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07-21-2008, 12:17 PM
Posted with permission! Thank you Matt.

I would like to take a few minutes to introduce the ooBug Robotic Platform from Savage Innovations. The ooBug has an amazing amount of features on a robot of this size, all installed and ready to use. No soldering, wiring ro breadboarding for you to do!

The ooBug is the official robot for the 2008 Microchip Masters Conference, see us there!

Size - Approx 3.25 in. L x W

Object Oriented Programming
USB Programmable
IR Object Detection
IR Line Follower
Light and Dark Detecting Eyes
Programmable Voice (Soundgin)
Programmable Sound Effects (Soundgin, approx 16 million combos)
Programmable Heartbeat LED
Programmable Hunger LED (Battery Monitor)
Mood/Attitude LED

There are expansions ports in the ooBugs head for any I2C device and whiskers as well as expansion ports in the rear just about anything you can create.

Clear plastic body that just begs to be customized.

(Kids - Hobbyists) The BioLab compiler and ooBug basic are very easy to use, if you can talk you can code.
(Pros) Plug your MPLab right in and now you have a dev tool with wheels. Soon to be in the Microchip store.

The first robot to have its very own social networking website. Plug and share code from around the world or see where you fit on the family tree. Have friends , upload images or upload your newest behaviors. See us at the collective (after we get back from Microchip).

Check out more at www.oobug.com (http://www.oobug.com)

Thanks for your time and thanks again Matt for letting us post in here.

07-21-2008, 12:44 PM
>> The first robot to have its very own social networking website.

Wow. THAT'S a winning idea. Wish I'd thought of that! Nice!