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06-28-2008, 11:34 AM
Awhile back, Darkback2 came up with a proposed contest for "Junkbots" - bots built from junk lying around.

I see now that he's agonizing over having to buy Epoxy. In my opinion, fastening stuff shouldn't count. And we need to figure out some realistic rules. Epoxy should be a standard in any robotics lab, IMHO. Five different grades of Epoxy are standard "stocking" items for my lab, as well as half a dozen other adhesives. Anyone working on junkbots should be _encouraged_ to stock epoxy and similar, imho.

So can we discuss the proposed guidelines here?

06-28-2008, 04:34 PM
Yeah what's this junkbots thing??? what was Darkback2's original contest idea? I'm a bit out of the loop.

I dunno, I am a horder of things that could potentially turn into a project, lots of servos, r/c stuff, gearboxes, unusal bits and pieces etc... but hard to figure out what's "junk" and what's not. So do brand NEW spare parts count as junk? and yeah... fasterners and little things, hard to figure out the guidelines. Some of my projects are simple, and didn't cost me penny to build because I had all of the parts laying around, no trip to the hobby store. But those parts are not used, added up are not exactly junk cheap, if I didn't have them already. What I take "junk" bots to be, is parts salvaged from broken things, and not new but unused stuff? i.e. if you had bought 20 brand new servos that you had in mind for a project, but never done anything with them... then a year later you decided to use all 20 servos for another project, I'd think that doesn't qualify as a junkbot, even though you didn't spend any money for the new project.


06-29-2008, 12:31 AM
Yeh..Some of us may have quite a good JunkBox....I guess we need a clear definition. I've been collection stuff for about 43 years now...

06-29-2008, 02:17 AM
Welcome to the Community, DrWass, fellow "junk"-collector!

I've been a collector for almost that long, 30+ years. It's hard to define because I also buy stuff I just toss on the shelf "just in case" - and I'm an unabashed collector of things like microcontrollers. I love microcontrollers. Yum. All of 'em. From 4-bit through 256-bit GPUs and Cell processors - I'm all over 'em...

In the spirit of encouraging people to BECOME junk collectors, I propose a simple rule-set, something like:

- The budget ($20 has been suggested?) counts towards things you have to go out and buy specifically for the project. We're on the honor system here. If it's laying around the lab, garage, bathroom, kitchen, storage units - it's fair game. If you have to shake the spiders off, it doesn't count towards the budget.

- Fasteners, screws, pop-rivits, adhesives, velcro, welding rods, solder, etal don't count towards the budget. Any good junk-builder should learn to stock these items. They're crucial to have on hand so as not to interrupt the flow of repurpose and creation.

- Tools don't count. I just bought a cool new 48" Brake and a spiffy horizontal bandsaw I've been drooling on for awhile today. That's years of junkbot budget. But think of the opportunities it opens-up.

- Have fun with it. If you have a fantastic idea and it comes out to $22.97 after taxes, just make a note of it. We don't really care - it's about the journey. If you feel the majority of what you built was repurposed but you needed that "one little thing" to make it work, well, we've all been there, it's about making something new and different from something that most people throw away.

That's how *I* visualize the "competition". Anyone?

06-29-2008, 11:03 AM
Ok...so I guess I should weigh in on this...Crabfu and I have been discussing the rules. Remember...its the intent that I think projects should be judged on, not necessarily the practice. I aganized over buying epoxy, and that lead to a creative work around using gorrilla glue that my wife had for another project. Tools don't exactly count, especially since you will own and use them on so many projects. I was sort of thinking the same thing goes for the epoxy...or maybe it should be pro-rated...the epoxy was $10, but you only used 10% of it...so $1 of your budget...but that all gets silly. If you agonize over it, put it in your write-up. Really its supposed to be about the creative ways in which you use the things around you.

Also, people have commented on how some people have been collecting junk for longer than others. Some people have been building robots for longer than others. Some people built robots for a living...others are part of universities. Heck...some people on this forum work for trossen robotics. There will always be people who are better at doing things, or have more training...or are just plain cool...er than me. That said...

Bring it on...and consider it broughten.


06-29-2008, 11:34 AM
Glad to see you check in, DB! It's your brainchild, after all and reading your blog entry got me thinking about it. I'm totally in agreement. And Gorilla Snot can't be underrated as an adhesive - I love the stuff. :)