View Full Version : Chotto Cam converted to Night Vision Tutorial,Usable on Robots??

12-27-2008, 01:17 PM

Thats the link to purchase it..Maybe the wiring can be soldered to a usb and used on a robot??

we are going to use Infra Red LEDs to illuminate the cameras field of vision with "Invisible" IR light. The only thing keeping us away from that is the IR Light filter installed inside the Chotto. I will now go on to the dissection of the camera. You can test the camera by pointing a IR remote control to it and pushing a button on the remote. You will not see any light.

1.There are two screws on the bottom of the faceplate that have to remove.

2.Get your screwdriver and take those out. By taking out these screws you can now remove the camera faceplate. The faceplate has clips on the very top of each camera “huggers” Be careful not to break them when removing the faceplate.

3.After you got the faceplate off there is a tricky little clip that’s waiting for you. It’s located on the Chottos left side right under the left shoulder. (The right shoulder has the big screw to fix the Chotto on the PSP) Use a small screwdriver or tweezers to pop the clip out.

4.Take off the side cover (The round cover that has the “Mic” sign on it.) Use some force and it will come right off.

5.At this point you will be able to separate the camera from the backplate.On the right you will find a coiling ribbon cable that connects to the USB plug. On the left you will see a switch that flips the image depending on where the camera is facing while plugged into the PSP. Be cautious because the switch breaks off really easy, I had to superglue mine back on.

6.To remove the camera back you need to remove a black ring that hold the coyly ribbon in place on the left of the camera head.

7.On the right side of the camera head is a screw that is hidden behind the mic. Again use a small screwdriver or tweezers to pop the mic out and remove that screw.

8.You now have the access to the places where the camera back has been welded to place. Use a scalpel blade to gently loosen the weld spots. The weld spots are the places where the plastic is melted around the edge of the camera back.

Now you can take off the camera back and get access to the camera and its lens.
Inside you fill find that the ribbon cable has a circuit board built into it. The ribbon cable connects to the SMT Camera. Remove it, its clipped in like the cables inside the PSP.

9.There is an obvious screw that hold is the SMT camera so unscrew that and the heart of the Chotto will fall out.

10.You will see that the camera lens is clipped in and to remove it you will have to Very gently bend out the clips and take off the lens. Under the lens there is a spring that’s used for keeping the lens sturdy at all times when you turn the camera eye to select between normal and Macro (close-up) modes. Don’t loose it.

11.By now you should already have the Lens separated and ready for surgery. The IR filter (greeny reddish colored glass) has been built in into the lens structure. The only way to get it out is to cut a bit of the plastic that holds it in place.

12.Using a Scalpel Blade carefully cut plastic around the lens. Don’t worry too much about scratching or breaking the IR filter, I didn’t anyways since you wouldn’t be able to put it back it anyways. Use that same scalpel to pop the edges of the IR filter and rip it out.

13.Bingo, now the Chotto can see IR light and the most important part has been done.

14.I suppose you can follow the tutorial backwards for instructions on how to put the Chotto back together.
You can test the camera by pointing an IR remote control to it and pushing a button on the remote. You will see light emitting from the remotes IR led.