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02-10-2009, 10:18 PM

I hope people are not tired of my phidget control yet lol. I know I post a lot but I really enjoy recording and sharing videos of my progress.

This control is intended for people who are not familiar with programming and want to work with phidget servos in the C# programming language. I'm hoping this control will make it easier for me create different types of projects with my SES arm and phidgets with less code.

The version in the data center now is horribly bad and needs to be updated. What I am showing here is very different, and much more simple than whats available the data center post. I would like to remove the current data center post and replace it with this soon, is this possible?

So, this video explains a few things about the control that I probably shown before. It's been a while since I worked on it so I'm rambling a bit. Most importantly it shows a graphical bug that I over looked in my earlier versions and fixed.

YouTube - Phidget update- 1

This video shows how I can drag the phidget servo control to a form and playback a recorded sequence of positions with only 8 lines of code!

YouTube - phidgets222