View Full Version : 90 degree output, good speed and torque?

09-07-2008, 02:15 PM
I'm looking for a motor similar in design to the Solarbotics GM series, only beefier. Something like the banebots motor line, only with the shaft 90 degrees off. Or the Parallax/Denso kit, only smaller. :)

Anyone seen such a beastie running around? I'm hoping for something like 700RPM-ish @ 9v. I'll take more, but not too much less.

09-08-2008, 01:43 AM
Adrenalynn: I am using a pair of WowWee RSV2 hip motors on my Wall-E, Having just run them Notice that they will be to slow and will swap them out at a later date for faster ones, But man they have some torque. 6_9V so you may be able to dig some of these up. These are 90 Degree motors. Although the RPM may be to slow for what you want.

09-08-2008, 02:21 AM
I'll check it out, thanks! I think I may be able to get away with using inline motors in my latest design iteration, though.