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02-07-2008, 09:45 AM
My name is Brandon. I'm currently working on a project that deals with calculating the distance. My question is what all do i need to get information from the sensor to the computer. I know they use JST wires but i would like to get the information on that. I'm new with robotics and I would like to know everything I would need to know. For example. The cables, microcontrollers, USB-Serial. I would also like to get the information and implement it in a c++ code. And I would like to know about the information about how to make a protocol between the sensor and the computer. I know my questions are very random but hopefully you get the jist that i'm new to this and I would like to know the exact basis for this. Thanks

02-07-2008, 11:27 AM
Hi, Brandon. I know I answered this question for you over the phone, but I'll lay it out here since I don't want to leave this thread hanging.

You'll want the Phidgets 8/8/8 interface board:

And here's the IR sensor section of our catalog, where you'll find all of our Sharp IR sensors and sensor kits. If you want to save some cash, we sell kits that include the 8/8/8 and the sensors:

The kits include all of the cables you'll need, including the JST cable.

To install the Phidgets drivers, libraries, etc., go here:

Download and run the "Phidget 21 MSI". Then you can get C++ examples and documentation here:

Have fun!

02-07-2008, 03:11 PM
Also, be sure to pick up the conditioning board (called Phidget IR Distance Sensor) which interfaces the IR sensor and the 8/8/8 smoothly (no hacking):


Any of the kits on the IR page that Dave pointed out above will include this sensor:)

What sort of project are you working on?

02-08-2008, 09:04 AM
I am working on a project with a robot where i have to calculate the distance of an object. Also this sensor will be used for not colliding into things. I'm learning a lot more. My man thing is just hooking up the sensor to the computer and be able to get those values.