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05-29-2008, 01:03 PM
Hey All,

It is Xmas in the summer for someone @ TRC!

We have had a VR glove bouncing around for years now and it still hasn't found a happy home. A lot of work and money went into building this thing so we hate to leave it on a shelf. We built this for a conference 3 years ago and it hasn't been used since. We are giving it away to the person who comes up with a cool idea and promises to document it for the tutorial & projects section. (You won't be eligible for the contest obviously)

The kit consists of 2 Phidget 8/8/8s, 5 FSRs, 5 flex sensors, and a 2 axis accelerometer. Most of it should still work, but there may be some fixing up to do. The glove has long cables running to the base station with the phidget 8/8/8s on it. Brand new this VR glove kit would cost $350+

If you are interested please post below leting us know and tell us what you think you want to do with the glove. We will pick the idea we like and send it out.

PS: If your name is Jodie you are not eligible for the VR glove. You already have a present in the mail and WAAAAAAY too many project going at once :p



05-29-2008, 01:32 PM
Well, fine, Jodie will just make her own!


>> and WAAAAAAY too many project going at once

Errr, yeah. Good point. Deities know truer words were never spoken...

As soon as I finish this garage-thang, I can actually start living-up to my promises -something that haunts me every night lately. I've got commitments stacked deeper than my garage right now. Sigh... I despise being a "flake". So not my style.

But I digress. Someone will be very fortunate to be awarded this. That's a tremendous amount of engineering work, beautifully executed! The hard-cost of materials doesn't come close to the labor and brains that obviously went into that!

As an aside, the flex sensors on that glove are the same ones that went into the old Nintendo PowerGlove. They are super spiffy, and the patented design is truly "one of a kind". Adding force sensors for feedback raises it a 'whole 'nother notch. Someone should propose adding NITINOL to the glove and using some outputs to provide remote touch feedback. A waaay back-burner pet project idea of mine... If the winner wants decently priced sources on NITINOL, let me know and I'll send linkage... ;)

05-29-2008, 01:35 PM
Hey Matt this looks so cool, thanks for offering this device to members.What does it weigh, I have an idea Like controlling a J5 in the pipeline.Mimic hand movements ect. cool to have J5's hand moving with glove movements.

Droid Works
05-29-2008, 01:51 PM
I can think of ton of things I could use it for. Like our prosthetics program, control for the robotic arm on our PC robot, ect. Very cool piece of hardware.

06-09-2008, 11:48 AM
I would be interested in using that.

I have a couple of new MIDI projects on the go - I think the Theremin is pretty much finished, but I've been bouncing an idea around for a new kind of rhythm controller for Ableton Live (my new favourite software - sorry Cubase!)


06-09-2008, 12:15 PM
Ok...I would love to use it to control all aspects of Vivian over a wi-fi connection...that is...her arm, movement, and gun through one controller, and post it all on the tutorials section...That said...perhaps this shouldn't be a "gift", but more of a loan program through which we could all have a shot at it, and that way we could get multiple projects posted for the same thing.


06-09-2008, 01:08 PM
Thank you everyone who raised their hand on this. (haha, pun fun!)

I talked with Stephen and I like the idea of some musical/visual projects for the glove because I think it matches well the type of sensors on it. We will send it out to him and see what he comes up with. I will leave it up to Stephen on whether he decided to pass it along after that or not. If he needs to keep it with the project that's okay, if he re gifts it later that's okay too.

Don't forget, anyone can build a VR glove. It's really not very hard and all the parts are in the store. People also don't need to make it as complex as I did. Just using FSRs or flex sensors with a single 8/8/8 makes it a whole lot cheaper! Or someone could just sew a 3 axis accelerometer to a glove and a single flex sensor for a robot arm control. Many ways to skin this cat.

06-09-2008, 01:11 PM
Or a Wiimote on the arm and a flex sensor on the finger and thumb - least expensive 3axis accelerometer goin', imho. And you get a whole bunch of mappable buttons to boot!

06-09-2008, 01:42 PM
Congrats to the winner, I look forward to your project with this glove.

