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10-17-2008, 03:36 PM
As you may have noticed, I've been pretty quiet around the boards lately..

Lot's of things going on back here, but today I crossed a new bridge.

As of mid-december, I've got a new job.

And guess what, I'm actually getting paid to build robots :veryhappy:

More specifically, I'm going to be working for the KUL, catholic university leuven (the most highly renowned university in Belgium, though that's not saying much) and my task will be developing all kinds of projects, both prototyping and verifying doctorate works (new chips etc) and building educational projects, in every sort of way.

The best bit is, they have an entire basement filled with CNC mills and lathes, and I can use them all I want.. let alone the complete pcb development line, pick&place, reflow line, etc etc...

Due to personal issues the robot shop has been put back for a few months, and that got me quite down, but today I feel like I have the energy to take on anything!

Ok, this was all useless info, but I'm so excited I just needed to tell :veryhappy:

10-17-2008, 03:46 PM
I hate you.

But congrats anyway. :tongue:

10-17-2008, 07:24 PM
Good for you...


10-17-2008, 07:48 PM
I hate you to Scud more than you can realize, Do you realize you have just made my day [NOT] I'm seriously depressed now, But on the bright side I envy you big time Scud, A dream come true for anyone interested in robotics.Best of luck in your new job. Ah well, back to dreaming.

10-19-2008, 10:39 AM
Good for you man. Grats!

10-19-2008, 01:13 PM
Heh, thanks guys.

Didn't mean to upset anyone though :p

But since Andrew got the TRC job, I needed something kick-a$$ to get back at him :veryhappy:

Anyway I'm not going to be building robots 100% of the time, it depends on the projects.

But it seems like i might have finally found my spot.

10-19-2008, 05:06 PM
Ahhh ScuD,
Go ahead and upset all you want. It's a rare thing for a person to find a job doing what they love to do. Most of us a destined to mark time in a neverending circle of meaningless jobs. I liked what I did, but it took many many years to find a company I really enjoyed doing it for.

Congrats and good luck

10-20-2008, 02:23 AM
Gratz ScuD! Sounds like "THE" job for everybody on this forum!

ps. but I don't think that I want to battle your perfectly CNC milled bots anymore ;)

10-20-2008, 07:49 AM