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Grand Robot Master
04-16-2009, 11:55 PM
is there any kind of actuator that is strong and fast enough to power a giant walker?
I have seen that "Land walker" robot built in japan or somewhere around there. it was really cool, and i bet 90% of people who saw it wanted one.(I did)
But it kind of shuffled about instead of walking about.
Granted it is a big step in that field, i wasn't expecting anything better.
to build a tiny walker is a very difficult task (at least for me, I've got 2 right now that are in a "sick bay", if you will)
There is also the ATHLETE (All Terrain Hex Legged Extra Terrestrial Explorer) robot built by the Jet propulaion lab in NASA. It is about 4 meters wide at the base. It looks kind of like a giant AH3R.
they hope to make a 12 or so meters wide one.
but it technically doesnt walk it has wheels on its feet and its legs act more like a suspension system.
on top of that thig thing is VERY slow.
is there anything that tops these and what kind of actuation do they use?

04-17-2009, 02:55 AM
Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Steppers, Cams run with a V8 gas motor, industrial servos - take your pick.