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12-23-2008, 08:30 PM

Okay, how's this for a little cheap 'n easy creativity?

Milk Carton Space Bot

YouTube - Milk Carton Space Bot

It's an OPEC of the West RCMB SpiderBot (R2PSBv1) with a Milk Carton Space Bot on top using my personally designed Pan & Tilt bracket ...

If I had a spare continuous rotating servo, the neck would spin indefinitely ... but alas it's just another standard Futaba so my SpaceBot can only look left 'n right 'n up 'n down ...

With a little Hardy background and some music I wrote myself it still makes for a little entertainment ...

Yeah, that's just a 1 gal. milk carton with a DSM receiver connected to the two servos on the Pan & Tilt that is bolted to the milk carton cap. The RCMB SpiderBot (R2PSBv1) is the carrier bot ... so the SpaceBot is mounted onto the Gunner's Position of the SpiderBot.

As you can see in the video ... the SpiderBot laser gun is ON because I put the tert smile of the SpaceBot on the same DSM channel ... after all, if you're gonna shoot something, you better smile!

I'm using two 3-cell LiPo batteries with two MPI 6V regulators to power everything ... One dangling on the top head and another embedded inside the SpiderBot.

The eye's are just magic marker marks ... using a blue, black and purple sharpies ... a littel 3M scotch tape holds some of the stuff together ...

I hope you enjoy the video and I invite more people to come up with Milk Carton Space Bots ...

Then I changed the music, the background and the face to get this video ...
YouTube - Milk Carton RoboHead

Again, I wrote the music ...

A little bit about my Pan&Tilt bracket ...

The idea is that using a continuously rotating servo on one side for Panning beyond 360 and a regular servo to Tilt vertically between the limits of your robot having the two servos connected to either a controller or a radio remote control receiver. This gives the carrier bot on the bottom one set of controls that are limited to its movement, but doesn't limit the movement of the upper part of the robot acting in unison or independently from the carrier robot.

My use of this is for a "Gunner's Position" on top of a R2Pv1 or RCMB type First Person Shooter/Capture the Flag gaming robot. http://www.r2pv1.com/ProtoTypes.html

After looking at some of the other bots in the contest I thought I'd post this as an example of simplicity in change ... my carrier bot is essentially a super simple hexbot ... but by adding the Pan&Tilt bracket and a milk carton I've made a big giant head.

Imagine how neat it would be to see a basketball court full of tiny bots all with differently decorated one gallon milk carton heads bobbling around playing soccer with yet another decapitated milk carton head as the soccer ball? All remote controlled ... some on wheels ... some on legs. I think that'd be a fun party. Almost a recycling project.

And as my brain kicks into gear the heads could even have webcams inside to send the view back to the controllers monitor for the first person view of the game ... maybe call it "Milk Carton Bobble Head Soccer"?

This would be a great recycling project for communities and your junk bin ... where all the plastic is collected in one big pile after the competitions ... after people have exhausted their fun making a "Milk Carton Bobble Head Soccer Bot" ... maybe even restrict any added-on head paraphernalia to be made from either recyclable "Type-2" plastic (e.g., plastic grocery bags) or paper.

Each bot is made from old hobby parts (junk box pieces) and recyclable materials. Besides the soccer gaming itself, the creativity of the "Milk Carton Bobble Head Soccer Bot" decorations could also be a part of the competitions.

12-24-2008, 03:37 AM
Am I missing something here, Where's the video?

12-24-2008, 04:55 AM
Video's there for me - so I guess you're missing the video... :)

12-24-2008, 05:18 AM
That's weird, now it appears, after I revisited the site.

12-24-2008, 05:21 AM
Well that's different, more like an art bot, nice change from other submissions.

12-26-2008, 10:04 AM
creative indeed Capt! Thanks for the entry:)

12-27-2008, 12:19 AM
Very nice bit of tooling on the bracket!
music was good too:)

12-27-2008, 11:08 PM
Very nice bit of tooling on the bracket!
music was good too:)


A local WaterJet cutter cut ten of'em out for me and I just bent them on a little vice I clip to my computer desk.

They do the trick and since I'm not putting a giant load on top of the brackets they hold up very well even for being soft thin aluminum ... however, they really should be maybe 50% thicker and hardened with anodizing ...

These are just my prototypes to show off some of the things I want to build with'em ...


C U L8r,