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09-12-2009, 01:00 PM
Hello, sorry for long post.

My robot needs to use an LCD screen to show graphics that respond to the robot's sensors. Basically, the LCD is the robot's face. It's expressions will change according to real world stimuli. It may even talk if I can get this running right.

My plan was to use my old Dell Axim X5 PDA because it is just sitting there unused and it has it's own battery power and could theoretically make sounds and do other nifty things. Unfortunately, it runs Windows Mobile 2003 and can't be upgraded. It has been really difficult trying to find relevant and non-confusing information on how to develop a program for it. Some webpages tell me to download Embedded this or that, then install this service pack or that - none of which seem to exist anymore or are now incompatible. etc. I would like to use the PDA, but it's been holding me back for so long...

So now I'm looking at just getting an OLED or LCD from some place like 4Dsystems, but they are kind of expensive to get one that is the size of the Axim's screen and I would have to learn to use the proprietary programming language for it.

Can anyone offer advice on developing for Windows Mobile 2003 - specifically coding a program that would show pictures triggered by the serial port? I am a very inexperienced coder (i took a c++ class in college, and squeaked through on the kindness of the professor).

Do you think I should just get a standalone LCD or OLed screen and put the PDA back in the closet to gather dust?

Here is my current hardware:
Bioloid frames/AX-12 servos/CM-5 controller
Arduino Duemilanove
Dell Axim X5 PDA

Various Visual Studio 2008 Express editions
Microsoft Robotics Studio - Do you think this would be helpful? I'm not really clear on it's DSS node/services paradigm.

09-12-2009, 02:44 PM

But if ya wanna write software at some point it's going to be advantageous to learn how to write software... ;)