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12-29-2008, 03:23 AM
I didn't want to hijack the Micro Hexapod thread but saw someone reference these alternate servos (http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=662).


Does anyone have any experience with them? Any idea how they compare to HS-50's or 55's?

Buying enough servos to get something together is a challenge for a poor starving college like myself and $4 servos would be a huge boon, even if they were pretty crappy, it's still 3 times cheaper than the alternative.

And I like things that are small. They are more finicky and infuriating to work on because you cant even see whats wrong when they break :P

12-29-2008, 08:14 AM
With servos you generally get what you pay for. I tried out some Towerpro MG-995s awhile back, they were about $6 a pop... yeah. Lets just be nice and say that they sucked.

Never played with these, I guess technically they're another brand, but I would still be cautious. If you buy them, prepare yourself for the fact that it could be money down the drain. I'd also buy more than you need as a lot of these China based servo's come DOA, and good luck getting a return ;)

12-29-2008, 11:14 AM
I bought a set of 4 just to try out, think it was $20 with shipping. They arrived in little over a week, and seem to operate just fine. I have not tried them out with a load as I'd intended them for panning sensors, but I believe they are spec'd at having better torque and quicker speed than the HS-55, and more than twice the torque but slower than the HS-50. Note all of these use nylon gears, and a previous hexapod I'd been around had a problem with the bigger HS-81 servos, which had to be replaced with HS-81MG metal gear servos.

12-29-2008, 03:38 PM
Tyberius, Yeah those Tower pro suck big time, I got two of them to play with when I was building Wall-E for the pan/tilt and as you saw from the video talk about the jitters, Total crap. Don't get them. Just as well they were cheap. I would have been furious if they were expensive.

12-29-2008, 11:57 PM
I'm just going to stay quiet on this one.;)

12-30-2008, 01:21 AM
Guys Hitec is a little late on releasing a version of the HS-55 which is going to be digital but it still will have nylon gears but acording to what I have read and I have the pDF somewhere I need to track it down. The nylon gears will have a clutch system built in which will save the gear and cause it slip before breakage. It will cost about 30 dollars a piece. They were due out a few months ago last I heard begining of this year. And they come in a clear case.