View Full Version : Guns: The best gun?/Un-aligning guns?

MSK Mech Commander
05-13-2009, 02:56 PM
Hey guys, I've been hearing that, 1; some methods of mounting guns can be pretty ineffective, meaning that they un-align when they fire. 2; I also heard about all these different types of guns that can be used.

1: Is it true that some guns un-align, or is it due to some bad mounting technique?
I would think that if you tightened the screws connecting the gun to the chassis it wouldn't mess up the aim.

2: If there are a bunch of different guns, which one(s) is(are) the best?
The only guns I know about are the ones on the Mech-Warfare site.


05-13-2009, 03:18 PM
I think the problem with the guns losing alignment is more a factor of mounting than the guns themselves. I have 2 guns mounted to a common bracket on the turret of my mech . They haven't changed any that I can tell. But, my aiming device (laser pointer) is mounted to the same bracket. If the guns and aiming device were mounted separately, it might be a different story. If the guns and aiming device were on different pan/tilts, that would be another bag of worms again.

As far as which guns are the best, I think it's just whatever you like. I'm using the tank guns like the ones on the Mech-Warefare site, but I got mine from Mato toys, and made my own barrels. Some of the guys are using the "Defender" that is available at Walmart. The Defender is a lot faster shooting than the tank guns, but the scoring system only registers 1 hit per second, so fast may not be best. Again, it comes down to personal choice. Some may even be using "real" airsoft guns that cost lots of $$. Mine are el-cheapo.

Good Luck