer Applications) and do this to keep busy.

11-07-2015, 05:08 PM
Hi I'm a retired electronics engineer from the UK my hobby has always been associated with electronics and I enjoy coming up with project ideas and making them work. I have a simple (at the moment anyway) wheeled mobile robot project I'm working on assembled from scrap collected over the years. Anything that looks useful I'll keep...metal plastic sheet, dismantled printers etc. My robot will be for home surveillance use and so far the drive system uses two printer motors to drive the rear wheels with a single castor at the front end of the chassis steering is by rear wheel control. These motors are driven by H bridge ic's from a PIC 16F876 controller chip.
The obstacle avoidance system is where I'm at now trying out infra red coded transmitter/receiver circuits. Kind Regards

11-08-2015, 07:49 PM
Hi I'm a retired electronics engineer from the UK my hobby has always been associated with electronics and I enjoy coming up with project ideas and making them work. I have a simple (at the moment anyway) wheeled mobile robot project I'm working on assembled from scrap collected over the years. Anything that looks useful I'll keep...metal plastic sheet, dismantled printers etc. My robot will be for home surveillance use and so far the drive system uses two printer motors to drive the rear wheels with a single castor at the front end of the chassis steering is by rear wheel control. These motors are driven by H bridge ic's from a PIC 16F876 controller chip.
The obstacle avoidance system is where I'm at now trying out infra red coded transmitter/receiver circuits. Kind Regards

Hello and welcome. I am also working toward obstacle avoidance on a two-wheeled robot that currently pulls my mower. I have experimented with sonar range sensors and is at least in part what I intend to use. I also have a AdaFruit GPS receiver that is showing promise for general navigation. I also intend to use a front bumper with some sort of contact switches in conjunction with other sensors. I continue to be amazed at the capabilities and low cost of these sensors.

11-11-2015, 01:00 PM
Hello all,
My name is Celia. I am an electrical engineering and physics double major at Trinity University. I'm looking at going to grad school to get my PhD in electrical engineering.
A coworker and I are working on a project using the Phantom X Reactor arm. We need it to hold an antenna and move in an arch around a variety of devices under test. We just got our arm built and are playing with the coding. I'm fairly new to it all and am definitely constantly learning. I'm considering using sonars to keep the arm at a constant distance away from the device under test but am not sure how to best accomplish that.
Any advice (for this project or graduate programs) is much appreciated.
Thanks and I look forward to talking to you guys!

11-20-2015, 01:23 PM
Hello and welcome. I am also working toward obstacle avoidance on a two-wheeled robot that currently pulls my mower. I have experimented with sonar range sensors and is at least in part what I intend to use. I also have a AdaFruit GPS receiver that is showing promise for general navigation. I also intend to use a front bumper with some sort of contact switches in conjunction with other sensors. I continue to be amazed at the capabilities and low cost of these sensors.
Hi sorry fist time able to get back on my Lap Top. looks to be an interesting project so look forward to your progress with it. Do you use 'off the shelf' control module boards or like me assemble and program my own. Currently I'm working with PIC micro controllers and devising an infrared proximity detection system and open to suggestions of tried and tested circuits!

11-26-2015, 08:20 AM
Hi guys, my name is chris. I have had a love for robotics my whole life, I was on a FIRST robotics team while in high school and just picked up a hexapod kit for experimentation.

12-15-2015, 12:49 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm a PLC and Robotic software engineer from the Netherlands. Now I want to build a model robot and hope to be able to find a lot of information here.

12-20-2015, 03:46 AM
Hi all, I'm JunOn from Malaysia. Currently I'm in year 2 mechatronics engineering. I have deep interest in robotics, hence I'm part of a research team in my university.

12-22-2015, 11:07 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am just here to introduce myself. I am a robot hobbiest and a sculpture artist. I do many projects with actuators. I am consistently trying to figure out what more I could do with actuators!



12-30-2015, 01:23 AM
Greetings everyone,
I have a growing addiction to robotics that started with an Arduino board about a year ago. It started with gadgets with my kids, moved to wheeled locomotion and recently to humanoid fun. Hope I can add some experience that helps others in their journey.

