View Full Version : RFID based patient Monitering system

10-27-2009, 09:18 AM
Hi i am beginner with RFID technology.I am doing project with above name..I am using DT135MIFR rfid reader(serially connected to PC) and philips Mifare 1K or 4K smart card to read and write details of patient into it.

I am thinking of implementing the application using C#.NET.

My doubts are:

how to send RFID commands through serially in C# and the commands should be in string or other format(like Hex).

Is it compulsory to interface Rfid reader with Microcontroller? I mean can we send commands directly to reader and based on commands, R/W operations can be done on smart card.

tell me some basic steps to send commands throug UART and connection to reader to UART.

Any kind of info will be helpful..
Thanking you..