View Full Version : [Project] my Robot project and SES vs. LYNX 6 video series.

09-02-2008, 12:01 AM
A quick video of all my robotic projects. I am introducing my Lynx 6 and SES robotic arms that will compete in battle, both mechanically and pragmatically, and a quick spotlight on my BOE-BOT.

The first few videos that I'm going to post are going to be short. (It might be a few weeks because I I'm still thinking of ideas of how they are going to interact.) I'm going to try to keep the videos comical with text to speech dialog and get more complex as I learn to write programs for them to interact together. I am much more familiar with C# so the SES is going to be the more intelligent arm. I am not as familiar with the Lynx 6 SSC-32 Servo Controller, so it's definitely going to take a beating. However, I hope this will change as I learn how to program it.

Sorry for all the stuttering and poor English in the video, I'm new to posting videos online and I'm a bit nervous. No matter how many times I record, I always fumble for words lol.

This is going to be very fun project for me, I hope you all subscribe to my YouTube channel once I get a few videos uploaded.

ROUND 1: Coming soon. :)



09-02-2008, 01:28 AM
Husko, You did well for your first video, Should be an interesting exercise for you and others to watch. I now have a crust crawler arm which I want to fit a wrist rotate to.