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06-22-2009, 05:44 PM
Hi everyone! I've been watching this forum from nearly the beginning and want to congratulate everyone on the RoboGames event! I love the enthusiasm everyone has for keeping true to the theme and providing an entertaining spectator sport.

Myself and two other teammates have decided to build a mech of our own. Every three years, the University of Saskatchewan hosts SPECTRUM, Canada's largest student-run engineering expo. That happens to be this coming January, so we will have something running by then. I also hope to bring it to RoboGames 2010, so we will be building to meet the standard rules.

I know there is a thread for rules, but is there a master document that stays updated? How long are the matches? How many HP?

Targets. What are they exactly? I thought I read somewhere they are 3x3" (huge) squares. Can the sensors instead be attached to the whole cockpit shroud so it still looks like a mech?

I just ordered two of those Tank Guns from ToyEast, so I hope they're decent. Are they continuous fire with hopper or do they need to be reloaded? What are other people using?

I hope these questions and your answers can help other new builders too. Thanks!

Kurtis Wanner
FingerTech Robotics
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
www.FingerTechRobotics.com (http://www.fingertechrobotics.com/)

06-22-2009, 06:11 PM
Rules can be found on mech-warfare.com for the 2009 games. We are currently working to revise them for 2010.

The 2009 scoring system is documented in this thread: http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?t=3300&highlight=2009+scoring We are currently evaluating alternative scoring panels, the size and weight will be similar but we may change the sensor used for higher reliability.

Take a read through the different threads here on the Mech Warfare forum for any other info.


06-22-2009, 08:39 PM
Hey Kurtis,

Good to see you lurking on this side of the border. I hope to see you at RG 2010. It's been a while since we've been up there. I miss our yearly trek to WBX.

Things are going to be in flux for a bit as the lessons learned this year get resolved. we all had fun though.

The target plates may seem large, but they are tough to hit, this whole thing is harder than it looks. I had camera issues, but that will be resolved. The tank guns are fed from a hopper, but the rate of fire is slow. I use 2 on my mech, and get about 2 shots per sec. at 9 VDC.

"Team Maggot"
mech "Bheka"