01-03-2016, 06:36 PM
Hey guys and gals! Long time lurker here on the forums, finally decided to start posting. :)

My background:
I'm Andrew, a (now second year) undergrad studying at the University of Queensland down in Australia. I'm studying Mechatronic engineering thanks primarily to my love of robotics. My father is an electrician so I grew up with electronics everywhere and learnt quite a bit.

I chose mechatronic engineering as my program as I didn't want to be solely limited to the electronic side of machinery and hence my decision, although majority of my electives are devoted to a more electric based career (and a bit of optional hydraulics/pneumatics) :)

My current project is a six-legged hexapod named Xenox (I don't know how I came up with the name :/ ). It uses 18 AX-12A dynamixels with the arbotix-m mcu performing IK algorithms and a raspberry pi 2 interfacing to it. In it's current state it can be remote controlled using an xbox 360 controller :)

Happy hacking!

01-11-2016, 05:12 PM

I Rick Muka in Massachusetts. I teach Engineeering and Physics at Northern Essex Community College. I am captured by 3d printers and am building them with my classes. I recently started on a Clavell delta style, but am hung up on the code. I posted a thread asking for help.

01-12-2016, 04:23 PM
My name is Sen, 30, from Sacramento California and I enrolled in as a mechanical engineering student at Sacrament Community College 2016. I work part-time at a foodcourt in Roseville, CA. Last November, I had a notion of assembling a robot. Originally, I wanted to design and build everything including mechanical parts, etc. for my robot project but realized it was too ambitious for me as a newbie in this field. I got inspired by the design of D-walkers and Rex in a video game franchise called Metal Gear. The bipedal legs design looks similar to lynx 209 and Scout. I then purchased parts from Robotshop and futaba s3003s from amazon. The assembly was not difficult except some tweaks I had to make for several servo brackets of some unmatched horns. However, when it comes to programming, I do not know how to start with it. I would like to project my robot to be as autonomous as possible so I decided to use arduino as the main platform for programming. I also would like to learn some maths for its programming, algorithms like kinematics and matrices as such to make it move.

01-14-2016, 05:04 PM

My name is Calvin, age 27. Owner of a small business in DME (durable medical equipment) sales and repair. All things electric mad scientist and enthusiast. I have a wealth of knowledge in power mobility particularly 24V DC systems. I'm hoping to learn, teach and help some battlebot (is that what they are called?) builders with my connections. I have access to vast quantities of new and used batteries, 24V motors, control modules, remote joysticks and wiring harnesses. Maybe someone can help me get rid of some of the stuff in my garage :veryhappy:. Currently working on a EV go-kart. I'm hoping it will be capable of 100Mph! Thrilled to be here!

01-14-2016, 07:11 PM
The trossen forums have usually focused more on legged robots and non-destructive combat (Mech Warfare using airsoft) in recent years. The traditional combat robot groups are scattered in rules and locations, but Robot Fighting League (http://forums.delphiforums.com/therfl/start) is a somewhat centralized resource. PRS (power wheels racing series) is a great place (http://www.powerracingseries.org/rules) to look regarding relatively safe $500 EV's with several races every year across the US.

01-26-2016, 06:03 PM
Hi all

I have 2 antweight battlebots. Looking fwd to see mech warfare at robogames 2016 and maybe building my own mech for 2017


01-26-2016, 09:44 PM
Hi ev1!

My name is Eric, i'm 50,french and passionate with Electronics, Computer Science and Robotics. I'm graduate in Electronics, my job is teaching Electricity.
My goal is to be able to program some evolved behavior in a mobile robot (hexapods then humanoid) like moving, evaluating needs (getting power supply, obeying assigned tasks, acquiring environnement map) and managing its own priority tasks list in order to act animal-like.
My present platform is a recently bought Bioloid Premium as it seems to be flexible in term of robot shapes and has a programming suite with interesting features (IK and motion files).

01-27-2016, 08:31 AM

I'm Tjeerd and living in Holland. Recently started with an Arduino and surfing around for nice projects. Registered to this site when brouwsing for delta-robot info/building. Now I see that tere is more here, Thanks a lot for that!:rolleyes:


02-09-2016, 04:10 AM

My name is Robert Chappell. I am from London, UK. I like to say hello to all members.

