View Full Version : Is the RoboPhilo still a "viable" product?

02-20-2009, 01:59 PM
Hi all.
I have an iSobot and he's kind of fun, but limited and slow.
I'd love the Robonova, but too difficult to justify the $900. I've seen the RoboPhilo and it looks to be decent for the price.

My question is: is it still a viable (supported) robot? Other than the "official" RoboPhilo site, I don't see much other support or community for it. (Shared files, mods, etc)

Would it be best to just suck it up and save for the Robonova?


02-21-2009, 01:29 AM
That's the exact same thing that happened to me...
You should take a look at RoboBuilder; its servos are stronger than RoboNova and it has fast assembly. (at least that's what the manufacturer states)
Also, if your budget is heavily limited (like me:) you could find used RoboNovas.
Sorry... Couldn't answer your question...

02-23-2009, 02:07 AM
It all comes down to how much you're willing to spend on a bot and how much mechanical, electrical, and software work you're willing to put up with. RTW (ready to walk) versions of these bots cuts out majority of the mechanical work for you, but it does come with an added price (labor).

All of the bots could be potentially be good but one thing to always look for in bots are how heavy they are, versus the amount of torque the servos come with.

The arms and such doesn't seem like a critical part to look at for servo strength but consider this, do you want your bot to do pushups and be able to lift itself up after it falls?

Robophilo is a good budget bot, but the servos are rather weak in my opinion. Considering the price tag that it comes with, it's an overall great value.

Some really good kits to start with are the Robobuilder that xx2747 mentioned and the Bioloid.

You can also go with some Kondo stuff (good stuff in my opinion) but they will break your $900 price tag that you had a problem with the Robonovas...

Bioloid is still the king of torque. However, the servo speed is the slowest (not really a problem for what i use it for, but for some who likes to kung fu with it, may be a problem).

A great place for comparison is this place:


It is one of my FAVORITE sites. It is very informative and I always look forward to the new review(s) they add to their site...

Happy robot shopping!


I just want to stress that torque isn't everything. You have to compare the torque with the WEIGHT of the robot to see the true effect at the system level (completely assembled bot ready to walk)...

Click on the "comparison" link at the address above to see the breakdowns of all the popular humanoids...

02-24-2009, 09:51 AM
Thanks for the info.
Looks like the Robobuilder is the way to go for me.

Thanks again!

P.S. Anyone want to buy a Samsung Q1U UMPC with an extended battery? (going to sell it to help with the purchase)