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06-03-2009, 01:36 PM
I started this project last year link below.

I have several of these kits available. Just a small run.

Here is the most recent video.

YouTube - QR-MINI Demo Run

Video Specs:
HS-55 Servos
Lithium 2 cell battery
UBEC that regulates to 5V & 6v. Run at 5V setting.
Parallax Propeller Processor

I am still working on the RC portion of the code. Having a small glitch but the Prop is recieving RC signals and I have been visually looking at them thru an RCA hook up. Just working on the gait to work with the incoming RC signal. There are several sample boards made up as well.

The kit consists just the brackets and all the Stainless Steel hardware. In all 33pcs brackets + hardware about 496pcs total.
The kit is built from 6061 Aluminum. Water Jet cut from Big Blue Saw. Deburred and then anodized Grey Smoke color. Which looks blueish grey depending the way you look at it and the lighting.
All the hardware is Stainless Steel Hex screws washers,spacers, and nuts.

The servos used are Hitec's HS-55 a popular Hitec servo. Trossen carries them as well. Hitec is suppose to release this servo as a digital version with a built in clutch. This has been delayed several times and is scheduled for June release.

Price per kit $165.00
I will edit in a pic of the kit this afternoon. There were a few people that have this they might chime in.
Just contact if interested.


Website below has assembly instructions and close up pics.

06-03-2009, 02:03 PM
Cool looking kit Quantum.

Any thoughts on the price of a complete kit?

I noticed on your website you are working on a quad and a biped. will they both be minis? or full size?



06-04-2009, 01:19 AM
I lowered the first estimate price. I figured out a final cost of 165.00 per kit without servos.
With servos it could get as low $360.00. But currenlty I cant supply the servos. Then depending on your choice of controller add that to the cost. It has the SCC-32 hole pattern which I used as my first test board and made the current one to the same hole pattern.

I am testing the biped right now Ill start a new thread on that. I just finished building the proto type tonight. The Quad will be completely different from the hex. Besides the QR-Mini I have started making everything in house at the shop on CNC mills. Not only do I have more control over quality brings the costs way down. But thats some time down the road.