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10-21-2008, 04:06 PM
I've been working on my little robot for a little while now, and I'm getting to the point where I want to show it to the world :happy: I haven't come up with a name for it jet, and I'm open for suggestions:rolleyes:

1 Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller
12 9,7 Kg-cm high torque servos from hobbycity.com

I've made all the parts myself (except the servo brackets, which is from lynxmotion).

Pleas, take a look at it and tell me what you think:veryhappy:
And if you've got a good name for it, pleas tell me! :D





- Kristoffer Larsen

10-21-2008, 04:28 PM
does this qualify as a junkbot (http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?t=2472)? If so then I'll add you to the list.


10-21-2008, 04:53 PM
hehe. I don't think so. I've spent over 100$ :p
even though it might not look that like it:)

10-22-2008, 04:55 AM
Great creature you've build yourself! I like the combination of the clear and black plastic! Did you use a dremel or a CNC to cut those? Is the Femur strong enough? It looks like it's build from thin material, you need to be shure that it is very solid to get smooth movements. Are those servos metal geared? How are you planning to control it?

Iím looking forward to see some vids 8)


10-22-2008, 05:53 AM
Nice design, I to wonder about the femur, hope it is strong enough. When do you think a video will be coming?.

10-22-2008, 07:23 AM

Nice design it looks great. The femur are probably strong enough, but it might flex a bit I think. MG995 or MG996R?


10-22-2008, 07:50 AM
I must add that this is not the final design. I've got a few things that i would like to change.

To control it i really want to try using an arduino board! they look cool and easy to understand:) also I'm going to use some sort of controller. like a gamecube controller etc.
I wished i hade a CNC cutter to do it!:P but I've actually done it with a small saw! A lot of work:P

the servos do not have metal gears unfortunatly. I didn't have too much cash when i bought the servos. But I'm thinking of switching out all of the servos and use 12 HS-645MG.

about the videos, it doesn't do that much at the moment:P but I'll add a video when I finally get it to walk!:D

I must say. This is my first bot, so I'm learning by my mistakes.

Thanks for all your comments!:D I really love this site!:D

10-22-2008, 08:59 AM
hehe. I don't think so. I've spent over 100$ :p
even though it might not look that like it:)

Sorry if you took offense. I was seriously just counting up the parts and thinking...well...you get it.

Its a really cute little guy, and I can appreciate how much work went into making those parts.

I'm currently using MG-995s, and while people don't really like them, in a monetary pinch, they do the job.

again, I'm amazed at how many people make walkers as their first robots.



10-22-2008, 04:36 PM
Don't worry :P no offense taken :) hehe
Thanks! I'm not quite sure about what servos I'm gonna go for, so tanks for all the advice!!:D

This hobby is the best! :D


10-22-2008, 04:57 PM
Given that this is your first build, you may still be eligable for the junkbots contest. Obviously people who have been at this for years...(me)...are at a serious advantage to those who are just starting. If you do a write-up describing what you did to save money, and the parts you really spent on are going to be reused in other bots, then the cost of those parts may be forgiven. Check out some of the other Junkbots by the way...


10-22-2008, 05:16 PM
I did! they are awsom! it's quite a fun contest:)
there is still some work left on it, so i don't think i'll be entering this time:) but mabye next time I get a chance:)
Thanks for all the positive comments !