View Full Version : [Discussion] Trying to sync my MX-64T with my Arbotix-M Robocontroller.

01-23-2019, 10:31 AM
Good day all,

I am seeking some assistance in setting up the link between my servos and my robocontroller. I am part of a team who is currently designing and implementing a bionic robotic arm for our senior design project. After sourcing and getting our components we followed the start up guide for the robocontroller, we managed to get the board to blink using the required script but got stuck on the next step. We were not able to identify our servos using the dyna-manager as suggested, the servos just blinked one red light and never popped up on the identification application. Any help would be useful in getting our servos to be identified by the controller, so we could carry on with our project. And also if there are any available libraries that utilizes the MX-64T and MX-106T respectively would also help as the ones we are getting only facilitate use of the AX series. Thanks in advance for any assistance, as our deadline approaches quickly.

01-25-2019, 06:52 PM
Sorry, I have not used MX servos other than the MX16T, but it may help to know some additional information. Also you might get some additional help up on the Robotis Forums: http://en.robotis.com/service/forum.php

Again it is unclear on what your setup is. That is, is the Arbotix-m actually doing the work for your robotic Arm or simply to driver to pass data from a PC or microcontroller.

Do your servos on the MX servos have firmware with Protocol 1 on it or Protocol 2? Most of the older libraries, like the Arbotix Bioloid library are setup for Protocol 1. I have added Protocol 2 support to my BioloidSerial library (github.com/kurte/BioloidSerial), which I am not sure if I fully tested on Arobotix boards. I mainly did the updates to support some of the other boards OpenCM9.04 boards and OpenCR boards.

Also not sure if that helps or not.


01-28-2019, 06:50 PM
Hey Kurt,

Our arbotix-m is supposed to be our main pass of information from our raspberry-pi to our actuators. We are using python language to write our codes. As for the protocol, I just know we are using the TTL connection to link our motors. Do you know where I can research which protocol my motors use.