View Full Version : You can synchronously move multiple dynamixel servos...

03-05-2008, 06:56 PM
If anyone looking for how to synchronously move all servos using C#, then you can get this project here!

i created a kind of very simple bioloid API project using Jon Hyland's board(nice piece) and using CrustCrawlers fantastic USB_Dynamixel API created by Mike Gebhard. All credit goes to them.

There is a dll there that can be used to make a Bioloid object (however, I have wrongly named it Bioloid Arm as it pertained to my application).

A new bioloid object needs to be created without having to worry about comport stuff. It's all handled in the code. Maybe you might need to put the correct comport number in the default constructor.

To move your own set of servos, you may need to just put in the dynamixel id's that you are using.

You can move individual dynamixels at a given speed, position or both and do the same with multiple dynamixels.

That is all it can do!

I know this might be pretty simple, but newbies like me...there you go...! If you have queries please let me know. I would like to know if it worked for you or not.