View Full Version : [Just For Fun] Googled Parts

04-06-2008, 11:14 AM
Anyone ever vist the shopping page from google, where it gives you a list of what other people are currently browsing for? Out of extreme boredom I randomly started picking out components.
Here was my list;

Optical mouse
Socket GPS Reciever
Home Intercom
Explosion Proof Refrigerator
FM Antenna
vTech 5881 (Cordless Phone)
Gas Scooter
Nikon sb-50dx Speedlight
Game Pad Controller
Portable Generator

If anyone else does the same, let me know. More so if you actualy go out on a limb and build it. I picked one thing of mechanical merit per selection, checked it out, then hit refresh. Killed 15 minutes and gave me some ideas other then a Scooter toting killer Refrige-O-Bot.
I think the cheapest explosion proof refrigerator is like 1,900$ so I'll be puting this idea on the back burner.