View Full Version : [Question(s)] RX-64 4-pin connector cables

07-24-2009, 11:30 AM
I recently purchased a Dynamixel RX-64 servo and the USB2DYNAMIXEL controller. Along with the servo came one cord with 4-pin connectors. This cord goes between the usb controller and the motor. My problem is that in order to connect the power supply to the motor, I need another of these 4-pin connectors with bare wires on one end to connect to the power source.

Does anyone know where I can get these 4-pin cables?



07-24-2009, 12:06 PM
I suspect it's the same connector line as the AX-12's, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

They're Molex connectors, Farnell has them:


That's the product line they have available.
More specifically, you'll want:

The crimp housing (http://be.farnell.com/molex/50375043/crimp-housing-2-5mm-4way/dp/9979565)
some terminals (http://be.farnell.com/molex/8701040/terminal-22-28awg-pk100/dp/9979530)

07-24-2009, 12:26 PM
We can order them as a special order item, I believe we might even have some spares in stock. Shoot me an email and we can discuss it further, my address is on the Contact link on the top bar ;)