View Full Version : vending machine tilt/vibration alarm with phidgets?

02-20-2008, 08:49 AM
I have a snack machine and am really getting tired of people shaking the thing. Its got to the point I had to put up a vandal proof camera and record the thing, but they STILL do it! I'd rather refund their money back double than them damage my machine.
Using Phidgets:
I was wondering if I could use a small x86 thin client I have to make an tilt or vibration - alarm. ideally I'd want this:
a) detect tilt or vibration to the machine beyond a certain amount
b) log it
c) set off a audible alarm (OR sound file from computer!!!! LOL) with relay for so many seconds
d) optional- use a solenoid to lock vendbay shut until alarm resets

Could I buy a 8/8/8 and a couple of 2 relay boards and a vibration sensor (would that work in this application if I mount it on standoffs to the chassis or would I need the usb accelerometer?).

Two ways I can see to do all this:
usb accelerometer - $72
usb 4 relay board - $58

2) analog -
8/8/8 - $77.60
dual relay - $18.43
Vibration sensor x2 - $21.34

Analog would be harder to setup but would be more flexible in the future allowing me to add temp sensors or other analog/digital sensors.

What do you think?

or could I use a mercury tilt switch with a 0/16/16 with relays??