View Full Version : Servo Mounting questions

06-14-2008, 01:34 PM
Are there any alternatives to whats sold on this site to easily mount servos? I've looked around and even thought about building something, this is no problem, but I have yet to see a good looking simple design that looks sturdy. Any ideas or what have people done in the past to mount the servos to their robots and then mount things to those servos?

06-15-2008, 01:01 PM
The bracket systems you'll find here are remarkably sturdy. They'll all handle FAR more load then the servo axels/gearing could possibly dream of hoping to one day support. If you go to an event like Robogames (where I was yesterday, so it's still fresh in my head..) you'll see them _everywhere_. Definitely proven in the field...

that said, if you're going with servos that are too large or too "funky" [;)] then you'll need to build your own. I've certainly had to do it in the past, and it's not that tough. My advice is to buy a standard bracket that's similar to what you need, study it, measure it, then scale it up.