View Full Version : Need help with Bioloid Battle Droid!

Flame Philosopher
10-07-2009, 10:29 PM
Hello I assembled the Battle Droid Bioloid robot and I encountered a problem with the BCP. The Check assembly runs fine all the LEDs light up in the right order and it assumes the appropriate position but whenever I install the Demo Example (Battle Droid) and start it it goes all wonky! Instead of punching, then raising both of it's arms in victory it spins it's left arm backwards into a upright position, then at the same time swings it's right arm backwards untill it's hand is pointing down but the shoulder is upside down! Oh, I have checked the assembly points and they seem to be fine.

Oh, and it will walk forward on it's own (With weird arm position) but eventually freezes up and wont respond to any of the commands.

Please help!

10-07-2009, 11:03 PM
Sounds like servos aren't in the right spot and/or misaligned to be honest. I've heard many times 'I've checked it a dozen times, its built correctly' only to have a customer send in their bot and find it not built correctly. Not saying this is the case, but might want to make super sure you have everything in order.

Also, when you center all servos, are all the servos in the correct position? Is each side mirrored?

10-08-2009, 03:48 AM
If your not sure, look at the servo's, they have a little line on the wheel and casing, you should always line those 2 up before placing the servo anywhere in/on a bot.
If you find one that isnt aligned properlly (like, on one side the lines do match, but on the other theres a 45/90/135 degree offset between the lines) unscrew, re-align and re-screw.

Theres another possibility, beeing you didnt pay enough attention to the servo ID's, with the default bots in the manual its a MUST to use servos with sayd ID's in sayd order, else all it can do is 'go wonky'.

One final thing, u can easily align a servo thats not mounted in any brackets by screwing 2 of the longer screws opposite of each other into the wheel, and then using a screwdriver or some other sort of metal rod as a leverage.

Just my two cents, hope this helped u a bit.