View Full Version : Super new to Bioloid need help please

02-25-2009, 07:44 PM
Hello everyone. I am building my first robot but can't find any instructions for adding two degrees of freedom to the waist area of my Bioloid. Are they posted anywhere? I have seached the forum Where members post they have done it but could not find any instructions on how to.
Many thanks to whoever responds.

02-25-2009, 07:55 PM
You probably aren't really going to find any instructions for it, as the Bioloid is a modular system most people just experiment with different configurations until they find something that works well.

I'll take a shot at explaining how I would do it, but I will say I don't recommend it. The AX-12 tilt servo in a pan/tilt waist takes a lot of strain.

Add a waist servo for panning (side to side) in between the two hip servos. Use a side bracket on top of that to connect another AX-12 laying on its side (this will be the tilt servo, up and down). Use a hinge (U shape) bracket connected to the Tilt servo and mount the upper torso on top of that.

Also might check out Alpha's work, he did basically the same but upside down:

YouTube - Bioloid Humanoid with 2DOF waist.