06-09-2008, 01:47 PM
If you're not familiar with Stephen's work, 4mem, have a look at the laser harp: http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?t=1416

I saw him and his harp at the Maker Faire. It was really cool and drew a huge crowd.

06-09-2008, 07:07 PM
adrenalynn: I have been following closely the harp project,really neat what he does.

Droid Works
06-10-2008, 06:45 AM
Gratz! Cant wait to see your project :)

06-29-2008, 10:24 AM
Is this glove still available because I might be interested!


06-29-2008, 10:31 AM
Is this glove still available because I might be interested!


Matt made a post on the previous page that he had decided to give it to Stephen, who is the creator of the laser harp.

06-29-2008, 12:07 PM
ahh okay


I am a new B lol. Do you think the Vexplorer is a good robot to start out with. I do have a little bit of experience with circuit boards because I deal with computers a lot.

06-29-2008, 12:10 PM
No Prob.

It really depends on what exactly you want to do with your bot. The VEXplorer system is great for beginners, but you will likely hit your 'cap' soon with it and what to do more than what it is capable of. Lego Mindstorms is also a decent beginner set, but falls victim to the same cap.

How comfortable are you with programming? If not- you might want to stick with kits that have a GUI based programming interface, like Lego Mindstorms or on the higher end of things, kits like Robobuilder or Bioloid.

06-29-2008, 12:30 PM
what kind of programming does the Vexplorer consist of? I tryed buying the Boe-Bot and it was really cheap, so it fell apart really fast. I want something that I can work with all of the time. I am a novice at programming so I was hoping the Vexplorer was a great robot to start out with.

06-29-2008, 01:04 PM
I believe the VEXplorer is Radio Controlled only. The Lego Mindstorms kit is programmable, but somewhat limited in that regard.

06-29-2008, 01:06 PM
Oh I see. Well, I think I will try the Vexplorer first. I already own the Boe-Bot, but it needs to be fixed. So if I can fix my Boe-Bot then I can learn how to program other robots. Thanks for your help!

06-29-2008, 01:14 PM
I replied to Scorch via email as well.

You can add a programming kit to the Vex, but the whole thing is just so proprietary. It's hard to grow past a certain point with it.

I recommended the Stinger with the Serializer as something that one can grow with indefinitely.

07-22-2008, 09:46 PM

In the spirit of Mattiness, I'm offering this up for long term loan...as in until after robogames 2009. Its an ER-1
- Motor controller
- Battery
-2 Stepper motors
-The camera is a lego camera...but it will work just fine.

In any case, if your interested...


07-22-2008, 10:25 PM
wow Darkback!!! what's making you give that badboy up???:)

07-22-2008, 10:30 PM
I was under my house this morning, and I found it down there. At one point I said I would never get rid of my ER-1s. I have 4. This one has been under my house for a year, and I need to move on.

Also, I think it would be good for us as a group to start putting stuff like this out there. I have a lot of stuff that I have very little use for. Its time for someone else to put it to use.

If your interested...


07-23-2008, 02:56 AM
Well........ I don't have much to use it for...
I'm still a newbie around.......
But makin' an RF controller using those gloves for a Bioloid would sound nice........

07-23-2008, 09:49 AM
sorry...not the glove, an ER-1 from evolution robotics.


07-24-2008, 06:49 AM
That's lovely...
Think this would fit for it...
A hand for the "DEVIL'S HAND"...http://bioephemera.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/941r.jpg

07-25-2008, 02:28 AM
ER-1 is going to get shipped to New Zealand.


07-25-2008, 05:33 AM
DB, Looking forward to the challenge, You have just given me more work to do with all my other robotic projects, ha ha.

07-25-2008, 05:59 AM
+1 Rep to DB for this amazing feat of robotics community service!

07-25-2008, 06:18 AM
Actually, yours is +7 Rep to DB. I can't believe he still only has one green block. I'm glad to see people are starting to think about the Rep system!

Here's another like +46 or some such to DB! Oh look! He's two green blocks now! :)

07-25-2008, 07:49 AM
Aha, so that's what the Rep Power means... :veryhappy:

No matter, he deserved every bit!