02-11-2016, 04:50 AM
Hello everyone,

My name is Chris, I am a PhD student at KTH university, Stockholm at the department of Automatic Control. I am interested in experimenting different kinds of controllers with robotic arms.

02-19-2016, 10:33 AM
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to reintroduce myself. I joined this forum back in 2009, but have been gone for quite a while. I got a degree in Robotics and AI, and started a PhD at Lehigh University in Robotics. I ended up leaving that after a year for a job on wall street, and now I'm a Systems Engineer at a hedge fund. I'm looking to finish up a publication on AI Robotics from school and put together a few hobby projects in my free time. Glad this forum is still going strong 7 years later. :)

03-02-2016, 11:39 AM

My name is Carlos and I have just started to get back into robotics since my college mechanical engineering days. I was a video game AI programmer for 10 years but now do more mundane e-commerce type work.

Was planning on throwing together some entries for Robogames 2016. Is there anybody going from this group going that I might be able to meet up with?

03-02-2016, 05:33 PM
A bunch of people are going to the Mech Warfare event, and I'm going to the Robomagellan event.

03-07-2016, 12:02 AM
Hello, my name is Michael and I live in Australia. I am very new to robotics and I have already found the wealth of knowledge on this forum to be amazingly helpful! I intend to build an rc tracked vehicle at first and eventually add a brain and sensors once I have learned the necessary skills to do so.
thank you to all of you for your willingness to share your time and experience with new comers like me. Appreciate it.

03-14-2016, 08:20 AM
Hi all hexadec (Roy) here :veryhappy:

In to electronics, robotics and programming mostly. I'm retired so have more time to play around with stuff. Just built an analogue, modular synthesiser and a couple of autonomous robots. Now working on Zenta's Phoenix type hexapod which brought me here.

Looking forward to learning lots and having fun with you all.

03-23-2016, 07:45 AM
Hi at all,

I'm new user. I'm italian from rome and love make robots ....

03-24-2016, 03:58 AM
HAI, i am pere

03-26-2016, 11:19 AM

I'm Joshua from the United States, and I've recently become interested in robotics. I've been a programmer since I was 9 years old and was recently the Lead Software Developer at a local company but have since moved on in order to vary my portfolio, so I'm planning to spend a lot more time with robotics.

03-30-2016, 07:13 AM
Hi everyone.
This is Pravesh Rana, i am 18. I am a student from India working on a few robotics projects, mostly bipeds and localisation & mapping.
I am presently working on a 6 dof biped, i need some help with the terms, and honestly, any suggestion would do as i am newbie.

I watch a lot of movies, great fan of star wars series, pirates of the carribean, star trek and most marvel movies. Excited to be a part of this community.

04-02-2016, 05:22 PM
Hello everyone,
My name is Maxime I live in France and I am a hobby robot maker.
I am building a robot UAV atm.

04-10-2016, 05:42 PM
Hi everybody, my name is Hector and I am 62 years old. I have been working in electronics for a long time as a technician and I had also worked as a programmer writing test programs. Presently I am working as a technician in the avionics field but I hope to be able to get into robotics so that when I retire I can fill my days working with the things I love the most, electronics and programming. I have great respect for makers and I look forward to learn from all of you.

04-16-2016, 04:15 PM
Hi everyone! I am Ralph and I was in the first Homebrew Computer Club meeting in Menlo Park, CA. I helped design RISC I, Berkeley UNIX, donated the MIPs BSD port to NetBSD, and many other things. My first computer was an Altair which I completely redesigned. Now I'm looking at building a humanoid robot for fun.

04-18-2016, 01:48 AM
Hello everyone ! let me make some noise ! (just kidding, I'm not that kind of person)

I am Salman Al Farisi, 18, a third year student at University of Indonesia. Currently involved in college robotics research team as Head of Programmer in humanoid robot. And yeah, I got many helpful tips from here, like fixing the USB2DXL and others. I love mathematics, so I think I will do some research in kinematics and computer vision that is my expertise.

I am in Jakarta, and work as computer serviceman in semester breaks. My hobbies are football, reading (like Harry Potter or Hobbits), and also exploring computer system.

For info, I am a hacker too