View Full Version : [Question(s)] Player/Stage, CARMEN experience anybody?

07-11-2008, 12:40 PM
Hello roboteers!

I apologize in advance if this thread is a little vague. I'm currently attempting to implement SLAM with my robot thanks to a SICK laser I was able to obtain for it. There is a wonderful selection of open source projects that would make my life easier, however I'm running into the problem where these projects cater to commercial robotic platforms and not necessarily custom robotics.

I guess my main problem lies in the PID motor control itself (not the H-bridge) and having that interface nicely with the software on the bot's PC. I have tried looking for bridgeware between the computer and the H-bridge to simplify things however I haven't had much luck. I almost struck gold with Acroname's BrainStem Moto 1.0 Module (http://acroname.com/robotics/parts/S10-MOTO-BRD.html) but I found its PWM outputs to be incompatible with my Sabertooth 2x10.

Does anybody out there have experience implementing big robot platforms (Player / Stage, CARMEN) on a custom platforms/devices?

EDIT: I'd like to add some more stuff:

I'm basically going to use a PIC to interpret the encoder inputs and manage the PWM for the H-bridge but I am mostly confused with what the software will need communication-wise with it. Looking at the interface code for different devices supported by Player hasn't really helped me understand it any more either. I do have a promising lead however: http://playerstage.sourceforge.net/doc/Player-cvs/player/group__driver__obot.html Maybe my head is just having a hard time wrapping itself around foreign code. Anyways, any help is appreciated.