07-26-2008, 09:11 AM
You can count me in on this after 4mem8 is done. One question that 4mem8 had said that we dismantle it and send it to another person. Do we also send the parts we put into it as well so they can continue the bot or just the base components ripped down. It would be really neat to rip it down and send the added parts for the next designer to use or not to use the other component but to continue sending all parts invested by each person. This will give the next designer more parts to work with and to add to the pile for the next generation of the bot design.

07-26-2008, 06:25 PM
Ok...the idea here...I had an ER-1 sitting under my house. I'm not using it, and it is a darn shame that it is sitting there...not getting used. I know this isn't for everyone, but I feel like I should stop wasting things, and put them to use in some way.

I suggested that 4mem8 pass on something of equal or greater value than what he recieved in 1 years time. He may choose to pass on something other than an ER-1. He may choose to add to the pile...he may not. At this point it really isn't up to me.

Hope this helps.


07-26-2008, 08:42 PM
Db, I too have added you some rep... Not many people out there this cool... Enjoy!!!

07-27-2008, 12:00 PM
Yes DB that does help out, I have been speaking to 4mem8 about it and when he sends the parts to me in a year, I will add to the pile as describe in my first comment to you and will pass it along to a worthy person as well and lets hope that the pile will get larger as it goes. To me this is one way that everyone can bennifet from your kindness in getting this awsome project started.

07-28-2008, 11:04 AM
Db, I too have added you some rep... Not many people out there this cool... Enjoy!!!

Me Too +1 rep for being generous and cool as hell :)

07-28-2008, 11:22 AM
Thanks you guys.


07-28-2008, 04:51 PM
4 sure!


07-28-2008, 11:02 PM
here's more rep...:)you really deserve it...

07-29-2008, 02:19 AM
Did not think of doing this, so here is another rep point, Seeing I will be the first to receive this generous offer.

07-30-2008, 06:19 AM
Ah, yes....
I was thinking of incorporating these ER-1 to a Metool as an entry to the Robolymphic Robogames '09....
But it may be postponed and be moved to Robogames '10, depending on DB's decision...
In anyways, I'm hoping I could get this ER-1...


07-30-2008, 06:34 AM
Careful reading will show it's already gone to 4mem8.

robot maker
07-30-2008, 04:28 PM
i was looking to buy one soon for my beer-bot hand design,the hand is very close to real hand when finished and would be cool to control it with the vr glove for mimic and learning
also get my robot to learn how to play the panio like in the johnny five movie,it will have fsr and tremistors for reading temperature and move like a real hand nuckles and all

08-03-2008, 07:53 AM
Anybody else wants to let anybody borrow your stuffs??
I'm open!!!

If your workplace is brimming with parts that you don't use anymore,
I don't mind being your "treasure chest"...
PM me, anytime you like..

07-03-2009, 06:53 PM
Ok...so I have 3 robots that are up for sale in an art gallery that is going out of business. 2 of them are ER-1 based, so I plan to strip the electronics off of them and put them out to pasture as it were. If anyone has a good use for an ER-1...the stepper motors, motor controllers, and a battery...then they are yours...no sense in having them sit in my shed.


07-03-2009, 09:31 PM
Could one of these possibly be used to drive a homebuilt cnc plasma cutter?

07-04-2009, 01:38 AM
anything is possible.

I saw one used to shoot baseballs...


07-04-2009, 01:47 AM
Ok...I should be more clear. I am parting with the motor controller, and 2 stepper motor assemblies. I think I have a software disk or two that I could part with also...though I think you can download the software. I may have a kritter cam...You would need some kind of frame for them...The frames they are currently on are my own sculptures of sorts. OK...Oh...and a battery...but they are old and may not hold much of a charge anymore.


07-04-2009, 02:01 AM
Ok...since I have a soft spot in my heart for edgemication...I'm going to sent the two ER-1s to Adren who is going to start a program for kids at a middle school. Yeah little kid robotics and such.

As for everyone else who PM'd me...


07-04-2009, 11:48 PM
That's an outstanding use for them. +rep for helping Adrenalynn help the kiddies. Unless she is building killbot2000 to take over the world in which case we can blame you.

07-04-2009, 11:49 PM
Hey now! No stealing my blame! I work hard for that!