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12-07-2008, 04:32 PM
I have started looking at colleges, and I have googled my ass off searching for samples in engineering-major college essays, my college of choice asks the question:
...write about why you are interested in your choice of major or you may write on any subject you choose...

And I wish to apply for the Electrical Engineering field in my university. Your essay may be of any engineering branch, because as I will not be copying it, I just wish to point out flaws/points so I can conjure an accepted essay.

So I ask here because this is a suitable/popular forum for Technology-Based Q&A, and so I ask if anyone is willing to share their successful/unsuccessful (both are useful for pointing out flaws/points) college admissions to me or anyone else interested in the field and struggling to achieve a state of university acceptance in their desired field (engineering).

Before you flame about other people doing my school work (dirty work) for me, please take note of the fact that I am not asking for something to copy...

12-07-2008, 11:50 PM
>> or you may write on any subject you choose...

"I know where your family lives, and I have enclosed photos of your children playing on the playground at school. Please send my class schedule and scholarship information to the following anonymous drop-box: ____"

I always was big on shortcuts. ;)

12-08-2008, 06:25 AM
You're in luck... I think most colleges are not looking for what passion you want to bring to the University (since they really just want the money)
What they typically look for are 2 things...
1. Did you copy it? So good job not being a sucker on that one! The thought is that if you copy this now, you will try to cheat again and again, and at the university level, that is taken extremely seriously.
2. Can you actually communicate a thought. One of the hardest parts of dealing with engineers (minus you of course Adrenalynn and Tyberius) is that their communications skills are REALLY lacking. In college, you need to write a lot of papers and if you struggle with something easy, then you will not be a good fit in learning in their department.
So tri not to worrie about it tooo much and focis on the claireity, spelllling and grammmmmmmer. (AND USE SPELLCHECK!!!!!!)