View Full Version : [Discussion] picoPSU power consumption

02-06-2009, 05:34 AM
Hello folks,

Just thought I would share some numbers here from my picoPSU power consumption rates that I have been experimenting with for the last couple days.

VIA EPIA PX5000EG @ 500Mhz
160 WD 2.5" Hard Drive running at 5400 RPM
picoPSU WI 60
Microsoft VX3000 Webcam
Re-badged Dlink WiFi-G USB adapter

The measurements were taken from the power input of the picoPSU

0.25A @19.9V = 4.98W (old Dell laptop power brick)
0.45A @ 11.65V = 5.24W (standard ATX power supply, truned into a lab bench supply)
1.5A @ 8.2V = 12.3W (6 cell 4600mAh NiMH battery pack)

It seems that there are massive losses when stepping up the input voltage from 8.2V to 12V by the picoPSU. Did anyone else see any similar usage or power losses while converting from a input voltage lower than 12V? Thanks.