View Full Version : [Just For Fun] Playing with colors

04-13-2008, 12:31 AM

I've been playing around and thought it would be cool if a servo control could show visual sensor values with out a separate control placed somewhere near it. This video shows a track bar that I am trying to replace for the main sensor feed back for this particular servo but also changes color to show sensor values.

I don't think it works very well and I'm starting to think maybe it would be best to actually create a progress bar on the main line that runs down the drawn line of the servo position handle that moves.

Maybe both? What do you think?

Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated!


Oh, and I got a few emails about my first post saying it was too slow so i sped it up a little bit and had some fun and made a video of that too, but it show me trying to replace a progress bar for sensor values for the servo.