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09-21-2008, 09:26 PM

I'm looking for some sort of kit or pre-built robot that includes a color camera with pan and tilt with a resolution of at least 200x200 or so. Two cameras would be nice, but are not necessary. I was originally envisioning an android head. If mobile, it would have to have the ability to wirelessly transmit the captured image and accept commands to move the actuators.

One robot project I found on this site that looked like something that might fit was even: http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?t=1757

I have ~14 years of experience programming with about 7 years of that focusing on AI and computer vision, but I completely lack experience with robots besides deriving various forward and inverse kinematics algorithms. I mostly want to test various visual attention and object recognition algorithms that I have created on some sort of robotic platform. The emphasis of this project is to move around one or two cameras in order to accomplish some task. So, it needs to be very easy to interface a computer that would do the heavy computational work and the robot.

I won a tiny grant for $1000 to buy this thing, so I figure I should spend the money before it dissapears in a couple months :happy: If you have any suggestions as to how to proceed I would be greatly appreciative, because I have yet to find anything that fits my needs just browing around that I can purchase. I'd like to spend as much of that money as possible and have the robot to have an appealing appearance. I could just buy some pan and tilt kits and cameras and try to put something together, but somehow I think I would end up with something that was pretty low quality.


09-21-2008, 09:47 PM
The link you posted is actually a project of mine. While the computer can change his behavior over the wireless, he actually does all of his processing on board. Additionally, the bot is not capable of sending live video back over wireless, only snapshots. That said, his cost is <$500.

There are a couple of solutions that might be of interest to you:

Terk - about $700 with a pan and tilt. This bot is more designed to run the programs on board, but I think you could set up a wireless connection and develop on your desktop: http://www.terk.ri.cmu.edu/recipes/qwerkbot-overview.php

Stinger - this platform is designed for microsoft robotics studio, although it can be used more generally. You could control it over bluetooth or xbee wireless - but neither will give you live video feed, you would have to add a wireless camera. About $400 + camera.
Stinger: http://www.roboticsconnection.com/p-73-stinger-robot-kit.aspx
Serializer: http://www.roboticsconnection.com/p-16-serializer-net-robot-controller.aspx
Turret: http://www.roboticsconnection.com/p-42-cmucam2-cmucam2-cmucam3-robot-turret.aspx

Some software packages you might want to look at:
Roborealm - windows based vision processing software.