View Full Version : [Project] starting a dynamic running robot plus some questions

10-24-2008, 11:50 PM
Hello everyone

I just joined TRC, and it seems like an awsome place to talk with robot enthusiasts. I just finished undergraduate engineering degree at a university in canada, and now i am starting my masters.

I am going to build a dynamic planar running robot. It will be somewhat similar to KenKen build by Hyon in Japan and to the Raibert robots built at MIT Leg Lab in the 80s and 90s. I do however want to use hobby parts as much as posible, such that other people could readily use my research. Trossen Robots seemed like a perfect place to do some shopping :D

The chasis will be custom made, and most of the project will be centered around ways of conserving energy from one step to the next, as well as swinging the legs really fast.

I am not an expert in electronics, and even less in computers, being mostly a mechanical engineer. I was curious, for a 2 or 4 DOF robot, with 2 touch sensors, couple of encoders, and maybe an accelerometer, what solutions are there in terms of control?

i was looking to use servo motors, but i might need to have something faster, so i might need to get some motor controllers as well to use with custom motors. I was looking for some advice about the diferent types of control boards out there, and what i could use to program my robot. Simplicity is very important, since i do not want to spend too much time getting electronics working, and i do have a decent budget.

I will try to keep the electornics as much as posible off-the-shelf, so other people can build similar robots and comunicate easily with one another. for another very interesting walking robot, see Derek Wight from University of Waterloo, his robot is completly awsome, using off-the-shelf servos.

I will update the thread as often as i can, provided my supervisor allows me to place information here. I do not believe there will be any issues, but i might have to keep some info private until after it is published, and then refer to the papers.

I do look forward to a very interesting discussion, and hopefully the dream of a truly running robot is not that far ... (well i need to finish my degree in 2 years, so it better not be that far)

nway, cheers

Leto Ragusila